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Do you have a middle name, and if so, what is it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a middle name?

If so, what is it?

#Middle name
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Top Answers
Mine is FINY!

I hated it all my life and here I am using it...it is even spellt wrong.

I was name after my father's mother Finny though they got it wrong on the birth certificate.

My father was at the pictures with a friend when I was born.

I used to always change it to Josephine as I hated Finy so much, and was quite embarrassed by it -I now laugh at it.
by Finy
I like Finy :)
by jonaja
I like Finy too. Be grateful it's not 'Fanny'. Now that's a terrible name!
by Vee
No offence to any Fannys out there. :|
by Vee
No I don't have a middle name.

I was born in the 50's.
In England, and where I was born was very working class.
I was not given a middle name because my family were (middle class).

Not part of their culture, (hence we see Royalty with 4 or more middle names).
Me too . . . but my parents splurged on middle names for all three of us . . . . . . my mother didn't have a middle name and I think it upset her so she made sure we all did. Oddly, my daughter has no middle name.
by Rice
It's interesting isn't it.
I have always felt sad not to have been given one :(
by jonaja
Oh. I had better ask my daughter if it bothers her . . . . . :(
by Rice
It's Yvette, Don't hate it but don't love it either.

I hate having to spell it out to people when I'm giving my full name.
Nice :)
by jonaja
by fran
No middle name. I was always jealous of kids who had middle names at school.
by Vee
Lol me too. There was a game where someone stood at the end with their back turned and called out letters and you could advance one step for each time that letter was in your name (the goal being to get up close enough to tap them on the shoulder and run away). I used to make up the longest middle name I could think of with lots of uncommon letters like "x" and "z".
Cheater! LOL. Sounds like fun.
by Vee
Same here! :)
by jonaja
Angela! As a kid,I always asked my parents why it was not my first name!!! But it's all okay,I am used to my names being what they are after a whole lifetime of having them!!!
Melissa. It is a nice "normal" middle name, unlike my first name which is typically a boys name. Growing up when I said my name I always got asked, but isn't that a boys name?
Mine is Gerard, which I can't stand. It's not a horrible name or anything, it just rhymes with my last name which makes it weird to say. None of my in-laws knew my middle name until the day of my wedding. The commissioner spills it out "Do you Damien...". All I hear is a bunch of chuckling from the crowd, and I see my family looking around with this confused looks on their faces like, "what's everyone laughing at?" 35 years and they still don't get the joke.
that is so funny, Damien-shame we dont know your full name!
by Finy
by Vee
Yes - mine is Noelle
by AJ
Klara with a K, after my German grandmother. Often have to spell it too. My sister's is Gisela and I'm not sure where that came from as it doesn't appear to be on dad's side of the family.
My middle name is Patricia, after an aunt. When my husband and I named our children we decided to give them each three names; One of our choice, one from my family and one from my husband's family. So, for example my eldest daughter is Bridie (a favourite Irish name) Rebecca (after my husband's Grandmother,) and Therese (a name well-used in my family.) That way it's fair to everyone and no-one can be offended.
Patricia is my name, and I love it sooo much :)
by jonaja
Colleen, I'd always wished we'd give our daughters family names, for their 2nd names, so I'm always cross with my self, that I didn't think of that at the time.
The woman next door to my family home, was named Colleen, & her eldest daughter was named Patricia, but she's always called Trish.
by Miro
Anne. My mother loved a particular boutique in Edinburgh during the war which was called Norma-Anne. She named me after this boutique when I was born. However, have never used Norma-Anne, only Norma.
Norma, your name is also my m/i/l's name.
by Miro
it is yvonne
Us 4 siblings have always being called by our middle dames. My 1st name is Carol, after my father, Carl. I would rather have had Carla, instead of Carol! When my husband was very very young, & his mother remarried, (she had an awful 1st husband, I believe) his middle name was changed from his father’s 1st name, to his stepfathers name. yes, that was better. From Albert to Barrie.
(names, not dames, of cause)
by Miro
Jane. After my grandma. It was her middle name too.
by Rice
nice :)
by jonaja
Yes, I do have a middle name it is Maria, mum said in those days it was essential to have a middle name to be christened.
Yes, my middle name is Lucy. Named after my Mom.
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