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Do you have an opinion on Donald Trump running for president of U.S?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have an opinion about Donald Trump running for president of the United States?

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Top Answers
I cannot imagine a country like the United States having a president like donald Trump!

I do not understand how he has got as far as he has in this race!

He is rich, granted, however money does not buy sense, empathy, and an understanding of people.

He is a loud mouthed, arrogant idiot, and I hope the people of America have more sense than to vote in someone with no experience in this field, let alone voting him in to the highest position in America!
by Finy
(jeez, finy, I wish you had put a photo of the back of his head in . . .*shudder*)
by Rice
I know. Why does he look so scary from the front?!
by Vee
I LIKE the Man.
I have watched him for years, and even if his personality is off, he has money and is American thru and thru.

Let's see how much 'control' the powers that be, try on him.

America has people who want her to fall, and want all that she had become, turn upside down.
He is about the only one left, at the moment willing to stand up to all the inside people who had other motives.As for empathy for people in America, that went years ago! lol.

Yes he is loud mouthed, but he can put a lot of backing into whatever he wants to do.

Yes he is arrogant.
But! NO Idiot....You don't get to be that powerful & rich by being an 'idiot'.

No president is in total power, they are ruled by others, and at least with his money he may not be swayed by those who are on the inside.

To think any President is in control is total rubbish!
They do what they are told to do full stop.

Trump has never done that in his life!

I have lived in America for some time, have family there and even married one....I understand a little of how it works.

I also am sorry for the Americans, the choice of having 'Her' in the White House will find America under the non-empathy country it still is, but maybe? even worse.

Clinton is a force to be reckoned with, and she is more fierce than most male Presidents.

It's been a hobby of mine to follow this and all other races for the White House, and I have put in maybe a day a week, because I do love and care for my family over there.

Plus:My Mother once said ''If anything bad happens to America it will affect the World'' (she said that back in the 60's to me).

She was right then, and it still to this day.

The hand that rules the White House, will have an effect on the World.
How much?....that's just a matter of time when we all find out, and we will.

It is no longer just a race for the White House, those days are long long gone!

So much more now go's on behind closed door's, and it need's a 'cowboy' who will not take all that crap each President has had to put up with.

The fear now is that Trump may be 'assassinated' and if that happenes, you KNOW, America is run by the same people who also tried to kill other -would be Presidents.

........or sitting President, as the case maybe.......Nov., 1963, comes to mind!
by donjo
All I can say is the people of America like him for reasons that make them happy.Maybe because as crude and rude as he is, he calls it as it is.
At the end of the race, they will vote in who they want, and isn't it really what they want.
We have had so many Prime Ministers in the last 6 years, we are a laughing stock...so we can't really say much can we....lol
by jonaja
True, jonaj, & I'd class a couple of them worse than Trump!
by donjo
Yes I do. Next question :)

Donald who?
I actually find the entire prospect of this man becoming President rather SCARY!!!Some of the comments which I have heard come from his mouth and mind simply seem 'NOT RIGHT'!!!
There is a saying .... 'Only in America' maybe this is another of these occurrences?
OIh I agree Jules!! scarry is a good word......
by Finy
Last night when the news was on,I thought to myself how truly frightening it would be if such a zealot was in that position.Usually I don't get intensely emotional about the U.S.elections,but I just do not believe it can be good for any part of the whole world if someone like this gets such a position in any government. We have seen what can happen in places like Zimbabwe. The world is getting smaller and smaller every day,with the technology which runs the media,and government and media are strongly linked these days!! Yes indeed! It IS a scary and frightening thought.
by Jules
He's the 'wake-up' force that USA needs currently.

IF he becomes Preaident, he'll turn the Country on its' head, for the better!

I've now said my 5c worth!
Looks like its just you and me....lol
by jonaja
absolutely NEVER
He is an "archie bunker"
I thought it was a joke when it first started, but money talks. America would be the laughing stock of the world if he wins. He is certainly not diplomatic. My husband said that there would probably be a war if he wins. It may even be a civil war as he provokes hatred with his comments about women, blacks, Mexicans and Muslims to name a few. He tempts the wrong elements of society. Those who hate such as racists and islamophobes. He may hate homosexuals too, I don't know. He seems very small minded. He is a business man. A bankrupt business man. What does he know about word affairs and politics? Just his small minded ideas based on ignorance. They will be in trouble if he wins. He is not President material. Go Hilary.
Lets just say America will get the president they want. I wont call anything but its not looking good.
The man is a clown. Heaven help America and the rest of the world if he ges in.
Scary is the first thing that comes to mind.
Where have the statesmen gone that we normally find to lead us?
The world is controlled by the unseen powers that lust after riches for themselves and enslave the people to get it. I am at a loss for answers and will just sit waiting for the return of Christ.
He has promised a new heaven and a new earth governed by God’s angels.

If they elect this clown . . .they deserve all they get. We should all be scared.
by Rice
it seems most of us are of the same opinion about this "clown"!!
by Finy
To me, his rantings aren't much different from other mad ranters in history. Money can't by brains and his wealth was inherited from his father. He even throws his arm up like Hitler. No . . .way too scary for me.
by Rice
Yes, I certainly do. Although United States is a democratic country, there's something about Trump that doesn't fit the country's democratic principles. A businessman should just stick to his business rather meddle in political affairs. What else does he want? Is his position and money not enough? The moment he becomes president is the day when America's reputation drops to the ground.
Its fun to watch but a disappointment if he actually wins
Yes, he is arrogant, outspoken and at times irrational with his behaviour and comments.
Perhaps just the person for the presidency as he is not a puppet like a lot of those who would be PRESIDENT.
God help America if Hillary Clinton gets the Presidency.
Your 100% correct about Hillary, then the people will suffer.
I think it's funny how people say Trump is no good....but they really have not looked into ''just what!'' damage she can and will do to her people.
They think because she is a woman it will be ok, but if they only knew about that woman, they would think twice....She even makes men cringe with fear!
by jonaja
God bless the USA if Donald Trump gets to be President
What a ghastly thought - somone as awful as Trump in the White House!
the poor little "e" has gone walkabout!
by norma
I have to be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to the US election because I don't watch much TV, BUT I'll say this: we'll be screwed if Trump gets in AND we'll be screwed if Clinton gets in. For me, this is certainly a catch-22.
by Vee
P.S. He wears TOO much make up! Or is that fake tan?
by Vee
he only appeals 2 the ignorant
A ''thinking'' person would not / could not vote 4 the a'hole
I don't regard myself as ignorant, I have followed this man for years, and he has already in the last few months saved 50 million dollars for the U.S.!!
by jonaja
He has brains and knows how to use them, even if he comes across as an ''idiot'' to the rest of the world. I think he is definitely the kind of man to watch out for. He speaks his mind. FOR SURE!
I wish he'd just DROP OUT of the running & let Hillary do all the running towards the White House!
by Miro
here, here miro though people are saying bad things about HER also but couldnt be as bad as this clown, money or no money.
by Finy
Not really.... I think that your photo of him says it all. In one photo. Especially the size of his mouth. Mick
LOL Mick, true!
by Finy
I don't know about Trump, I mean, he is sooooooooo American.
I think someone said that there are problems with Clinton too. I wonder what they are ?
All I know is that in American, the politicians don't love their own people, or don't seem to anyhow. Medical/Surgical treatment seems out of the reach of so many BUT on the other hand when I look on the net, American people seem to have a great way of looking after themselves and, out of necessity, avoiding doctors. Avoiding doctors seems to be the best way of looking after yourself. So many shonky quacks in this world.
Donald Trump from America ? where is that country ?
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