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Do you leave the tea bag in your mug when drinking?

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Mug with tea bag

When you have a mug/cup of tea do you leave the bag in while you drink it?

Some people like to leave the tea bag in while they drink. Others take the bag out. What do you do?

If you usually remove the tea bag, would you find it annoying to drink your tea with the bag still in the mug/cup?

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Top Answers
It would really annoy me also to have a tea bag in when drinking.
I do not understand why anyone would leave it in, and have never had a visitor who leaves it in and drinks, as it could also make a mess!
by Finy
I always take the bag out, I couldn't imagine enjoying the bag sitting on my upper lip when I try to take a decent sized sip....bleck.
I always take the tea bag out. It would really annoy me to have the bag still in the mug while i was drinking my cuppa.
No, that would make the brew too strong and get in the way while drinking. I know someone who leaves the bag in and then reuses the bag and although the boiling water probably kills the germs the idea of drinking tea made with the bag that's been in a cup someone else was drinking out of grosses me out.
I don't drink tea
I don't drink tea much, but when I do I leave the bag in the mug because it's easily topped up.
by Vee
If I am drinking herbal tea (only one I drink) then I take out the bag.

I have found it get's too strong and bitter if left in the cup..... half way thru the drink.
Take out.
Just wouldn't do it.

I have 'Tea Bag Tongs', & squeeze liquids remnants into my mug.
I've a pottery-crafted 'Tea Bag Holder', shaped a bit like a 'potato-sack', into which I fold paper 'serviettes' unused from Coffee Shops, when I've had a meal etc. this absorbs leftover tea bag liquid, & holds tongs.

I then cut-off tops of tea bags, where string & staple are, which goes in rubbish. Remainder of then tea bag is put into compost for my 'Crepe Myrtle'.

Get out of my kitchen! ^_^ I wonder if you get as annoyed as I do if people make their own then fling the teabags into the sink.
by Rice
Oh! rice paper, that would be just untidy, & dirty! Yuk!
by donjo
Lately, no. I've been turned off from tea bags as I now only drink tea leaves. I tried tea leaves over a year ago, and the man who served it to me said I'd never go back to teabags, I thought he was just trying to sell me some of the tea mixes, but he was right, I can't go back, so I'm afraid this is a no for me.
I drink loose organic tea that I put into a silver tea infuser.Since learning there are nasty chemicals in the paper that makes up the bags and they use what's called Tea 'Dust' to fill them.
I like to remove the tea bag before I drink my cup of tea. I've never thought about it but if someone served me a cup of tea with the bag still in it....I'd probably walk to the rubbish bin and deposit said bag.....in....it.
Sometimes I enjoy making tea the old fashioned way - loose tea leaves, 1 for each person and 1 for the pot - with boiling water in my tea pot.
always take the tea bag out,
Never ever, nor the spoon.
I always leave tea bag in the mug. I don't find annoying to drink my tea with tea bag in the cup at all.
I find it interesting how something that would irritate and annoy one person, or in fact many people, doesn't bother someone else at all.
I keep the tea bag in my cup ... And I love it !!!
In addition to my reply to the previous comment, and something that would bug some people is something another person loves to do. People are fascinating and it's great to have this hub to share reactions, experiences and opinions.
Sorry, I always leave it in, as I use my husbands teabag, because I like my tea weak, so I don’t care if it stays in.
Yech! That is so gross!!
Never ever, ever leave the bag in the mug or cup.
It looks gross, and also affects the quality of the tea you may be drinking.
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