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Do you have any Apple technology products?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have any Apple products?

Have you ever had any Apple products?

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Top Answers
Yesterday I bought a new I Pad and new I phoen 6 so I actually stillhave the old i pad , I phone 5 so my answer is a bit yes, I definitely have Apple products and find them superior to other brands.

The service with setting up new items is also great whereas if you buy things like phones at a discount place, I have had nowhere near the help I get when I go to Apple.
by Finy
My life is an APPLE.
My very first computer was an Apple and that started my love affair and now dependence on all apple products. Apple do have a monopoly with today's syncing technology, but at the end of the day, the operating systems are really easy to use.
My very first computers were Apple Mac and I did love the ease of learning how to use them! Now I just own a lap top which is not an Apple. But it suits me fine. I do not live on my computer,so it is not the priority in my life at all.
Yes I have a couple of Apple gadgets
I live in an Apple household, my wife and I both use Apple computer - she has an iMac, while I have a Macbook - we both have iPhones, and we also have an iPad.

I used to work in IT and found it really hard to get used to OSX when we bought our first iMac, but after a month or two, I decided I would never go back to Windows. Now I'm rethinking that stance. I love OSX, but I miss gaming on my computer, and most games are not made for the Mac. For me, it;s the only drawback to Apple computers.
Hence the one Microsoft thing I have kept is my big PC!
Though I thought nowadays everything was also made for Apple.

The staff all seemed to have the i watches but no idea how they could type on there -it must all be by voice.
I was amazed at what i learnt in an hour in the Apple store about the products I use daily and had no idea of 90% of the things they are capable of.
by Finy
Yes I have an iPad mini and I love it. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy
by AJ
I have never had any 'Apple' products .
Can not afford anything like it.
Our laptop is an Apple. That is all. The message Apple projects to the public (https://www.apple.com/au/supplier-responsibility/labor-and-human-rights/) is an honorable one, but I can't help but think there is more to the picture than they let on (http://www.cnet.com/au/news/apple-chastised-for-unsafe-working-conditions-in-supplier-factory/; http://www.globallabourrights.org/reports/exhaustion-has-no-limit-at-apple-supplier-in-china). I know Apple are not the only ones in this proverbial boat, but they are one of the biggest and most prominent companies out there - I suppose they are an easy target.
by Vee
We have 4 Mac Air , 1 iPhone and 1 iMac at home
woo hoooooo
Have this Apple Air Tablet, upon which I answered this question!

Love it! Feel 'lost' without it now, as having been my constant 'companion' for 15 months', now!

I've named it 'Inigo'! Lol!

I do indeed. Well, as a family we do - shared use of an iPad and iPod and my husband has an iPhone though that isn't shared!
My husband has an old desk top 1. I’m onto my 2nd laptop, but a GOLD one has just come out, with a 5/6 week waiting list, so I’m buying that, & giving my husband my laptop I’m using at the moment. We go to the Apple shop in the Sydney CBD to do 1 on 1 for stuff I don’t know how to do.
PS: I still haven't bought the GOLD laptop yet. It's a bit lighter in weight than the 13" I'm using at the moment, as it's an 11" which is also smaller of cause, An Apple shop opened in '15/'16 in our local Westfield's, which will be a lot closer for us to travel, from where we live! We asked them to put a shop in there when the renovations were going on, & they did!
by Miro
It's now much later, & I decided the gold 12' laptop wasn't 'gold' looking enough, when we returned to the Apple shop, so my other 1/2 bought me the beautiful plush pink 1, for my last birthday! We're going back to the Apple shop to-day, to have, ( I hope) everything transferred over. We didn't have time to wait to have that done, when we bought it, a couple of weeks ago.
by Miro
I forgot! I also have 4 different coloured iPods, but I've forgotten how to load up the music onto them from my CD's! I leant my blue 1 to my daughter full of my 60's/70's music, & she put HER type of music onto it, to use at her gym, & lost it, when she moved home! She's now bought me a new blue 1, bit it still doesn't have any music n it. My husband & I also have an old Apple S4 phones each. Mine was 2nd hand from a non Apple shop, as his, was from our daughter, when she upgraded!
by Miro
I've just found this question again, & we still haven't bought my new 11" laptop, because someone in the family suggested i should buy something else instead that they sell, but the guy in the Apple shop thinks the laptop does 'more things' so I'll be buying the pink 1 in 4 days to take on our next cruise in a couple of weeks, as we now have 250 minutes of free wifi each on board, due to our cruise days we have clocked up with Princess. I've already bought the pink carry case for it, which I tried out in a shop in Singapore, last August!
by Miro
A broken IPod. Any repair persons here ;-)
by Gia
Gia, Take it back to an Apple shop. If they can't fix it, just they a new 1, they're only about $60/70. (Money you may have saved from not smoking!?)
by Miro
My home is an Apple orchard! there are lots of apples around..among them I own an iPad and a computer.
Yes, same with us, Sharmila, We've only ever had Apple products in our house, (as in mobile phones, computers etc.) I'm sure it was my husband & I who had Apple put in 1 of their shops when our local Westfield's was renovating about 2 years ago! So much easier for us to go there, then into the city CBD every time we needed them!
by Miro
Far too many
I have apple phone and a few iPads. I bought an Apple TV device this week to attach to my tv so I can mirror my iPad on the big screen.
Our computer is a dinosaur and I would like to replace it with an Apple computer but my husband is not an Apple man. I feel I may win because he said a few days ago that he will need to buy himself an iPad for the aircraft he is having built... I think he might be converted yet. Apples work seamlessly with each other .

Annfi, Is your husbands aircraft finished yet? How long it it take to build it? Will it be living in a hanger? Has he chosen a name for it?
by Miro
Hi Miro. My husband is just picking up the pieces of his aircraft in Sydney today. The engine is due to arrive in Melbourne within a few days. If you are interested he has a Facebook page where he is posting about the experience. It is called Just a Hoot.
I think that is what he will name it. It is being built by Just Aircraft in Tamworth.
by annfi
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