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Do you like beetroot, and how do you use it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like beetroot?

Do you eat it baked, raw in a salad, or do you only buy ready made, processed beetroot in a jar or tin?

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Top Answers
I like beetroot but prefer to make my own as it has no chemicals or added sugar in it.

The small round jars are also quite nice, however beetroot are a very easy vegetable to grow in the garden so I often have them and then cook the beetroots both to keep for sandwiches, and I have also used them roasted with a meal.

They are quite delicious also roasted and are, I feel, a very underrated food not used often enough!
by Finy
How do you prepare them, Finy? I found the time I bought one and used it fresh it was quite bitter. I would like to try roasting them. That sounds delicious. Have you any tips or recipes you could recommend?

by Vee
Just wash them and boil them as is for about an hour.
Then, peel off the skin etc and cut into 4 -nothing to it!
by Finy
I have only eaten beetroot out of a can...actually, I lie. I bought a fresh one but found it very bitter. I would like to know how to prepare it myself though.
by Vee
If you want to keep them, do the same as above for roasting -well they are not actually roasted, but boiled.
Peel the beetroot and keep the juice (though not the bottom part which becomes dirty.
Slice the beetroot, add the juice, and then add some vinegar so that they are covered, and you WILL need a bit of sugar for this.
Put in air tight container and they last like, forever
by Finy
Awesome! (Runs around like a child).
by Vee
Thanks, by the way. I got carried away there...
by Vee
Hi Vee, roasting rather than boiling beetroot gives the beetroot a sweeter taste (without the need of actually needing to add any sugar). The roasting process draws out the natural sugars of the beets and starts to naturally caramelise (so no need to add sugar, no bitter taste, only a sweet, smokey flavour. Just a drizzle of olive oil over the beets, and roast for about 45-minutes at 180 degrees celsius. I wouldn't cook beets any other way and will store in the fridge covered in cling wrap up to 5-7 days. In fact I roasted beets on New Years Day and had some of the roasted beets in a salad today (8 days after roasting)
Thanks Annalisa, Finy, and Rice. I'm going to the shop to buy some beets tomorrow. My husband is not a fan, but heck, I have to try this stuff out!
by Vee
Oh! Vee, my son 'lived', so to speak, on beetroot (tinned, sliced Golden Circle, as they use pineapple juice for liquid in tin), veal German sandwiches as a child! He's now 30, a Head Chef, & still enjoys!
I also always cooked fresh ones' for him in the pressure cooker, wrapped in alfoil, with a knob of butter, along with the corned silverside.

Another good way to cook them is just steam them!
Cheers, ladies!
by donjo
I grew up in a home where my parents did just about everything from scratch! My mum made the most amazing things with beetroots after cooking them.It was always MY job to slip the skins from the boiled beetroot as a kid,as I enjoyed doing this so much when I was little!! I have adored boiled beetroot ever since early childhood,and of course,roasted ones were almost like lollies to me when I was little,as they were soooo sweet and scrumptious!.We always had pickled beetroot at home,and it was NEVER in a tin!! I think I was just very lucky to have grown up in the period I did,when growing and preparing so many of our own delicious fruit and veg was just part of life. What I recall the most though was the FUN aspect to doing all these fabulous things!! Heck! I can still remember when Glad Wrap first came on the market,It was like a bit of magic to me!! And as for biscuits? well... we would buy them at the milk bar from a great huge tin!!! And the broken ones at the bottom were always given to the well-behaved kids as a treat for free!! But I digress from the question about Beetroots! I do apologise,Finy! Yes,is my answer to liking beetroot,and I prepare it myself in many different ways!
I just LOVE beetroot. I will eat it anyway, anytime. Yum. I like to cook my own as I can leave out any sugar. I agree with you, Finy - they are a very underrated food not used often enough.
by Rice
have you had it roasted Rice?
by Finy
Yes . . . ! OMG!! I feel it tastes even better. Ah, wonderful beetroot, how sweet it is ;-)
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I've not roasted it. What stops it 'bleeding' into spuds, carrots, & punky? Cheers!
by donjo
Well, now you have me thinking . . . I have no idea but I don't recall it ever bleeding onto the other veges . . . wonder if Finy might know . . ?
by Rice
I have never bought it fresh, or even cooked it !!
I know.....I know.....

