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Do you like and eat hot dogs?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like hot dogs?

#Hot dogs
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Top Answers
I used to like them, and also eat them, before I stopped eating most meats about 12 years ago.
I still eat bacon (the unhealthiest!) and occasionally I will eat some meat - not that I do not like meat but decided to not eat it after I had cancer - long story.....

I often go past Sausage sizzles and they smell so good though I know they smell better than they taste usually as they use the cheapest sausages.
by Finy
I had a home made one a couple of weeks ago and that was probably the first one in about three years. I really don't like franks and saveloys or cheerios . . . . the Australian staple. Ick. Also, sausages are so fatty, grisly and funny smelling that, unless you find a good butcher who makes his own, it is scary thinking of what they have in them. When we went to England, Himself nearly OD'd on sausages as they were so good. Haha.
by Rice
LOL Rice - not that I know Himself, or even what he looks like, but can imagine someone overdosing on Sausages!!
by Finy
It's an ugly sight. Bahahahahahahahahaha! He always looks like the dogs when you catch them out at something.
by Rice
Hi Rice, In your comment, is your word after 'staple' supposed to be: lack, lick lock or luck?

by Miro
Ick . . . ick . .
by Rice
"Himself" is speaking in third person. So are you married to a King? LOL
by Polly
Maybe the "King of Sausage." Or better yet.... the "Wurst King." (get it) Ha Ha Ha! Love ya Rice. You are so funny.
by Polly
Oh Polly, I am in stitches!! Love your work . . .! Now I have got "Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago" stuck in my head . . . .from Ferris Bueller's Day off. LOL LOL . . . and I am not married to the Wurst King - thank heaven!!!!
by Rice
I'll have it if it has a lot of condiments.
If I was out, and no other food around yes....I would eat one.
Other from that, no we don't eat them at home at all.
They are fine once in a while when out, but in the last year 2016 I would have had only 1 that year.
Good food for kids, who refuse to eat! now & then.
I have them rarely at the shopping centre if I just want a snack. Apart from that, I never have them at home. It is only rarely that I consume them. I only have them with a bit of tomato sauce.
Yes. They're a quick and easy food that my kids like too. We make them at home with veggie sausages, onions, saurkraut and mustard.
yum, they sound nice Jennifer! but do you buy those veggie sausages - I didnt think they were so healthy either, or do you make your own?
by Finy
No, I buy them. They're lower fat than the meat ones, but they do have preservatives. There are a lot of different kinds. My favourite are soy based, and taste similar to cheap meat sausages. The kids like them. You can get some that are made of other beans (for those that don't like soy) and have different herbs and spices added. It's my ambition to make my own some day but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
I don't eat pork meat. I can't remember the last time I ate a hotdog. It would have been as a young child. I don't even remember if I liked them.
by AJ
no I do not like them.
I don't have them often. I've had 2 over the years outside Bunnings to help them with the stalls fundraising effects, & 1 really good 1 on the streets of NYC in '08, but like jonaj, I don't enjoy eating them in public either. I feel very embarrassed about the mess I'm making on my face, & I'm sure everyones staring at me!
by Miro
Sorry miro_, I seem to have wandered off in the middle of putting a response on my answer . . . I was thinking icky, pooh, yucky, bleargh, as I can't abide those red cheerios and I dislike the term "little boys" for them too :(((((
by Rice
I dislike any of the frankfurt/cheerio and luncheon meat products , as as Hotdogs are made with frankfurts at most places which sell them, I just walk straight past!! I am not one to eat fast food of any kind really....
. . .but do you eat food fast?? Or do you, indeed, fast????? *chomp*
by Rice
I am not a fan of most fast foods/take away at all!!!! I do enjoy sharing a really decent pizza with my neighbour every few weeks, but they always have lots of baby spinach, fresh tomatoes, olives, capsicum and a bit of ham and of course CHEEEEEESE!!!!.And no! I am not a fast eater of my food, as I love to really savour it! I guess this harks back to my childhood when we were told to chew our food properly and eat slowly, or.... 'You Shall Get a Very Bad Tummy Ache!'!!! It IS the healthy way to consume our vittles, and I've never suffer with indigestion, ever!!!
by Jules
The only bought hot dogs I've eatenwere at a Dodgers game and from a food cart near Santa Monica pier which I enjoyed. Otherwise we eat German frankfurts with hot English mustard and tomato sauce on them or weiswurst sausages with German mustard and sauerkraut. I don't like a lot of bun so we buy brioche buns as they are much thiner and tastier as well.
helga - sprechen sie Deutsch? I would eat those too if I ate meat!
by Finy
Hi Finy. My German is limited except when it comes to food, then I can understand what everyone is saying much to the mirth of my husband's family. He's German and although he's been in Australia (and naturalised) for around 55 years, his accent is still pretty thick. He also speaks fluent Dutch as his aunts all married Dutchmen. My Dutch is slightly better than my German as my step father was Dutch and he taught me various words. We do tend to eat more European though.
by helga
I will eat a hot dog if there is nothing else available and I am hungry. However, they aren't one of my many weaknesses!
no, I do not eat them, when a child the hot dog man would be at the rail way station calling out get your hot doggies, as the people came off the trains, i always wanted one but my mother would not let me have one, so I really did not acquire a taste for them,
I don't buy them to eat when I am out or at fets etc. but I sometimes make them with a frankfurt I buy from a good German butcher in Malvern and also a delicatessen in Bentleigh. Otherwise no hot doggies for me or my family.
I do like hot dogs but don't have them very often.
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