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Do you keep plastic bags to use as inside rubbish liners?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use plastic bags to line the inside of your kitchen rubbish bin with?

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Top Answers
Yes, I do keep plastic bags for this reason.
I believe the bags are now bio-degradable and as I always forget to take my cloth bags into the supermarket, I always end up with a lot of this plastic.

I would not like to put rubbish in my kitchen bin without a liner and at one stage used to buy liners however plastic bags do the same thing.
by Finy
I most certainly DO!!! These bags fit my Kitchen Tidy absolutely PERFECTLY!!! Living a tropical climate,I put any food scraps I may have into plastic bags before they go in the bin too.I am so good with my recycle bags though,that sometimes I have to deliberately leave them home so I can stock up on a few more plastic ones.I refuse to buy bags to line my tidy with!!
Me too
by lynne
I use bin liners i
by AJ
yes I do but it makes me sad because I know that in all probability it will end up in our oceans or water ways once it leaves my home. Plastic terrorises nature.
We certainly do. We never buy bin liners but rather always recycle bags we have got from shopping. I think bin liners are essential to help keep bins clean.
Yes they are so much cheaper than bin liners and to my knowledge more biodegradable.
Yep - I keep my plastic bags from the supermarket to use for rubbish, carting dirty clothes home, storing icky nappies when we are out and don't have access to a bin and for all sorts of other things. However we are at the stage where we have a cupboard that is very very full of plastic bags and I think that for the next couple of shopping trips I really need to try and remember to take some reusable bags!
I hardly ever have a plastic bag from a shop as I have got into the habit of using cloth bags when I shop. This means I end up buying bin liners because I don't like the idea of my rubbish blowing all over the street when the truck empties my rubbish bin. We don't end up with much general rubbish these days as we compost vegetable peels etc and recycle cans and paper etc so a roll of bin liners lasts quite a while.
I sure do!
I refuse to buy them, while I can re-use them.
No I don't because they all have holes in them to reduce the suffocation risk, which means they leak and are useless as bin liners! It does annoy me having to buy bin liners and then recycle shopping bags.
Am I right in thinking that you are not in Australia? I think I read in one of your answers that you are in UK? The reason I ask is that our Grocery carry-home bags are made to perfectly fit our Kitchen Tidies,just so they CAN be recycled this way!! Internal packaging of goods(i.e. clothing, linen,electrical goods etc....) DO have the anti-suffocation holes,as do the plastic wrapping on large items such as furniture,mattresses,etc., but definitely not the 'Carry' bags our goods from most stores are put into for taking home.I can definitely see the safety issues connected to your bags,but I also see the fantastic re-usability of our bags here. I had not known before this that bags in some other countries cannot be used this way.I think this just shows how very good this site is for learning about our neighbours on the other side of the world! Serious Thanks to Finy for such a great question!
by Jules
You're right, I'm in the UK :) But the bag holes are all over Europe I think. They've gone in the opposite direction here, rather than encouraging people to re-use the bags, they are trying to discourage us from having the bags at all. So you get extra points for using reusable bags rather than disposable plastic ones and charged a small sum per disposable bag you use.
It is interesting finding out how differently things are done in different countries!
Yes I do, saves money!
Yes I do, they are great
by Fran
Yes I do. I almost never buy garbage bags.
by Gia
Yes, I keep the larger ones' as they fit my small, circular bins' in each room, perfectly, then they get collected & go into one big garbag for wheelie bin!

Any spare, I give to V de P or Lifeline; they can always use clean bags!
yes i use the plastic bags for my kitchen bin, just the right size, I also use them as wastepaper basket liners. I refuse to buy any sort of liner from the shops. another expense we can do without.
Yes recycle shopping bags
Yes, all of them!
I sure do. I do with all plastic bags were biodegradable.
by Vee
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