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Do you have any wrinkles, and do they bother you?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have any wrinkles yet, and if so, do they bother you?

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Top Answers
They used to bother me and I always thought I would have a face lift as I got older.

However, having had several major illnesses in my life, including cancer, the wrinkles phobia tended to disappear and I am aging with the wrinkles, and despite of them!

I realised it does not make me a different person to have no wrinkles, just a not natural one and as I do not wear make up, why would I bother about a few wrinkles.

Admittedly I shudder when I look in the mirror in the sunlight where you can see every little wrinkle, but so be it....

I am, however, using a teeth whitener!
by Finy
Not really. It will happen soon enough though. There is nothing much I can do about it so what's the point in worrying.
At 70 I've not got many - more luck than good judgement. My mother had very good skin and hardly any wrinkles so think I've inherited the gene.
Sorry, answer to second half of question - no they don't really bother me - just a fact of life.
by norma
Bravo, norma. I bet you won't have many at 100 either :-)
by Rice
It's bad enough being 70 when you are really 25 (I wish)! God knows what I will be like when, and if, I reach 100!!
by norma
A couple. I'm getting used to them, but at the moment I'm still a bit surprised to see them in the mirror. Aging sneaks up on you sometimes.
and next to your answer, Jennifer, is an advert for getting rid of wrinkles! LOL
by Finy
I do have a few around the eyes,but these are 'Laughter Lines' as my darling mum always used to say about her own!!!
I have never been concerned about wrinkles as I just see them as part of the journey of life. I think that there is nothing worse than seeing photos of perfectly smooth and expressionless faces such as Nicole Kidman,who at her age SHOULD have some character lines to show that she has lived!!! I would NEVER undergo plastic surgery unless it was vital to my health to have it done.I have had so many major operations in my life and know the pain of the healing process so well.Why would I put myself through any more just because of a wrinkle or 50?!!!! No!!! When I smile,I know that others can see I mean it!!
very well put Jules!
by Finy
Thanks Finy! Just telling it as I see it,I guess!!! I am not much of a worrier, about ANY thing really!! It is a very nice way to live.
by Jules
I am too young for wrinkles but I'll be in the zone soon enough. Then I'll think about it.
by Gia
I do have wrinkles....but not deep ones.
I am saving to buy some very very good cream, that Dr Oz says works a treat!

They really do bother me, if I am to be quite honest.
Dr Oz -they do not work -do you think anyone would have wrinkles if there was a product that got rid of them other than plastic surgery....
by Finy
I'd be wary of taking Dr Oz's advice. He's been in trouble a few times for making overblown unscientific claims about products. Make no mistake, he's there to sell you stuff, not give unbiased advice.

Thanks for that info...I will keep looking.
by jonaja
What about going Ayurvedic? 100 times washed Ghee is fabulous. I make my own Ghee and then I take a couple of tablespoons out and wash it over and over in filtered water . . . I cheat and use electric beaters . . . . in Ayurveda you are supposed to use your hands or a spoon and chant. (not sure what the chant is) I keep mine in the fridge (but not necessary) and on a hot day it is magic. I usually apply it at night and find it very soothing for sleep. Plus, it is the best thing I have ever used for chapped/sore lips.
by Rice
Thanks for that! :)
by jonaja
I have a few frown lines on the face but no real wrinkles yet.
by AJ
Yes I do have wrinkles. I am fighting obesity and diabetes, and the fight involves losing a large amount of weight. The less fat I have on my face, the more wrinkles present themselves. Each new wrinkle means I am getting closer to a healthy weight range and more control over my diabetes. I love my wrinkles!
LOL -yes, I always say that overweight people look far better than skinnier people who get more wrinkles generally!
by Finy
Not yet on my face, but I see a little on the neck. Yes, it worries me a little, but everyone is in the same boat, isn't it? So, I guess I should be prepared. I do use anti- wrinkle creams.
No. At my age younger people don't believe the age I am because I don't look my age. I put this down to daily moisturising my face with non expensive lotions or creams, never using soap on my face, and taking any makeup off before going to bed. That said, it wouldn't bother me if they do appear.
Hah! I've got 'laughter lines', & a slight 'turkey neck', but NO 'crows' feet!

Have used moisturiser, & good quality sunglasses since I was 10yo. Always have moisturised my face, & neck in an upwards movement.
I've not worn make-up for over 30 years', only lipstick, UNLESS I'm going to a Formal Dinner, or some other very 'high society' function, once in a 'blue moon'!
Have never gone to bed with make-up on. Always cleansed face & neck beforehand.

Have always worn an 'Akubra' in the sun, even hanging-out the washing! Long sleeved shirts, & leather gloves, when horse-riding, as well.

For my age, I 'scrub-up' pretty well. But that's thanks to a lifetime regimen looking after my skin.
Yes, I have some. No I do not care. I do not even look in the mirror much as my hair is short and only gets brushed into place. They are my wrinkles and I would never deny them - I worked hard to get them. LOL
by Rice
Rice Paper, your response really made me smile. :)
by Vee
I have wrinkles. Some days they bother me; some days they don't.
by Vee
lol....lol....lol....sure ya do!
by jonaja
Yes I do have wrinkles! And yes, they do bother me!
I use good creams and drink a lot of water!
Apart from that, I keep smiling!
I feed my wrinkles!
If I had any more votes to give, I'd give you one. Great answer.
by Vee
Yes I have a few & know they are pretty much inevitable. But once this begins to happen to a woman, she starts to become invisible to others! It is a fact of our society unfortunately, wether she accepts herself or not. Now I understand why some 'don't go quietly into the night.' Wrinkles or not, I will continue to 'be counted' & tough for any who don't like it! lol
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