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Do you have a problem with arthritis or similar?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a problem with arthritis?

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Top Answers
Unfortunately YES -hence I wrote the questions as am "bad" today and yesterday.

I think that as we age, we are very lucky if we do not have this affliction!

Most people around my age and younger seem to have arthritis in varying degrees.
by Finy
There are over 100 recognized forms of arthritis, which simply means inflammation of the Joints.
I have suffered since my early teens.When I hit my 30's I was told my joints,including my spine were appearing similar to someone twice my age!!
I now suffer dreadfully almost all the time from my toes to my jaw,in other words,I am riddled with arthritis of many types. I am in constant severe pain and yet my mind is as sharp as ever so I can still enjoy so many aspects of my life.I no longer can work,after having to stop a week prior to turning 50, But I have my beloved dogs,great neighbours who help me all the time,as my family is interstate,a garden which I make attempts to potter in each day, and my old children's book collecting which has been a hobby all my life. We get out of life what we put into it,and I am a very positive person who loves to smile and see the simple joys life has to offer!!!
No....I don't have a problem with it.

I am grateful to be able to say that ;)
It will come upon someone who is even young, it's not just for the old.
Very painful too!
I don't (yet!) but I keep a careful eye out for any symptoms of it - my grandmother had severe arthritis so it's in the family. So far my mum in her late 70s seems to be ok so may be our branch has escaped! I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;)
Yes I do now I am older but I manage it well with stretching and as little medication as I can
by Fran
My fingers have started to get arthritis. A couple of my fingers have started to lean in the wrong direction but they only ache once in a while and are not yet a problem.

My old mum had to give up knitting because the arthritis in her hands was so bad they would swell and throb.

I feel for anybody who is badly stricken by this. We all talk about it as a natural part of ageing and perhaps we too often forget that in some cases in can be debilitating.
Currently, no, & I hope I don't get it!
Have an elderly friend whose hands are just so gnarled from it! It's amazing she can do ANYTHING with her hands at all.
Yes, some days more painful than others. My shoulder, arm, spine - I am unable to medicate with osteo products - they can inflame the stomach which is a no no for me.
no I am fortunate as I seem to take after my father lived till 90 my mother suffered from arthritis in her fingers. she loved to play the piano which she did nearly every day the arthritis affected her playing in later years
No I don't - am very lucky in that regard. I am on medication for the treatment of breast cancer, and have regular bone scans as this medication can weaken the bones. My GP said my bones are comparable to a young woman's - I am 70. I was relieved at that. My mother and grandmother never had any problem with arthritis either, so perhaps its in the genes (or not).
Yes but nothing like what you show in the photos.
Never the less I have fingers on my left hand that lock up and then unlock with a jerk, most of my problems are in the lower back and knees.
I have arthritis in both my hands and my feet.
I walk as much as possible to keep me moving, and do what I can with my hands.
As they say, "use it, or lose it".
When I look at my hands I cant believe that I could do the fine sewing I used to, years ago
Make the best of each day, and keep off the "hard stuff" for pain relief!
No. I do not suffer from it and it isn't really in the family, so I hope I will never get it when I get older
no I am lucky, no arthritis of any sort my mother did in her fingers, my father none so I must take after my father..
Yes but not disfigured finger joints, as shown.
I needed a new hip joint as arthritis had worn away the cartilage in the joint.
I suffer in the cold weather with aching joints.
Yes I have it bad and need knee replacements. My hips click a lot too. I get very frustrated with myself sometimes as everything takes so long to do. I guess its a sign of ageing and genetics but there is so much more that I want to do but feel restricted at the moment.
I'm not sure, but it sometimes feels like I have it in my left knee. My mum is 94 & 3/4's, but i don't think she has any arthritis. The friend I go walking with most mornings, has it in her fingers, so hasn't been able to wear any rings on her fingers for years, & I'm sure that's why she doesn't do much gardening, but luckily for me, she can still make lovely greeting cards, using cutout paper, & still attends craft lessons.
by Miro
Yes Osteoarthritis caused the wearing away of cartilage in my right hip requiring a hip joint replacement.
I also wake up with stiffness in my finger joints.
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