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Do you know any real gossips?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you know any real gossips?

Do you avoid them or do they not bother yoou?

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Top Answers
In my life ,I have unfortunately known many Gossips,though I am able to say that these people have not been my close friends!! I was always taught that the best way to behave is with respect;and that if we have nothing nice to say,we should say nothing!!! I know that this is not always possible,but I certainly could not call myself a gossip. I far prefer to talk about shared interests,of which I have several lovely ones,that to gossip about what others are getting up to!!! These days I have a very small circle of people who I am in touch with, and I like this simplicity in my life immensely!!! We all share similar interests such as our dogs,gardens,old books,etc;and gossipping does not get a look in!!!
I have just one "acquaintance" that is a real gossip as I would choose not to mix with people who do this incessantly.

I do avoid such people as I do not like talking behind backs, so to speak!
by Finy
by jonaja
Honestly, since I have been on Facebook over the last 8 years or so, I have noticed many friends are actually gossips, among other unpleasant traits.

I usually stay clear of such things, and when in close contact with someone who is gossiping, I generally just nod, stay silent, or actually change the topic when I can... I also realized how awful some of my "friends" are, and have become extremely disappointed as a whole.

If you want to know the true character of someone in modern times, watch their Facebook feed!
Amen to that. I don't do FB or any social media.
by Rice
Gossip is not really something I could care about , I guess people like to have a good old tongue wag...
It has been going on for thousands of years, and it won't stop any time soon...sadly.

It can do a great amount of harm, and needs to be avoided I feel.
No. I don't know any real gossips. I have a lot of friends and and we all like to have a great chat, but not usually at the expense of other people and their private business. Sometimes you get those kind of people at work. There is not much you can do about it . If people want to gossip, they should make sure they have their facts straight. It can really damage ones reputation if it is malicious and untrue.
I had a neighbour who was a gossip. She was a shocker! Told me she had heard either my sister or I were getting married ( neither were) only a few weeks after my husband died. I realised it was a tactic to extract information that she could share. I was very careful what I told her after that.

I don't like gossip and I change the subject or leave as soon as possible. Gossip can be harmful.
Gossips aren't only women, men can be really terrible especially when talking about a woman! And don't I know. Malicious lies can & do hurt people, sometimes for decades.
I have known of gossips. I have not got much in common with them and tend to not trust them. If I wanted to get some news out though I would tell them first. Job complete.
I had a next door neighbour who knew everything about everyone in the street (moi excluded) and she rarely set foot out of her front door. I used to come home from work and close the house up so she wouldn't know I was home. I did have the last laugh though as my cousin's husband would often call in on his motorbike when I wasn't working, rev it loudly and park it at the top of my driveway so she could see it and stay for some time as we had a cuppa and a chinwag. Funny thing was that nothing ever got back to me about his visits.
One thing I DO know.....If you hear gossips talking about other people, that means they also talk about you too. Keep clear of them.
I find a little gossip titillating and so do most of my acquaintances. In fact throughout my working life and in retirement, I have never run into any male or female that didn't love to hear a bit of gossip…….boring or otherwise.
No. It makes me very uncomfortable so I avoid people. Dogs don't gossip.
by Rice
No, I don't keep company with gossips.
Yeah mostly about people I dont know that well.
No I don't know any realy good gossip, and I think there is more to life then wanting to know wha'ts going on in other people's lives.
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