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Do you leave your mobile phone on while you are asleep?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you leave your mobile/cell phone on when you are asleep?

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Top Answers
I used to however as I put it on my bedside table now at night, it annoys me making noises and in particular if someone sends an SMS.

These noises wake me and especially as I live in Perth and we are three hours behind the other states of Australia.

I used to have a noise sounding when emails came in also however stopped emails automatically downloading because of it waking me up, so now I just turn the phone off every night before I go to sleep.
by Finy
When my son lived here,he'd complain at all the calls he would get at night,so I said to him,in no uncertain terms 'You know that there IS an off button,don't you? Why not use it!!!' As someone who adores their privacy,I think that mobile phones can be a major intrusion into our lives. This does not mean that they don't have some excellent aspects!! They certainly do,just not at night by the bed when we are sleeping!!
by Jules
Have you tried turning on the do not disturb feature. You can set the hours you want it off. You will only receive calls and notifications from people you choose.
by dwatk
I do not have one!! But even when I did have a mobile phone.I turned it ON at 7.30 am and OFF at 8.30 pm. If people could not get me on the mobile there was always the landline. And the thing is that I know if I get late calls they are indeed URGENT!! Or they darned well wouyld want to be!!!!
Yes. It is beside the bed on the bedside table on charge overnight. I don't care so much about emails but I do need to be able to get texts. There could be emergencies or there could be a change of plans for the following day. If lunch gets cancelled, or any other appointments, I would like to know about it, and I will stay in bed. Plus, my husband does night shift so we would rather receive texts. I hate it when people ring on the home phone and wake him ( one of our phone outlets is beside the bed ), so an sms is a better idea for us.
It is always on because I never think to turn it off. However, it is never in my bedroom. I quite often wake in the morning to see a message from friends who rise at the crack of dawn and go to work. Funny how they think the rest of the world must be awake too. Mine is old and only has phone and text so it is not too bad. . . unlike HIS which burps, coughs and f@rts at every function. Grrrr. I am like Jules . . . ring me on my landline IF you have a limb hanging off or a tiger in your bed . . !
by Rice
It's usually plugged in and charging at night, in a different room from me.
I have started to do this as of last month.

Only because my son who lives with me is travelling more now, so I need for him to be able to contact me.....if he needs too at any time.
Plus, my brother is getting quite old, and I never know?
mobile phohe is hardly even on, so no not on when asleep.
Would do if reason, but normally, no.

Its by the bedside but only to check the time and alarm in the morning. I do not need to be consistently connected.
I turn my phone to silent during the night
by AJ
Yes as my boys work night shift
I leave my mobile phone on the charger overnight in the lounge room (not in my bedroom!) I also turn it on silent so that messages, emails and phonecalls won't wake me up!)
If my husband has asked me to set my mobile phone alarm, then yes. Otherwise, I will turn it off. If somebody needs us, they can call the landline.
by Vee
Oh, Vee, what a GLORIOUS pic!!!!
by Rice
LOL! I know, Rice. I saw it and immediately thought, 'That's the one!' :-)
by Vee
I do because I use it to check the time when I wake up in the middle of the night. I even leave my computer on sometimes but when I wake up it's asleep.
It's definitely ON but on silent mode. The internet is usually turned OFF at night. I just want to be able to receive calls if there is any emergency back home.
by BK
I turn mine off every night, while it charges up. People can ring on the landline if they have too!
by Miro
Never have my mobile on after 10.00 p.m.
My phone goes to sleep, turned off and charging up the other end of the house when I go to bed at night.
I turn mine off every night & change it up, in another room, (when I remember too!)
by Miro
Sorry, I forgot that I'd already replied to this question!!!
by Miro
Always off at night.
My husband and I leave our phones and my iPad in another room overnight. I ave heard that it is not good for our brains to be near them all the time.
We could hear them if they ring but are rarely disturbed by late or too early phone calls like we were when we ran an earthmoving business.
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