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Do you have any friends or acquaintances that talk so much you get worn out?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have any friends or acquaintances that talk so much, that you are exhausted after a while?

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Top Answers
Yes I have a few of these however I tend to avoid them.

Living alone I find it even more difficult now when I come across this type of acquaintance -I dont think i would ever get to be close friends with someone like this, as I find it very draining.
by Finy
I can happily say NO!!! When I was younger I would sit there and be a shoulder for EVERY one,but I realised how toxic this was for my own well-being,and I do not have contact with any of those people any more. They were never there for ME if or when I ever needed to clear MY mind,and I do believe friendship,or even acquaintanceship,needs to be a two-way street.
No cause life is too short to put up with this...I just don't contact them again or...gradually cut contact...
by Fran
No - all of my friends talk the perfect amount!
by AJ
Our cleaner talks us to death. She corners you in a room so you can't escape, and if you do then she follows you. Thing is, f you reply, she doesn't really listen, and talks about something else. If she does listen, and you tell he about something you've done or experienced, she or someone else she knows has apparently also already done it.
She sounds very shallow....sad.
by jonaja
She isn't shallow; it's more a case of being lonely I think.
Not acquaintances....but my mother. She's so sweet, but constantly prattles. When I visit her I need to get out regularly to escape...and to stay sane!
I have one friend that for the last 16 years...can talk my head off.
Now I tell her I just can't do it.
I care for her, but being a mother of 3 sons(men don't talk as much as women).I have learnt not to go on and on and on and on.....She just makes me want to scream, shut up!
She go's into every single detail, that sometimes it can take 15 mins to just get back to the topic.
So I have had to now only phone her every 3-4 weeks, instead of 1-2 times a week.
I also don't go to see her, because there is no way I could get out of the house under 2 hours.
thats exactly the type i mean -wears you out!
by Finy
I'm just angry at myself Finy....that I let it go on for so many years.I wasted so much time.She would complain about the same thing over and over.Never again, will I let that happen.
by jonaja
I had a boyfriend once who did this, couldn't get him to shut up! Glad to say he isn't in my life anymore.
One of my sisters. I love her to bits, but she has a motor mouth, much like I did when I was her age!
by Vee
Many of my in-laws are like this, it doesn't stop me form loving them - they are family after all - but it does mean that I need to take in some of them in small doses.
A 'ladies' who dine' group used to meet regularly, & there was just one (there's ALWAYS one!), who loved the sound of her own voice & tried to dominate conversation.

After many moons' of this, we just got jack of her & told her, politely, it was best she didn't attend in the future.

Our lunches/dinners after that were decidedly more pleasant. Don't know why we put up with her for so many years'. After she was gone, she wasn't missed at all!
Yes, I knew the 4 days holidays I was going to share with my female friend was going to be ear shocking, however I didn't realise how much. I had a window seat on the plane and she talked so much I didn't get a chance to look out the window. As soon as we arrived at our destination I was air-sick and she talked all the way to picking up our hire car. I was not good company actually didn't feel well the whole time but when I did pick up, here she was again in my ear. I decided to get a massage before our trip back for some time out and as soon as I got my seat on the plane on the way back, I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. Never again!
Where did you have your massage, Fifi? I bet that was lovely & peaceful! I hadn't had a massage for many years, but did have 1 on the morning we were leaving Bali, 10 days ago. Heavenly. Well I was hoping it was going to be, but the girl who did it, sniffed all through it, so it was rather unpleasant, & I couldn't relax. I'm glad I was only paying Au$9 for it, not about $70! It's lucky I didn't have a cold, since I arrived home!
by Miro
I have a couple of friends who talk a lot. It is hard when we are out together. I find it very draining.Unfortunately both are a bit deaf and are not good listeners when face to face but manage better on the phone. I don't mind that they talk a lot on the phone as I know they each need someone to talk to. Neither are selfish people, if they were I would cut the ties.
Only 1, but she would only ring once a year, (i'd keep putting off ringing her.) I'd take the landline phone out to the garden, talking to her while I was weeding with 1 hand, & holding the phone with the other hand! I'd be out there 1 & 1/2hrs, so I got a lot of weeding done!
by Miro
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