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Do you know anyone who mumbles and you have difficulty understanding them?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you know anyone who always mumbles, and you have difficulty understanding them?

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Top Answers
Yes, I know a few people who do this -at first I thought I was going deaf, however then realised it was that they somehow mumble and many people could not understand them.

It is quite an annoying habit -Marlon Brando was a bad one for mumbling -half the time I could not understand him.

My hearing is not real bad.
by Finy
YES!!!!! My son! It makes me cross-eyed. I'm forever asking him to speak clearly and repeat what he has just mumbled at me, and he repeats it in a mumble. Bah! I expect he'll grow out of it.
Yes indeed!! Far too many to not consoder a society of lazy people as they are all the same age group!!! What makes it even more annoying is that these same folk do not make eye contact when they mumble to me!!
Ihave interacted with people who have speech impediments. It is hard for them and they are often short tempered because it takes so long to get the words out. They certainly are a lesson in patience.
by Gia
All teenage boys. You cant understand a word of what they are saying and yet they mumble to each other and connect. Trully alien language
My husband! It drives me crazy, as he has done public speaking courses and as a teenager took exams in Speech and Drama.... he does a lot of public speaking and presentations at work so I KNOW he can talk clearly when he wants to, he just can't be bothered at home it seems.... so when he mumbles at me I either ignore him or politely ask him to repeat what he just said but in English this time.
by Finy
Yes, my second ex-husband even admitted he chews his words.
Family problem.
My Father in law did too.
Not really, can't think of any
by Fran
I've only met a few people like this. It is a rather annoying characteristic. You have to be constantly asking them to repeat.
I think can be a bit of a mumbler at times!
by AJ
Me! I do it unconsciously and so do one of my sisters - very annoying!
by Vee
My partner! I'm forever asking him to repeat himself or I just smile and nod and hope it wasn't important lol Drives me mad!
yes, my son. He blames it on me because I'm getting old, so obviously I must be getting deaf too.
Quite a few people actually.
The worst are those 'witnesses' of an event who get I/V'd on tv news. Can never understand due either slovenly speech or their accent too thick to understand. Why don't tv people choose those who can speak properly & be understood?
Yes, Me! My mother & my husband are always
asking me not to mumble, when iím talking to them. I donít understand how Marlin Brando managed to get so much movie work with all the mumbling he did. I could never understand what he said in his movies!
but then I must admit I do tend to leave my hearing aids out and then I really notice those who mumble.
Many people mumble as a reflection of how strong their speech is ( it is very noticeable when you focus on what someone is saying to you).
I have the hearing of a ninja bat and yet I still find a lot of people mumble and are intelligible . . (and don't get me started on people who speak to you as they are leaving a room and expect you to understand every word!)
by Rice
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