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Do you like a man in a kilt?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by Jongleur100

I have always had a thing for men in kilts, or anything to that effect. Perhaps it was Mel Gibson who did it for me in 'Braveheart', or Russell Crowe in 'Gladiator'. Regardless of how it came about, I don't think this 'thing' is going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you like men in kilts?

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Top Answers
Hmmm.....not sure. Depends who is wearing it!
by Vee
I am marrying a man who will be wearing a kilt in a few months time. I like what the kilt means to him, and in turn, what it means to his family. In wearing the kilt, he is proudly wearing for all the world to see, his heritage and his history and his connection to family. How could I not love and respect that? by bakba
Congratulations bakba! Hope your special day is all you hope it to be. :)
by Vee
No I definitely do not like a man in a kilt!
by Finy
I am intrigued by your firmness there Finy. Anything you'd like to share?
by Vee
No, nothing to share really, I just think they look ridiculous, and with that fluffy thing hanging there!!
Put it this way, they turn me off if I WAS interested!
by Finy
Hahaha! I didn't even notice the positioning of the 'fluffy thing'.
by Vee
I have always thought of it as strange! Yet I don't mind the gear that Muslim men wear -I don't think that looks stupid at all!
I think the kilt is just a ridiculous piece of clothing -hope I am not offending anyone here!
by Finy
ps the thing hanging down in your picture reminds me of the things you clean dirt off the tablecloth with! What is its purpose!!
by Finy
A man in a kilt is no different than a woman in trousers. Is it silly for a woman to wear trousers?
I'm not sure what you mean Finy, and I don't know what its purpose is. Perhaps it's purely decorative. I agree, I don't think there is anything strange about men in kilts. However, I did laugh my head off at a blog entry detailing a 2012 men's fashion show where the men wore dresses. Google it to see what I mean.
by Vee
Hi Finy.....
'That fluffy thing' is called a 'sporran', which is a shortened version of the word 'sporranage'. Check out THAT word on Google!

I think a 'sporran' was meant to carry a small amount of food or extra knives, for weapons. I maybe wrong. Remembering what I was told ages' ago!
by donjo
donjo, just looked up "sporranage" and was glad to see we were both on the money. It is both decorative and functional. :)
by Vee
I like a man in a kilt as much as a man in trousers. Whatever they decide is fine by me.
What if they decide that a wife beater and stubbies is the way to go. Surely, that's not attractive. Hehe.
by Vee
There is a difference between choice of fashion and beating someone up. Also, a kilt is part of Scottish culture, so I don't see why a Scotsman shouldn't wear one. If they aren't Scottish, I would find it a bit odd that they decide to wear one, but there is nothing wrong with it.
Sorry Bryony, a wife beater is a ribbed top similar to a singlet.
by Vee
by Vee
Haha! Shows how much I know about fashion! Sorry about my complete ignorance, Vee.
No worries Bryony, haha. They're not very 'fashionable' anyway, I only know about them because my husband lives in them!
by Vee
I just call them tank tops.
Most definitely! I wish my bloke owned one.
Me too!
by Vee
Surprisingly yes! Something about those legs being out...
No not really keen on them.
Hello Jonaj......
Your picture, is that a famous group playing 'The Gael'?
by donjo
I think the more appropriate question is - who doesn't!? :D

Although, it would have to depend (just a bit) on their personality too, because that adds to the charm and magic :)
Haha, good point Xarah. :)
by Vee
och aye! and the sporran is like a wallet I think, they have to keep their money somewhere. Love it when the wind blows - can get a bit cheeky haha
:O Haha! Thanks for clearing that up. :)
by Vee
I thought they carried cooked oatmeal in that sporran. Originally I thought it was like a merkin, but some kind person explained that it was functional, not just an enhancement or ornament !
by fran.
I thought they carried cooked oatmeal in that sporran. Originally I thought it was like a merkin, but some kind person explained that it was functional, not just an enhancement or ornament !
by fran.
No, not at all! Looks stupid, IMO. What's the 'advantage' of it for a man?
I get chaffed to kingdom come if I wear skirts or dresses, so live in Bermuda Shorts, Slacks, Slacks Suits & Short Culottes Summer Outfits.
Do men get chaffed in kilts, particularly in our hot & humid climate? Does the hitting of the 'sporran' hurt the body?

I DO love the various 'patterns' ('sets?) though!
50/50 . . . . . Other half was MC at a wedding and the groom and all wore kilts, so he wore one in his clan tartan. Looked very scrummy. Then there's the never to be unseen horror of my visit to Edinburgh Castle. Well, let me just say . . you have NO idea how high those sentries can lift their knees. *arghhhhhhhhhh*
by Rice
Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud when I read this (blushing).
by Vee
shiver* it was uuuuuuugggggllllllyyyyyyyy.
by Rice
Och aye. They're dead sexy. I love the way a man walks in a kilt. Very masculine stride with a bit of a hip sway to move the kilt.👄
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