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Do you have good balance?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Do you have good balance, or do you fall easily?

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Top Answers
I actually think I do despite when I was younger, being called clumsy by a customer of mine (I used to travel selling, up North of WA).

I seem to avoid falling quite often and mainly due to my dogs and in particular my blind dog who tends to walk almost on my feet which in turn, tends to trip me!

Have had a few "beauties" falling on the street while walking them however still think my balance is quite good and can get dressed without sitting down which my parents could not do even though they were a bit older than me at the time.
by Finy
Dressing without sitting is a good practice Finy.
by annfi
I dont have any problems with my balance, and never seem to fall over. Not since I was a child.
Not at all now, last 6 months has been a real test for me, but I'm not young so it go's with the age thing.
When younger it was not always great anyway.
My balance is fine, but I can be clumsy.
by Vee
No I have terrible balance I am always stumbling.
I am clumsy, but my balance is good. I did Tai Chi for a few years and didn't notice my improvement because it was so gradual . I only realised how good my balance had become when our fitness instructor tested the aerobics class. I was as good as he was, if not better...but only with balance.
I haven't done Tai Chi for a while and think I should resume it.
I aslso did Tai Chi and it was good for my balance - also havent done it for a long time but too lazy now!
by Finy
I am going to see if there is something free on you tube, rather than attend a class
by annfi
Standing on one leg is well and truly passed my capability. I sit when I get dressed. However I don't have falls and am not clumsy. It is all part of ageing.
. . . I have to lean aginst the wall to put pants or jeans on a lot of the time. *creak*
by Rice
Oh Rice I can relate to the creaks and leaning against the wall.
by njsan
I actually DO have good blance, except at 2 in the morning when I am still half asleep!!! It has now been 21 weeks and 3 days since I got up at that shocking hour and in that less-than-able state, and fell down the 3 shallow steps from kitchen to TV room, all just to get a drink for me poor thisty old dog when she had emptied her bowl and than she came to let me know! I knew immediately that I had badly broken my shoulder, but it was not until I managed to somehow get to the phone to call the ambulance that I realised I had taken a huge(7cm x 6.5 cm) piece from my shin!!!! Now, 5 long months after the event, I am still having to have this leg wound dressed every two days, and it is not ANYwhere near healed yet!!! The shoulder also was damaged permanently and shall never be fully usable again!! When I did this and the doctors in Emergency told me I would be at least a year before the leg was healed(and that I would have a truly woeful scar)I just went: 'yeah, yeah.....' not realising just what the damage I had done really entailed!! The scar issue does not worry me at all, but this very drawn out healing process is driving me a bit crazy at this stage, as of course I am not allowed to stand for any length of time!!! If you may be interested google 'PreTibial Laceration'!!! But NOT if you have a weak stomach!!!! By the way, that was the furst (and will be the last time) that I have ever gotten up for any rfeason while still half asleep! I don't have a clue what made me do such a stupid thing!!! As for the Balance thing...... I used to have to climb ladders for my trade as a signwriter many years ago, and I never had any problems at all with balancing myself and my pots of paint and brushes!!! I was very aware how important it was that I had such a decent sense of balance or I could have had some shocking accidents!!!
I think my balance is really fine,and I don't really fall,even if at any time I lose balance due to other reasons.
As I've matured over the years I have found that my balance isn't as good as it could be.
I think I am about normal for my age. I don't fall due to my balance . . I fall when I try to rush and because I am a klutz. My knees tell the tale :(
by Rice
I have very good balance
by AJ
i used to have great balance when I was younger but I have not had any reason to put it to the test lately.
I feel over the years my balance has not been the best.
No not at all
Idon't think my balance is as good as it used to be.
As long as I'm standing on the edge of a cliff, or like the man in the photo, I think I have good balance.
by Miro
PS: Sorry, I left out the 'NOT' standing...in the 1st 1/2 a dozen words!
by Miro
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