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Do you like dogs?

by Finy (follow)
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My blind boy and crazy girl!

Do you like dogs?

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Top Answers
of course I do - I am a dog lover from way back -my dogs are with me 24/7, love me unconditionally. My last husband was definitely not like that - EX husband should I say - he was cruel, and manipulating and my dogs might be manipulating, but never cruel or nasty to me!

My dogs manipulate me with the "sad dog" look. The fawn one in the picture has gone blind at just 7 yo. and continually bumps into things, but is cute...my girl, the grey one, is a rat bag but I LIKE DOGS!! (better than many people in this world today)
by Finy
Oh, Finy, your dogs are gorgeous!!! Give them kisses and hugs from me please.
by Rice
kisses and hugs for dogs - LOL -I was once told that the dogs will get more germs from you than you from the dog. By a doctor! Yes they are beautiful but problem dogs, as usual....I say I was put on this earth to care for dogs with problems....
by Finy
Aw heck, Finy, I kiss EVERYTHING!! Dogs, cats, horses, cows, bulls, frogs, birds. . . . apparently as a baby I would try to throw myself out of my pram to hug passing dogs and I always had the cat across my shoulders. I have always felt that my pets were my family and they just get kissed and hugged as a routine thing. I kiss the dogs goodnight before I go to bed every night.
by Rice
i do too Rice!
by Finy
Your 'children' are simply beautiful, Finy, and it is so wonderful reading of the love we all have for our Fur Baby family members! Thank you for this marvellously uplifting question!
by Jules
Yes. I like dogs. My son has just bought a beautiful miniature collie ( Lassie ) dog. It is gorgeous !! I am much more of a cat person though. Have always kept cats most of my life.
Oh, those little collies are adorable and so devoted to their people. Cats are wonderful too :-)
by Rice
My dear friends who have moved down to Brisbane from up here in Townsville,have always had these wonderful Shelties,and they have such super personality!! They also have lived to grand old ages which has been delightful. I do hope much fun and love will be shared with this latest family addition!!
by Jules
It is very loving affectionate and playful. I have a story for you all. My sons brother in law bought the sister to this dog. They are not quite a year old. Amazingly, they went to Puppy School in their area. There was another Collie there and they started talking to the owner. Turns out their dog was from same breeder, same litter. So now, Brody (dog) has found his sister and brother !! He sees his sister quite often.
by Lluxi
Oh!!! Wonderful . . .yippee!!! Happy little doggies. ^_^
by Rice
I love this story of such a gorgeous Trio!! My Shar pei who is deaf is the sister of the boy who I sent to my son in Melbourne! I took literally 100's of photos during the 2 days and 2 nights I had them together,and it is such a joy to look at them!!!
by Jules
Yes. These three dogs get along very well. So good that they were reunited. I wonder if they can tell that they are related.
by Lluxi
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dogs. I have never met a dog I didn't like. I want to take all the strays in and take every dog off an abusive owner. I need to win Lotto!!!
by Rice
What a wonderful photo Rice! I agree but somehow have two very good friends who don't like dogs
by Finy
Oddly, I also have a very dear friend who does not like dogs, but she likes mine and makes things for them but she is scared of dogs in general. She hates cruelty to animals but she is just not like most of us here and I can respect that in her as she is so kind to my dogs . . .she just would not want to kiss and hug them or have them try to sit in her lap.
by Rice
You and Me both!!! This was always my dream from childhood: owning a gorgeous property just so I could offer shelter to animals in need!!! I've still managed to save a good number though, and have offered them a love-filled home in which to spend their lives!!!
by Jules
I actually DID this - that's how I started as I wanted more dogs! Then I went on to llamas as well, and then breeding.....so gorgeous
by Finy
Anyone who doesn't like dogs is missing out big time.
The breed of dog to match the owner, is vital.
Not all dogs go with all people.
Yep, I like dog's.
Ah Jonaj! You have hit the nail on the head!!! The correct type of dog for the person it shall live with is paramount!! I have a Shar Pei...those adorable looking Roly Poly things in the Purex toilet paper ads. I have owned this breed for well over 20 years,and cannot understand why anyone will buy or adopt a PUPPY for its looks alone. THIS breed is a good example of how different a grown dog can look from its puppy stage!!! They usually grown almost right out of(or INto!!!) those squishy gorgeous wrinkles and can look quite plain. They need companionship as well,so if you are away all through the day,they will get up to all sorts of stuff and suffer with very bad anxiety.My girl is lucky that I adopted her,being deaf,as this did not really show until I had owned her for nearly 2 months...Bit like a human child not necessarily showing symptoms until we realise something just is not quite right!! I am now home all the time so I notice all the little things more easily than someone who works. These dogs can also require special operations for their eyes if they have been badly bred. And though I have heard of major skin issues,my baby has never had either the eye or skin problems,plus she has retained her adorable wrinkles!!! It is EVERY dog who needs to be well matched to its owner,not just the more unusual ones. Larger dogs need lots of space and an owner who can enjoy giving them lots of exercise. Climate also matters.They need to be able to live in comfort ,so the type of coat they have is to be considered. Etc., etc., etc.... the list goes on. But the research we put into our prospective fur babies is well worth the effort !!!!
by Jules
by jonaja
Yes, I like dogs. They can be quite interesting.
Love them. Wish i had one, but I'm holding off until I have a few other things sorted out (a better fence, money for vet bills...)
Yes! Yes! We had to put our German Shepherd
to sleep because he was not well. Shortly there
after, we had to put our Border Collie to sleep because she had a stroke. I still miss them so much! They were my fur babies.
