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Do you like cats?

by Sarah Bell (follow)
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They're sometimes fiery little balls of fur. Cute and cuddly at other times. Do you like cats?

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Top Answers
I love cats but, after our last cat went missing a couple of weeks ago, I don't I'll ever be able to own another.
by Vee
Sorry your kitty is missing Vee. That's very sad. As a kitty lover I can understand how upset you must be. However, don't lose hope. A few years ago, our cat went missing for over 2 weeks after we moved house. We were so upset as we loved him to bits. He had an ID tag thank goodness. We received a call out of the blue from a nice lady who found him. He was miles away & had crossed over busy roads so he obviously just got lost. I hope your cat had some sort of ID on him or was microchipped. Will think positive thoughts for you for kitty's return.
Thanks Therese. He was microchipped, but we have given up hope. It's been nearly a month. We're pretty sure he's gone for good.
by Vee
Oh - that's a shame. You don't have to run right out there and buy another cat though....You need some grieving and processing time.
My poor cat prior to our present one was run over and it took me a long time to get over it....until I looked at Gumtree one time and there was his clone - 18 months old and a give away. He different in that he has his own funny, furry personality but I wouldn't trade him for all anything these days.
by wotsy
I absolutely love cats and over my life I have had the privilege of having many. Not en-mass but one by one or two when i have rescued one. I mostly adopt black cats or black and white cats. Black cats are so intelligent and sadly over looked when up for adoption. I just get drawn to black cats b/c they get a bad deal when its all myth. Bella is my rescue cat from the RSPCA in Pearcedale in Melb. au and when my precious cat passed away, who was a Bombay, it was just too sad so I had to go and save another.
I am Bella's 3rd owner and she was born feb lst '11 and was returned back to the RSPCA for the 2nd time by early December'11 and there she stayed till I discovered her in May 2012. She was a handful from not being trained but her love and enthusiasm as well as mine plus a ton of love she is now well assimilated, is well trained and understands voice commands as well as hand commands. She is highly affectionate and we have a million cuddles and kisses daily. However, Cats arent my only love, no.... all animals are and it seems i have the 'Gift' of being an animal whisperer b/c I just seem to attract all kinds of animals and also less friendly ones and soothe them. Its all good and i wish I could take more and save them.

LOVE the little Buggers!!

There is a very very special one on YouTube called ''Maru'' now that is one
wonderful cat!!! ...........well worth the watch.
'Maru' is just sooooo funny, jonaj!
by donjo
I LOVE him sooo much! he is one in a million cat :)
by jonaja
Particularly when he's jumping in & out of cardboard boxes!
ROFL time for me!
by donjo
I love cats. I have 3 cats, 2 boys 1 girl. They're interesting. They sleep most of the day, then eat, then play, then sleep, then have a cuddle.
Cats are very independent and low maintenance pets.

My 3 cats are quite affectionate. They have also accepted our large dog into the house. (This involved one or two nose scratches and then it all sorted out).

I must say, cats can be a bit unpredictable. Our family cat, she lived to 19, was feisty. She chased a friend around the house on 3 legs with her 4th leg outstretched to scratch him.
Oh! May, that's SO funny!
by donjo
Yes, I love them. They're so cute and cuddly. I love the way they take off during the day to do their own thing and then snuggle in at night time. They're great at keeping bugs out of the house too. Can't wait until I get another one!

Love them...they just have such an awesome personality.
They are delightfully irritating.

I don't think I can put it in any other / better way :P
I am not too much of a pet person. But the kittens in a pet shop certainly look adorable. Cute from a distance, I don't like any animals in the house or anywhere near me.
I think their adorable,I've been a cat lover all my life.
I love the look of the cat but do not like the smell of their urine.
Not really , we have a male cat which attacks for no reason. bored maybe , who knows ! his an in door cat , cats kill too many wild life. They should be locked up at night , for the wild life sake and stop cat fights all hours of the night . Our cat gets attention , toys , etc but when he wants to be nasty , his very nasty n draws blood. His much nicer to my hubby , so i put up with him.
I just love cats & we have cats, dogs,Budgees, Cocateels, Gulas & Cocatoo & thogh it's lot of work looking aft. them it still is great to have them. They are family Shane LeRoy
Aaaaah, Shane ....,
Try Cockatiel's, Budgie's(Budgerigar's), Galah's & Cockatoo's.
by donjo
I love my baby girl.. she is my absolute best friend.

Oppps... I forgot about the stupid system that won't let me upload normal pics... but here she is :)
Hi Tracie, she's just 'boot-ti-ful'!
by donjo
There're some beautiful cat photos' here!
I love cats! Have had them all my life!
Currently have 4yo desexed male SP Siamese. He gets around as spritely as a kitten! I do wish he wouldn't get under my feet all the time, though!