2016 ok 2016 I will try!
i will remind you -hahaha -my memory, probably NOT
by Finy
I bet you do! :)
by jonaja
Always buy them with the "greens" still on or they bleed when you wash them. Trim and cook them. The skins slip off like butter and the top can be cut off at that point :-))
by Rice
So boil with skin on, then they will slip off?
by Vee
Thanks for that.... :)
by jonaja
Yes, Vee, they slip of easily once cooked.(so cute)
by Rice
Rice! you have to be one person that's keeps me laughing on here! love it :)
by jonaja
Heck, jonaj, why do you think my photo is not on here? LOL
by Rice
I for one was curious about that! LOL!
by Vee
by jonaja
It's 2018 now Jonaja. Have you bought any beetroot & cooked them? I haven't either, but I do use the little tin beetroots in a salad I make with feta & mint. So easy.
by Miro
I like the pickled ones sliced on sandwiches, or baby pickled beetroot in salads (with walnut and feta is nice, though I need to think of a feta substitute now I can't eat it). The fresh ones are nice roasted.
I have cooked it and used it in salads, but I have also baked it. I noticed when I baked it that it had a (dry dirt) flavour. I am not sure if it was because I grew it or because it is supposed to taste like that when baked due to all the moisture being dried up by the oven.
I'm a beetroot snob. I will ONLY eat fresh beets and never tinned or processed beetroot (which includes beetroot relish). I always roast my beets, let them cool, refrigerate them and use them as needed in salads and dips. Roasting caramelises the natural sugars in the beets eliminating any bitterness that some people tend to experience. I'm keen to start making fermented beets. Stay tuned !
I love beetroot in a salad. I get the ready made beetroot but it's not in a jar or a tin and it is just 100% beetroot.
by AJ
I use beetroot on salad on sandwiches and I make date and beetroot cake I buy whole beets and cook them myself

That sounds heavenly . . . two of my favourite things!
by Rice
I'm afraid I don't like beetroot. I have tried it a few times as my family keep telling me how nice it is and how can I not like it. At least I have tried it several times before saying I don't like it
I grow my own beetroot; it's very easy to do so.
My wife and I eat it either boiled and eaten hot as a vegetable or allowed to cool and eaten in a salad usually with balsamic dressing Ken Groves
I like it as a shake with milk.
love beetroot , lunch today was beetroot and tomatoes with a little mayo, just right.

like it fresh cooked or tinned if tinned will only buy golden circle,
There are times I crave beetroot - need the iron? Boiled, grated and with sour cream; in borscht: on salad sandwiches: as baked vegetable with roast - YUM!
I love Beetroot processed that is in either tin or jar.
My wife prefers to buy small beets and boil them on the stove top.
Eating them natural after skinning.
I enjoy the beetroot in vinegar, I tip half of the vinegar away and add water, thereby making them less the strength of full vinegar.
They are so nice I can eat almost the whole tin or jar in one session.

Absolutely beetroot mad at the moment. Have purchased fresh from some farmers market and enjoying as a salad. Boil with skin on. Once cooked add spinach and salad onion. Then add oil vinegar salt and pepper and enjoy! Yummy!

I grew up knowing only tinned beetroot, and hated it. A few years ago I discovered fresh beetroot. I love it in borscht, or steamed in cubes and tossed with wholemeal penne, watercress and fetta cheese, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil - yum! In summer I grate it raw into a soba noodle salad with cucumber. I eat seasonlly and beetroot is unusual in that is it in season most of the year. I have grown the striped ones, chioggia; this year I'm growing bulls blood beetroot but they are not yet ready for harvest.
yum -your recipes sound nice!
But I dont recognise the types of beetroot -are you in Australia?
by Finy
Hi Finy, yes I'm in Australia, they are heritage varieties. You can buy chioggia seed from Diggers, and I think also Greenpatch seeds. The bulls blood I bought as seedlings at the Herb day late last year.
by sueca
Hi Finny
Yes I use beetroot raw, boiled or roasted.
Once cooked i freeze it down in thick slices.
I use it for BEETROOT DIP
Also with couscous or quinoa. Cook the Quinoa with a nob of ginger. Then stir through cumin , lemon juice and olive oil. Add chopped dried apricots, chopped almonds, spring onion and lots of cubed beetroot. Makes a very tasty and attractive dish on the table or at a party.
Ooooooooh! Borscht Soup........:love it, but haven't had any for years!
Maybe I should get a into g, & make some for myself!
The weather's right for it!
by donjo
I grow my own Beetroot , I bake it, have it raw in salads,and juice them raw.i love my Beetroot .
I love tinned beetroot and can eat the small baby beets almost emptying the tin. Perhaps its the vinegar that makes them so Moorish?
I also love beetroot, but I never think of cooking it, even though it's nicer cooked, than tinned, in a salad with mint & sour cream.
by Miro
I love beetroot! I enjoy it roasted or steamed in the steam oven. I love it in a salad with goats cheese, pistachios and greens. I love it juiced.
When my husband was away I juiced a few beetroot as they were approaching the end of their life. I was a bit greedy and drank a fair bit of juice in one day. I noticed my throat started stinging in and felt like it was swelling. This used to happen as a child when I ate raw carrots. Research advised that this is a response to salicylates (I think it was), in sensitive individuals. Probably not a smart move when home alone. I monitored myself and didn't need to get help, but know now to practice moderation with raw beetroot.
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