Oh, Janet, that's so sad. I hope maybe when you feel able, you might let another fur baby kiss you all better ^_^
by Rice
Oh how I empathise with you. Just after I had to stop working due to my own painful chronic illness,I lost two of MY fur Babies within 10 days of each other with different cancers. It was almost enough to do my head in,I can tell you! I felt so bereft,so lost,and my very old little dog who had outlived so many other adopted darlings was fretting at being without his best mates. As you may have read,I do now have 3 dogs in my life again,and I adore them,but they NEVER replace the ones who we lose. ALL of these friend who become family members are so precious.I think about them all,so much and all the time! I hope that you always just remember all the fond moments,as I do with mine.....
by Jules
Sorry, I'm just not into dogs. From 6 months old to aged 40/50, I was scared of dogs! We've never had one ourselves, but my youngest daughter & her partner are planning to buy some big scary dog, for their baby to play with. (Don't worry, the baby hasn't being started yet,) but she believes children should grow up with dogs. Luckily, they live in Melbourne, & we live in Sydney!
by Miro
I feel for you, miro, because it is a terrible fear, especially when a lot of owners are SO irresponsible and have roaming, untrained, unsocialised dogs. You should not have to come across dogs if that is your wish. My dogs never leave my property and I would not dream of letting them. I would put them in another room if a guest was bothered by, or afraid, of dogs.
by Rice
(and curse that gremlin that put the last comma in the wrong spot.)
by Rice
Rice, that is something I would not do - if you visit me, you also visit my dogs -I would not put them elsewhere when visitors come.
by Finy
If it was fear, I would have to do it as my boy would be trying to climb into the person's lap and they would probably faint. I used to put them in my bedroom when my step daughter's @#$%^&*() boyfriend came over as I simply would NOT allow him to touch or be near my dogs. He's gone now, mercifully.
by Rice
NO!!! I do NOT like dogs at all!!! I ADORE THEM!!!!!!!!! They are,and always have been,an enormous part of my life from early childhood when I was very ill,and my dear parents allowed our rescued dog to sleep on my bed for company!
My dogs are my very best friends,apart from my son,of course,They have helped me cope through the worst of situations,as well as make me smile every time I look at them or watch their antics! I have always wanted to own a huge property,simply so I could take in all the darling dogs who need some love and shelter from the ills of this world. Like Finy and Rice,I kiss my Fur Babies ALL the time and have no dramas when THEY kiss me!
I just cannot say enough in praise of dogs, I usually have had 2,3,or even sometimes 4 of these amazingly empathetic animals in my life at any time. I usually have had adoptees ,such as the oldest of my troupe at the moment.My vet rescued and saved her from some extremely shocking breeders who were charged by the RSPCA and banned from ever having dogs again!!! This dog was in such a state that my vet treated her for over 4 long months,and had her with her both in the surgery and at home,until she felt she was ready for me to adopt her!!! I've had her for almost 8 years now,the absolutely gentlest dog I have EVER owned in my whole life!! I also have a deaf shar pei who is hilariously adorable and lives in her gently peaceful world,while also being affectionate and cuddly. My other little adoptee,actually adopted ME!!! She used to live next door,but obviously had heard the saying about the grass on the other side always being greener!!!! Anyway,the trio all sleep on my bed,as I've been single for so long now,and far prefer to have dogs in my 24/7 life than another human!!!!!
All of my human friends feel exactly the same about dogs,and all other animals as I do, so they are never in anyone's way when I get visitors!!! In fact everyone around here knows that if they don't like dogs then they should not come to my place!!!! I could go on and on and on and on some more,but I would bore you all with my anecdotes about all my Furry Friends get up to!!!! I believe they ARE family members,so the loss and genuine grief I have experienced on too many occasions now,when it is time to bid them the fondest of farewells, is simply earth-shattering; I have respected and loved them enough to have them duly cremated and have the most stunning hand made pottery items for them.I never forget ANY of my family members, EVER!
Oh yes indeed!! I DO love dogs far more than I can say.....
by Jules
HA!! Mine refused to send my pics along with my answers to several questions yesterday. I blame the gremlins.
by Rice
Gremlins indeed!!! I believe they get into EVERYthing ever since that movie about them was made!!!! At least we now do have something to blame for all the things which mess our lives!!!!
by Jules
I am a dog lover, as long as the dog is not aggressive. I adore my long haired chihuahua as he is so loving and loyal. Some dogs are incredibly in tune with people. Like, in a moment when I get up from my computer my dog will sense that we are going for a walk, even before I put my jacket on or pick up his lead.
I love dogs and most animals. I would be sad not to have a dog in my life. I have had some really special dogs over the years.
Sometimes this little one drives me nuts- like when she gets dirty straight after her bath or late in the day or early in the morning. Got a small white dog thinking she would be a little lap dog. I was wrong. She is no princess!
I love dogs and dogs love me. My daughter use to call me the dog magnet because every dog that gets lost come to me for me to find their home. Ive tackled guard dogs to peoples amazement and my son has that gift too. My daughter is the opposite and would rather just live with people.
Yes...I like the majority of dog breeds. I'm not going to say which breeds I like or dislike as this is personal preference and may be another's favourite. I'm not a "dog" person though.....I love cats as well.

I love my canines I've had them most of my life and couldn' t stay without one or two or more if I had my way.
I think they're beautiful.
by Vee
I love my canines, you could say I have had them most of my life, I could not stay without them!
I like dogs, other people's dogs. I don't love them though.
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