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Do you have any traits or faults that you do not like about yourself?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there any part of your personality traits, or habits that you do not like about yourself?

For example, do you have a short fuse or any other behavioural characteristic that you do not like?

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Top Answers
I actually have several -one being that I feel sorry for people too easily.

I am also sometimes abrupt and this can be mistaken for rudeness.

I am open and honest and some people do not like this.

Those are just a few characteristics that I would like to not have!
by Finy
Those are things that you shouldn't change - they are good characteristics!
by AJ
not according to some people AJ!
by Finy
I can be a bit bossy at times - but in my defence my intentions are always good!
by AJ
I am not very patient.....

I am straight to the point, don't like it when people 'waffle on'!

However, because of these traits, I am efficient, get a lot done and have the ability to 'move on' and not get bogged down in probs or the past

by fran
Oh yes, far too many to list here! But I also have good traits and can see the positives of some of the traits I don't like, so mostly I think I'm doing ok.
My inability to speak to people, short temper, and weak will power.
Don't we all?!!!! I hate that I can no longer work due to illness.I used to love working,and I was very good at what I did,or so many people have told me! I have many negatives as I am sure most of us do,but I am generally a very happy soul,and I can usually make others smile or laugh,so these outweigh the negatives,I'm sure!!!
I'm sure everyone has personal traits they don't like.
I was thinking about this the other day. There are too many to list here lol, but I've always disliked that that I am socially awkward and not a good conversationalist.
by Vee
Too many to mention. But some have a flip side as strengths

I don't suffer fools!
I have to be VERY patient with those whom I perceive, as having a lower education than I. It takes a lot for me to 'rein back' in this situation! This is a terrible way to be, & it stems from my knowledge of sooooo many subjects' learnt at School & Trade Qualifications'. And in those was always Dux. I can't stop learning as much as I can, even though an 'old chook' now! I was embarrassed when a very good friend of mine described me as a 'polymath'! At that point, I wished the earth to open a sinkhole!
Any way, I'll just have to try harder at 'reining in'!
It could have been worse, donjo . . . . she might have said you were a polymorph. LOL :-)
by Rice
I cannot be rude to people. Sounds good but it's not. It saddles me with with idiots and sob stories and situations I don't want to be in. Hence, I avoid people and stick to creatures with fur, feathers or hooves.
by Rice
Well, my main 1 would be that I make comments about everything I'm watching on tv! My husband
hates this of cause, & I don't blame him. It's a very annoying habit I have. he sometimes asks me, "What were you doing before you came into the room?" That sometimes makes me shut for about 5 minutes!
by Miro
This question has just turned up again, so another 3 things I just thought of: I'm very lazy, untidy, & spend to much time every single day....on my laptop.
by Miro
I don't suffer fools, don't associate with people who feel sorry for themselves because I don't want to be brought down to their level, steer clear of psychic vampires and my worse trait, I give far too much to others, like supplying food and clothing to family members and give away material goods to others.
yes the is lot of them
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