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Do you have a set place for everything or do you let things stay where they land?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a place for everything in your home, or do you just let things stay where they land?

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Top Answers
I sure do!
I am almost OCD about this -if someone else does anything in my kitchen, I get quite upset.
If someone else loads my dishwasher I get quite upset.
If someone hangs my washing up I get quite upset.

So yes I am ruled by rules and have a place for everything!
by Finy
I'm with you there Finy. Clothes have to be hung a certain way and dishwasher stacked my way and towels rolled for storage, not put away flat.
by helga
I have a set place for most things, but they certainly don't always stay there. The kids leave things all over the place (only my 5 year old is really is old enough to start to learn to put things away) and I sometimes get distracted in the middle of what I'm doing to do something for them and leave things in odd places myself.
Everything has to be in its place for me, without being anal about it..
In 'my opinion' ....I think a tidy home and a well presented persona.....shows a person who is organised and savvy and...has pride in everything about their life.
by Fran
I like to keep things on its place.
To my wife's annoyance I let most things stay where they land until I am called out on it. These days I try to catch up on myself.
I have always been a tidy person, but if I am ever ill well they stay where they land.
I also have become a little more careful of late, and find myself now making sure the house is just right.

I like things in their place. - that way I can find things!
A bit of both. Good question Finy.
by Vee
possibly asked it to see if others are the same -as my kids say i am a bit ocd!
by Finy
My mum is, LOL, so I went the other way.
by Vee
I have set places but doesn't mean things are tidied away neatly!
by AJ
Everything has its particular place in my home - but the kids have other ideas. The lounge room floor seems to be the main spot for most of their stuff to land! Ahhhh.
by Lucy
I wish I were tidy. My house, my computer, my car, my mind are all chaos.
Like things sorted out more than being crazy about it but no dont let things just pile up. I've seen this happen in some houses and it just gets out of control. keeping everything largely in its place also reduces waste. Really. the number of people I know that just keep on buying and consuming because things cant be found, get broken or pieces lost because they are never truly put away.....Keep it simple I say, use and look after what you have and train your kids that house work can be halved if its just a bit of sorting and tidying as life goes on.......
In my original house, EVERYTHING had a place. I could go blindfolded to a cupboard & get out something I wanted. My desk was immaculate, like my desk at work. All within arm's reach.
Now in a house FIVE times SMALLER ie hi-set large area'd home to lowset, low area'd home. Everything's in a mess, but there's nothing I can do about it, as this house has NO cupboards!

The whole situation gives me the ..... Maybe get bigger home ASAP.
My workplace takes this to an extreme every item kept on a desk must be placed in it's allocated area (marked out with thin black tape) staplers rulers intrays everything.
I like to have everything in its place but my husband has other ideas. He leaves the saucepans on the cook top instead of opening the cupboard underneath to put away, left a travel mug on the bench for 3 weeks (left there to see how long it would take to put away). In the end I just couldn't stand it any longer and was told I'm always picking faults. Love it when he goes away as everything is neat and tidy until he's home again.
I do have a place for nearly everything. My home is in need of a declutter so it is sometimes difficult to fit some things in teheir spot.
I like to start a job with a tidy space. As an artist I often pull all sorts of things out in the process of creating. If I can I am happy to keep things out until I have finished.

My husband was away for a week. Rather than go outside to my studio I used my house as a studio.my kitchen is not usually like this.
Only my towels & pillowcase are in place in our house! (Oh yes & some cloths) Not the sheets, because most of them are waiting to be washed, & I won't wash them until we have folded up the already washed ones. I just have so much crap, everywhere over the house! NOW you'll understand why my husband would like me NOT to waste my time answering all these AA questions, which I just LOVE doing! (It's 2.55AM now, so I'd better get back to sleep!)
by Miro
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