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Do you have a phobia?

by dream (follow)
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Some people are just scared of things like spiders and snakes, but some people have a phobia which can make fear a lot more debilitating. Do you have a phobia? If so, what is your phobia?

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Top Answers
I guess the inability to get out of a room if I need to is a phobia...so lifts are a challenge!
I'm not sure that it is a phobia, but I hate cockroaches. I guess a lot of people do, so not sure if it would fit into the "phobia" category or just into the sensibly disgusted category. Come to think of it, I wonder if a fear of highs would actually be considered a phobia - I mean, isn't it sensible to be afraid of something that could hurt you? Isn't that why we experience fear at all, to know when there is danger and get away from it?
I can be scared of heights - especially walking over a high footbridge on a main road, I have a feeling it is going to fall down on me.
Well mine is being in one place for a long time(like at work)...and because I just can't get up and leave, I can feel it overwhelming and debilitating.
I have had it all my life, and it was due to a unhappy childhood...etc etc etc.
No need to go into all the details, but it caused me no end of problems, and some 50 yrs later, it is here to stay.
It's a little like the 'Stockholm Syndrome''....but I can manage it, after all I have had half a century to do that. There is no cure for mine, after seeing many doctors over the years.
Jonaj, that would be terrible for you! So flying a long distance is out of the question for you?
by donjo
I have been able to make 3 trips to the States to see family over the last 28 years.It takes a lot out of me, and I just have to try to sleep it-out...I also pray a lot, and that really helps.
by jonaja
Heights would be my number one phobia.
Being tailgated. I avoid anyone who tries to do this to me by getting off the road until they pass.
Yes I am a little claustrophobic.
Ivana, with a phobia I believe one is either 'you are' or 'you are not'.
It's like a pregnancy, one cannot be 'a little bit pregnant', you either pregnant or not! Lol!
by donjo
I'm afraid of heights and killing roaches. I don't mind roaches per se, but when you kill them they crunch and their guts spill out. Yuck! Perhaps the latter is not so much a phobia as an aversion. Heights it is then.
by Vee
Yuck - I hate doing that too.
Heights is one the other is elevators. I am ok in elevators as long as I am with someone, but if I have to take the elevator by myself it becomes a total nightmare, with sweating, trembling and the works:)
I have several -one is I am petrified of snakes, and I used to live on a property where there were often snakes. eventually i found this too much, so moved back to the City.
My other bad one is I have a phobia about multi storey car parks, but no idea why -they scare me as I am always frightened I will not find a space and have to go round and round, and then round again.
by Finy
Yes! Heights is one after someone pushed me off a bridge when I was a kid. We were jumping into the Noosa River off an old wooden bridge near where I lived and someone pushed me off before I was ready. I've hated heights ever since. I'm ok with flying though because there's something under and around me, so that doesn't bother me. I don't even like getting up on a ladder!! My other phobia (if you can call it that), is cockroaches!!! I can't stand them since I was little. Spiders and snakes don't bother me, but cockroaches, especially flying ones FREAK me out!!!!!! Even seeing them on TV or in a movie makes my stomach turn!!!! They're the most vile, disgusting things on the planet - even after paedophiles and that's saying something!!!! Mandy E,
Thunder is mine - due to a mother who couldn't cope properly in life, and who would turn off all the lights and duct tape power points to prevent appliances dying from a power surge.
Doesn't help that I'm also a bit scared of the dark.

I, luckily don't have any phobia's, BUT, I totally dislike having to have an Injection! I just take it now as got to, & get it in my thigh if I can! My career involved my having to get a Cholera shot every six months' & a Typhoid shot every twelve months'. Can't look at being injected!

My other abhorrence is leeches! Went on a bushwalk, with a beautifully prepared Picnic Lunch. Got to half-way point, decided to sit on tree log, until husband screamed at me 'don't sit! Look beside you!'. I did, & there were hundreds of leeches squirming away on tree trunk! It had been raining, so they were out in abundance! Oh, gross!
I tell you, I set a record from there back to our Landcruiser! Had to wait half-hour for husband to catch up! He had them all around his ankles, used a packet of band aids on him!


I feel that I do have a phobia and mine would be, of huge things like the huge cruise ships the size of the closer freaks me out, ans the big wind turbines/farms used for electricity they freak me out the size of them, not sure what the phobia for this would be called , or even if there is one?
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