Were they spoilt & loved? Incessantly!
Yes I do....they are independent, tricky, quite often full of surprises and fluffy into the bargain. I love their different personalities. Our great big black fluffy "boof" of a cat is getting to the age where he snores while he sleeps which is quite funny. I like dogs...but I like cats better :)
Yes, I have always liked cats. I have one now adopted from the Cat Protection Society - she had a rough start to life, but has now grown to trust me (OK so it took about 3 years), We 'rub' along together quite happily.

Like? No, I go far beyond that. I LOVE cats, mine and all others. If I can help a cat, any cat, I will do all I can. I would especially rescue all black cats and give them a home.
Absolutely LOVE cats - could not live in a house without one (if not two). Love all cats, but have always had siamese/orientals - they are a breed apart.
Oh! Poppy, couldn't agree more! My Mother bought me a SP Siamese kitten, when I was 8. He was, for two years' running, Champion Male Siamese Kitten in the State!

In the meantime, have owned other types of cats, mostly 'moggies' from RSPCA, & loved them to bits! A 'stray' I found in the street, I had for 19half years'. He was a beautiful British Blue, & LOVED having a warm bath!

Now, I've a beautiful 4yo SP Siamese, who came from a 'foster' home. He's just THE most, as far as I'm concerned, & provides me with much laughter & companionship.

Life without an little 'furry friend' would indeed be empty, IMHO!

by donjo
I like/love cats. I have had some cats with such interesting personalities over the years. My current cat is 14. He can be very loving but also has times when he is so annoying as he yowls for us to open the door and then changes his mind. When he was a young cat we would find him in all sorts of places, balancing on top of a door, up a ladder, on top of a high shelf etc. He is not as adventurous these days. He loves to sleep on my laptop when it is switched on and opens all sorts of programs or turns it off! He is a character. Sorry to hear your cat has gone missing Vee. It is so upsetting when that happens.
I've always had cats growing up and love their personalities. Mum owned a seal point who was her watchdog. As soon as the front gate was opened, her ears pricked up and she stood guard near mum as mum's hearing was starting to deteriorate. My own cat touches me on the shoulder when she knows its time for me to get up and if she wants to go outside, she goes to the front door and knocks the wooden blind until I let her out. When she's ready to come back inside she knocks on the bedroom shutters until I get up and let her back inside.
I have always had cats throughout my life. None of them belonged to us. They belonged to the neighbour........ the only one who worked during the day. They would spend the day with mum, my aunt and myself, and they would go home at night when the neighbour arrived home or called them. Mum said they just wanted some company whilst this lady was out. We were never allowed to feed the cats or bring them inside, as they were not our cats, so we were outside with them. Now we have two cats, Blackie who is 10 and Rusty who is 1. Blackie came to us as a stray. Ill never forget how scared he looked when we found him. Kids loved him, so we kept him, after plastering the town with posters, but not finding the owners. Rusty is our other cat. He is a tortoiseshell and he is only one year old. Our daughter got him last year as a Christmas gift to herself. He loves playing in boxes and running around. Blackie doesn't like him. He has had the place to himself for so long that he is not happy with this interloper. Rusty sniffs him and always wants to play, but Blackie just wants to be left alone
Only if done in a nice Red Wine Sauce.
I like cats
Every spring my beautiful Lucy 4 up 2 10 days and nights would disapear and come home a mess ... bits of fur missing and exhausted
Lucy would retire 2 the bedroom and sleep 4 a week
Only surfacing 4 the essentials
Last spring she went away again but she never returned
Some say she joined a travelling minstrel show, playing second violin
I know this isn't so as she only plated piano ! ha !
I miss her and sometimes when i'm in my bed at night I think I can hear her and it feels as though she's jumped onto the bed
I did everything 2 find her, but she never returned unfortunately.
Yes, I love cats, but we haven't had 1 for year & years now, as we started going on a lot of holidays. It would have been 2 awkward for a friend ti call in & feed the cat, while we were away, because of all our steps up to our house,with no handrail! Our last cat was grey coloured, so we called him Smokey. As we were growing up, we had a ginger coloured cat (similar to the 1 in the photo!) called Orlando, after the book, Orlando, the Marmalade Cat. He unfortunately died of 3 large ticks. We had a few of these Orlando books, & our daughter bought us 1 for our 25th wedding anniversary,years ago, from Wales, with Orlando celebrating HIS 25th Wedding Anniversary! (I didn't think cats could live that long.!!!) I haven't seen another Orlando book, since that 1.
by Miro
Love them. We've always had kitties in our house. We even brought our 2 cats with us from NZ when we moved to Australia years ago. Cost more for them than it did for us to fly across but no way I could leave them behind. They were part of our family. All our kitties have had such different personalities and even when they're naughty, I can't be mad at them for too long. They're just the most fascinating animals.
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