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Do you leave the toilet seat up or down?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you leave the toilet seat up or down when you have finished?

Do others do the same and does it annoy you if they leave it up?

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Top Answers
I leave it down because, being a woman, I have no reason to put it up unless I'm cleaniing it. If my husband leaves it up that's fine with me. It's no more trouble for me to put it down than it is for him to put it up.
I hate people leaving the toilet seat up.

My motto is "leave it as you find it"!
by Finy
Yeah, Finy, like a gate in the outback! Lol!
by donjo
When I was much younger I used to demand that the seat was put down. As I got older I started to think it through and it dawned on me there is some sort of arrogance about that particular demand. As a woman it is more comfortable for me to go into a toilet and have the seat down and ready, however for a man that is not convenient at all. Then it occurred to me why is my toilet preference more important than my partners? So at home, after I have used it I leave the seat up ready for my partner. In a public toilet I leave the seat and the lid down for whatever gender.
for me it is not a matter of convenience, but I think it looks so much nicer in the bathroom if the toilet seat is down -somehow, I hate the look of an open toilet seat....perhaps a bit OCD ?
by Finy
or maybe just personal preference. lol
It drives me mad when people don't put the toilet seat down - even in public loos!

Fortunately everyone in the family does put the lid down; the frustration comes when our cleaner leaves it up, or if a guest/workman does. Especially when workmen leave it up. That really riles me.
by Fran
I leave it down but it doesn't bother me if someone leaves it up
by AJ
I'm with you Finy. I usually leave it the way I find it. Call me lazy, but sometimes I hover above the bowl to avoid the whole 'do I leave it up or down?' dilemma.
by Vee
I honestly don't care about it much - I tend to keep it down, but if I/someone else doesn't, it doesn't seem to bother me. It's not hard to adjust it to your liking - just raise it up or bring it down.
I always leave it down, because I am female.
The male in the house always leaves it up.
Never worries me one little bit, I'm going to wash my hands anyway, so touching that seat is fine.....to put it down.
Let's face it, I have never met a man who put's it back down,so why should I put it up!
There is no rules, we must learn to live with each other..... up or down.
Always down, I think it's disgusting to leave it up!
Always down. I am finicky when it comes to toilet seats!
I always put it down.
We have a household of 2 males and 2 females.
The males are gentlemen and ALWAYS put the seat down. I taught the boys from day one (Father and Son). Do unto others....because at least once a day they also need it down. Majority wins!!
Always up as I am male and live in my home by myself- surely it need not be a major issue!
I don't really care that much. If it is left up it doesn't really worry me because when both the lid and the seat are left up, I don't have to consider doing toilet checks to see that the bowl is CLEAN of all debris. I have been thoroughly annoyed if, on lifting the lid and the seat to find that the previous occupant has not left the bowl clean. In fact, I can become quite aggressive about it. I have been known to ask, in a room full of family members, just who the last occupant was and whether they would mind revisiting and cleaning and if they don't feel like revisiting, then they should consider never reusing that area. There is always the area alongside the back shed in the garden.

Down but given there are more men in the house than women, we probably should leave it up...
That said, it doesn't bother me if it's up....
My wife and I struggled with this for a few years but I found the perfect solution.

Close the lid completely everytime and then you can tell her off for leaving the lid up too and she has to do the same amount of lid lifting as you do.

Everyone should put the lid down after use. This is more hygienic and more asthetic.
Having the lid down can cause the inside of the toilet to go mouldy.
Definitely down, I consider it quite rude to leave the seat up and common courtesy to put it down after one has finished one's business.
by Lucy
Down. I'm the only one that uses it. Well most of the time anyway.
Always down. Not just the seat but the lid. My husband usually leaves the seat up. It doesn't upset me, I usually notice it in passing and just flip it down.
Down. I like others to keep it down too.
Seat down. Lid up. We have two toilets, one each, so we don't have any issues. I'm with Jennifer . . . . lid up means no mould. Plus . . . . I hate a closed lid anywhere . . . . I don't like surprises and I don't like to touch other's lids.
by Rice
Seat always down.
Husband left it down, as well, for my use.
Taught children same.

Lid shut at flushing, then opened.
Feng Shui dictates that the seat should be down with the lid closed or your money goes down the drain, so this is how we leave ours. We think it looks neater. My husband and I are photographers and artists and attention to detail is important to us.
As an addition, it is aparently more hygenic to have the lid closed when the toilet is flushed as particulates become airborn.
Thanks annfi, that's exactly what I was going to write! Saved me the effort. :) And on another note - NEVER leave your toothbrush out on the basin/bench, as those icky airborne particles can land on it!
by poppy
Down, as I'm the only person using it.
by Miro
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