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Do you keep things after their expiry date?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you keep things after the expiry date?

Not just food, but things like sun screen?

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Top Answers
I dont take too much notice of USE BY dates as years ago we didnt have them and didnt get sick. Often you can see or smell if the food is off.

However, with non food items like sun screen, I am always a bit worried that it will not work if you keep it longer, so I do not keep it after the expiry date.
by Finy
It depends greatly on what it is but I seldom keep anything at all if I see the date is up. I found himself drinking UHT milk that expired 11 months ago. Not for me. Ick.
by Rice
And I bet there was nothing wrong with it - it lasts far longer than fresh milk even when opened.....what about 20 years ago when we did not have use by dates??
by Finy
Well . . .my son in law was given rations from the Korean War when he was in the Vietnam War . . .! My worry is that the preservatives change over time. We are always told that pesticides can get stronger and more dangerous. Hard to know what to believe.
by Rice
No I don't.
I was told that everything with dates, has a l expiring life, even make up!
Yes, but it depends what it is.
Yes I have kept and used items after their use by dates, as long that it doesn't look or smell off, and I taste it a little first.
There are some things I will use past a "best by" date. With food I generally use my judgement.
I am cautious about other things especially medications. I am probably a bit complacent about sunscreen and will check from now on.
I am flat out finding dates on products at times. They can be very hard to see, and my eyes don't see as well as they once did. I can hardly distinguish shampoo from conditioner when I am in the shower let alone read use by dates.
I use my common sense,my eyes and my nose where food items are concerned!!! I don't have use by dates on stuff I grow myself at all,so I do not need them on many of the items I see for sale! I always remember my dad telling us as kids how soldiers during the war ate rations which could be up to 4 and more years old,and it certainly was not these items which ended up being detrimental to their well-being!! Chocolate,in particular ,even if it goes white, is still edible after many,many years! And as for jams and pickles? They are not called 'Preserves' for no reason!!! We would make all our own delicious preserves when we had too much of anything,and it would last indefinitely as long as the jars were sterile and sealed properly!! No! I take little notice of the Use By dates which are such a huge part of the commercial world of Foodstuffs these days. With make-up,I don't wear it,so this does not affect me,though I would be wary with items such a mascara where the little brush goes in and out of its tube so many times,collecting bacteria on these journeys. I can imagine many eye infections would be caused by such items!! Where sunscreen is concerned,I do not know enough about this sort of thing.I am allergic to the main ingredients anyway,so again I do not tend to be affected by these items which I don't use. I think it is sensible for all of us to use our own common sense and do some research if in doubt about anything.
Ye, mainly tinned foods or dried packet food.
It is usually safe for a good period after expiry date.
Fresh foods are disposed of if going past safe date.
Depends what it is. If its fresh dairy, no, but long life is fine after checking for smell. Tinned food I've also kept - like tomatoes for cooking but cereals do become softer and can taste like cardboard so they are binned.
Welllllllllllllll...... not my ex husband .....

Bahahahaha!! Mine too!
by Rice
I use somethings after the use by date but not everything. I would never take a chance on meat for example. But I would have a yoghurt that was a few days over the date.
by AJ
Like most of the answers, common sense prevails. I think it is also a marketing ploy for you to throw away at use by and buy another!
I only keep past-date food if it's by accident, as in stuffed in the back of the fridge or pantry. As soon as I notice the date, it's in the bin. Other things like medication or other such stuff, I will usually keep it past date, but I inspect it for any signs that the product turned before each use.
Never. It is not worth getting sick.
No, not even sunscreen. I used some old makeup once, a few years ago, with no date on it of cause, & I came out with a huge rash over my face. I had to go & see a Dr, in the suburb I was visiting that day. The rash went away, & I throw out the makeup when I got home, so since then I've check all the dates on everything in the bathroom cabinet & thrown them out when they become out of date!
by Miro
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