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Do you have more than 20 FRIENDS on Facebook?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have more than 20 friends on Facebook, and how many are real life friends?

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Top Answers
No, I dont think I have more than 20 friends on Facebook, and only have one that I have not met.

I do not want a whole lot of "friends" on social media as some of the thing I write are private and only for REAL friends!

I cannot understand why some people have hundreds!
by Finy
It depends what you use Facebook for. Some people use it for business purposes or to coordinate organisations like charities or clubs. You can set it up so only the people you actually know in the real world can see certain posts (or immediate family or whatever) while other posts go out to a wider audience.
I am not on Facebook ! I just do not have the inclination for this style of communication. I am so very slow at even typing these answers that computers are not the main aspect in my life!!! Having just said that,I have to admit that I immensely enjoy the things I DO use my computer for!
I echo your thoughts exactly except....that I am a quick typist as used to do word processing as a job for years...
by Fran
like you, i dont have Facebook, and no inclination to use it. thankfully only one
of my family/friends who live o/s feel the same. dinosaurs i guess, but email and skype are enough for me.
by sandw
Being a very private sort of hermit,I just do not see the point of giving myself even more work with something I have no interest in! Until now,I had thought I was one of the last non-facebook-lovers in the whole world!!! Thanks for telling me otherwise!
I use my computer mainly for emailing,researching all sorts of stuff,including items which I have been collecting since childhood,and buying more of my treasures which I would never find locally. This is plenty for me as I have other wonderfully fulfilling interests in my life.
by Jules
Don't 'DO' Facebook whatsoever, thank goodness!
I prefer to keep to my friends' I've known for years'.
Not my 'scene', so I stay well & truly a long, long way away!
I have 63 and they are friends and family only.
No need for anymore....makes life to busy.
About 100. I have 'met' a few persons who I would have never been able to otherwise. They have given me such great advice that I am really thankful for.
by Gia
Maybe 150. I have different subcategories that can see different posts. Some are family, some are real world friends, some are in groups I need to keep track of for work or hobbies.
I have over 200 friends on Facebook. I used to have a lot more but had a cull recently.
Not all of them are active but I consider all of the active ones to be real life friends. Facebook is real and part of my life - I think trying to separate the two is artificial at best. It's not for everyone but that doesn't make it wrong or unreal - it just means that different people operate differently.
No I am not a Facebook person...don't want to use it, am just not that was orientated, emails are enough for me.
by Fran
I am rather chuffed that some one else feels the same as I do when it comes to Facebook!!! Are we the only peas in the pod?!
by Jules
Seems we are!..but it doesn't worry me one bit..
by Fran
Fran and Jules, is there room in that pod of yours? I used to have Facebook but left it when I got married (four years ago). Do not need it. I have to admit that I used to hack into my sister's account when I needed 'a fix', but that is all over now. Besides, the garbage that can be found on Facebook means it is a big no, no for me. There is no way I want to support a platform that supports the morally repugnant.
by Vee
I do have over 20 friends on Facebook and the majority are real life friends. Others are a mix of people that I have met while travelling but may not have stayed in contact with them
by AJ
I have around 100 friends with about 60 being real life friends through my various hobby groups and former colleagues.
The remainder I know through involvement in a group of forums based in the UK where the majority of members reside there.
Yes I do. My close friends (the ones I mix with in real life) and family number more than 20. I am also in a couple of writing groups and have many facebook friends as a result of this.
Yes I do but that is because I use FB to promote my business.
I do not have Facebook.
by Vee
None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. My daughter did not want to friend me so I never bothered.
by Rice
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