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Do you have any type of citrus trees growing?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have any type of citrus trees growing?

Have you ever grown one of these?

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Top Answers
No I don't as I live on a block that has two houses and do not have a lot of room for trees.
I would love some fruit trees in general but "it aint gonna happen" living here!

So sadly, I have to buy lemons, limes and oranges and I dont mind the oranges but for some odd reason, I HATE to buy lemons, and limes.
I used to have a lime tree and had so many I did not know what to do with them, even after I had given a lot away.
by Finy
I have a lemon tree growing.

Funny story. We purchased it thinking it was a lime tree. A year or so passes and it produces limes.. dozens of them. I thought it would be great to make some lime curd.

I make said curd and it tasted horrible! Could not work out why.

A few weeks later the "limes" on my tree ripened into lemons... oops.. Clearly the gardening centre had labelled it wrongly.
shouldnt matter though for curd - I have published a few on recipe yum i thinkk using both and recipes are similar......shame you dont live near me - i would make a big batch but had to buy a lime the other day!
by Finy
I thought the same you know. But I think it was more that they just weren't ripe enough?? Probably should have just added a WHOLE lot more sugar. Sugar solves everything lol.

Will go and check out your recipes ! I love curd.
LOL...well now you can make the best Lemon Curd :) love it!
by jonaja
That is fantastic!
by Naomi
No - unfortunately I don't have a garden
by AJ
No. I don't think there is much point to me owning one, as there is no way I would be able to use all the fruit. Sometimes you see fruit trees that are burgeoning over the weight of fruit on them. Even if you give it away, there will still be tons left over to rot on the tree. Any fruit that I need, I can get from other people who have trees.
I have but they are yet to produce anything.
I Wish!
Where we live we only have a small garden....
I love Lemon trees, maybe the next place.

Plus you can do soooo much with Lemons!!!
Yes, I have a lemon tree growing in our back yard, I love the smell of the lemon tree, and the friut I get off it is great to obviously.
I have a fabulous Cumquat tree which I actually grew from seed!!! It has just given me a lovely crop of good sized fruit!! My neighbour has the most incredible Lime Tree which gives enough fruit for the entire block!! The fruit is almost like lemon in flavour, and I use them with butter to cook my fresh fish! I also get mandarins from another friend who has a marvellous old tree in her yard!.When I first came to live in the tropics, I was very surprised to find how extremely well all citrus seems to grow up here!
I have a lemon tree. It was given to me as a present three years ago. There are some lemons on it and I am looking forward to using them once they are ripe.
Yes we have a mandarin and orange tree. They give us so much fruit that our whole family enjoys the benefits. Our daughter has a lemon tree which also gives so much fruit that it is shared with the family. No need to have a lemon tree as well as there is only so much fruit you can eat, bottle up or make marmalade.
We got some wonderful tasting mini-mandarins from a friend and I thought why not try to I could gather and sow, one germinated. It has been 2 years and it is still a small plant in a pot. But I feel happy I could grow it from a seed. No idea how long I have to wait to see if it produces any fruit.
I had a Tahitian lime tree growing which my husband mowed down several times but I refusedto let him pull it out as it eventually survived each time and produced prolific fruit. Unfortunately he did end up killing it so next time he planted its replacement in a large pot which is better as it can be moved around for protection from the strong Summer sun.
I believe I have two lemon trees in my back yard. I was told that one of the trees was actually a lime tree. I cannot tell the difference and was told that it is very hard to pick a lemon from a lime. That both are green to begin with and both end up yellow, despite the fact that a lot of people believe that a lime is actually green. Anyone know a sure way to tell the difference ?
The fruit from my "certain" lemon tree is a thicker skinned, elongated fruit. The fruit from the one that I am told is a lime is smaller, very round in shape and has multi dozens of fruit on the tree.
Would like to know the difference.
We had the same thing happen with our lime trees two years ago, the fruit were always yellow on the outside and light green on the inside. They still tasted good although the zest did not taste as good as a green lime. This year for some reason, maybe the weather, the limes have decided to stay green. I spoke to the garden centre and they couldn't explain it either. Green limes are definitely better for the Thai dishes I make.
by Naomi
I might have one at the new place . . . I know there is a fig tree and what looks like a peach tree.
by Rice
That is not good Finy. I understand you not wanting to buy them. Do you have enough room for a small patio lemon tree? I bought one a few years ago and the lemons seem out of proportion to the tree - they are huge! It was a great surprise, given I am by no means a gardener.
I love growing fruit trees but I especially love growing all kinds of citrus trees like lemons, limes, oranges, mandarins, blood oranges, tear drop cumquats which I love to pick off the tree & eat, even Buddha's hand finger citron. I don't just have 1 lemon tree but 2 standard ones in a pot as well. I drink warm lemon water in the morning.
No, as the trees need full sun, & we don't have any full sun! I'd love to have our very own lemon tree, as I need a slice of lemon for my G&T each evening. Heavens knows how old the lemons are when I buy them from 'my' supermarket!

by Miro
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