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Do you know how to use chopsticks?

by BK (follow)
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When you are at an Asian restaurant do you use chopsticks or do you end up asking for fork or spoon?

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Top Answers
Yes. I use them at home too if we're having Asian food. I find it easy enough with noodles or sticky rice, but for brown rice I will tend to resort to a splade becauce the grains are too fiddly to pick up and it takes me forever.
I feel so embarrassed when I have to ask for fork or spoon at an Asian restaurant. I tried a lot but I can't use chopsticks. I really want to learn it though, so I am going to buy chopstick and practice at home.
by BK
Kabhi, you may be able to find a video on Youtube about how to use chopsticks.
by Miro
I do know how to use them - my dad spent his early childhood in Malaysia and we've always had chopsticks at home.
However, I learnt a valuable lesson when I lived in Singapore - the Chinese there quite often used fork and spoon, without any embarrassment, instead of chopsticks. It depended on what the food was served on - if the rice or noodles were in a bowl, then they used chopsticks but if they were on a plate, then they used fork and spoon. Most sensible and practical, very Chinese in fact, they don't really give a tinkers for etiquette or doing things "the right way", just the most practical way for the circumstances and the way that will best achieve the object. So now this is the approach I adopt. And any food snobs who sneer at me for not using chopsticks when eating Asian food get a ticking off they won't forget in a hurry!
I feel so much better reading your comment. Looks like I am the only one here who does not know how to use chopstick .
by BK
Well, there's no reason why anyone who hasn't grown up in a chopstick using family should know how to use them! It's like speaking a second language - most people only speak one language well but some go on to learn a second one.
I have to say, the eating style I admire the most is eating curry with fingers - it is done so dextrously and quickly and cleanly and when I tried, it was none of those things - I ended up in a HUGE mess and vowed to always use cutlery with curry after that :)
It seems to me the objective of eating is to get food into your mouth with the minimum of mess. If you can achieve that with chopsticks, then great, if you can't then there is nothing wrong with fork and spoon.
Yes I do and when I get a chance I use them
I would love to think that I can do it. I have never used these before, so I won't assume that this is a simple thing. I've seen first timers try this with limited success.
Have a look on Youtube: 'How to do I use Chopsticks!' I'm sure you'll find a video about it!
by Miro
dwalk, have you looked on Youtube? "How to use chopsticks" You should be able to pick it up quite quickly from the video. Good luck.
by Miro
I can use chopsticks, but, when eating Asian at home, I use a fork or spoon.
by Vee
I do. I use them at home as well as out in Asian restaurants.
Yes. First it was some practice when first eating Asian food, and after that it became almost compulsory. Now I enjoy eating with them so much, that I don't think i'd ever use a fork with rice or noodles
I'm not very good at using chopsticks but I don't try using them in restaurants or at home if I have paid good money for the ingredients. Then I use cutlery so that I don't waste my food (or my time if I have done the cooking).
I do notice that when asians eat anything with rice and from a bowl that they bring the bowl up to their chin. Western people don't seem to do that and I guess that's just asking for a spill or a drop i.e. they are trying to manage using chopsticks but leaving their plate on the table.
I wonder if asians actually have a form of etiquette that should be followed - does anyone actually know ?
One piece of chopsiticks etiquette which my husband was recently pulled up on is not standing your chopsticks upright in your food. It signifies death.
by grann
I recently spent a month in Taiwan and overcame my usual embarrassment re chopsticks and went for broke. I'm now a reasonably proficient user. There is certainly a corollary with using a foreign language.
Having travelled to SE Asia many times, I learned how to use chopsticks, & am quite proficient at their use, & enjoy doing so.
Yes, all our family are able to use chopsticks, & my father even taught my husband to use them, We use them at home when I make a Chinese meal & we use them in them in Chinese restaurant s as well.
by Miro
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