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Do you have cable or NBN internet services?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have cable or NBN internet, and do you find it any faster?

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Top Answers
Unfortunately I have neither, and never had.
I have lived the last few years before coming to the city, in a semi rural area. I was told my dead end street would never get cable.

Here in the City I do not know where NBN is in Western Australia and have not heard anyone talking about having it...
by Finy
My street and whole region in fact, was one of the first to have the optic fibre service of NBN which eventually will replace ALL the old copper wire Land line phones throughout Australia.so I HAD to get it connected or not have a land line. It has proved to be a huge comedy of errors ,and still continues to be after all this time.The REALLY important thing with NBN is to not believe all the hype you hear about it!!! I knew nothing at all,and so I asked the NBN technician who installed it what I needed to know about EVERY aspect of the new system,and he was amazingly helpful and explained it brilliantly.Thus I was in for NO surprises at all!!! .Do not forget that NBN and the SERVICE PROVIDERS are completely separate entities! It makes no difference whatsoever to the internet speed unless you download movies and music.THEN it WILL be much quicker that the old ADSL systems. Because the NBN box requires a power point to be plugged into,when there is a power outage,the dramas are immeasurable after the battery back-up runs out!!!! The government have made the biggest botch of the entire thing in the way it has been presented to the public; as most people would automatically think that they are going to get a service which is extremely quick for all manner of internet uses. I also detest that whatever service provider you have for your phone,is the one you HAVE to use for the Internet.There is no freedom of choice any more .I used to have a Telstra land line and DODO internet which was so brilliant for my own needs,now I have had to choose just ONE. Now that I have been using it for over a year,I have become used to it,but I had to demand that Telstra offered me a better deal than what my mixed services where costing me before!! They have been very good actually and when I did have dramas at the start they had a technician out in 6 hours to fix it!!! The worst thing is working out whether it is the NBN or the Telstra techs who need to fix whatever your problem is!! When there is a power problem ,it is a total nightmare for business!!! They run EVERY thing from their phone lines...eftpos being the main service which, when not working,can actually send some businesses almost to the wall!!!
Oh ,by the way,I do NOT have cable as I prefer to read a book than sit glued to a screen!!!
I honestly wouldn't know. LOL Pretty sure we don't have NBN yet so I'm guessing that we have old style cable...My partner is the internet guy - I don't pay any attention to that stuff!
We had a look just now on the Internet to see where....it will be.
We have a big red cross, on our address.
I guess because we live in a Park, and we have our own services, could be the reason?
So down to bad luck for us!
I don't know what we have.
by Gia
We've been trying to get connected to the NBN for a couple of months now but there has been some problem with the infrastructure and it hasn't happened yet. It's supposed to be faster than what we use now.
I was one of the first to have cable in my area years ago. My tech was fantastic and at first it was really fast but it depends also on what internet plan you are on as it can slow you down and the number of people who are also using it. If I recall correctly, one of my daughters had 2 different providers for phone and internet but has now changed so both are with TPG who give a much better deal than the major provider she was with before.
Don't have either. As for the NBN - well it will be the next century before it gets to my area!
No we don't and apparently it is not likely to happen any time soon in our area even though we are in metropolitan area. I had a bit of a laugh when I came across and NBN cable warning in a QLD country town - I'm a bit jealous really.
Doubt it'll be installed where I live.
I don't know which we have. We have a broadband internet service which is wireless. It works well so I'm happy with that
by AJ
NO. I believe NBN is just a WHOLE lot of wasted money. And we certainly don't need cable either!
by Miro
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