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Do you have a favourite pair of jeans that you wear regularly?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a favourite pair of jeans that you seem to wear often?

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Top Answers
I used to have this fabulous pair of Jag jeans that i had had for years and they were still my favourite.
Then I had an accident on my farm, and the ambulance people cut off my clothes - I remember thinking OH NO, MY GOOD JEANS!
So now no, I do not have a pair of jeans that I wear and wear all the time but alternative them between about 6 pairs!
Mind you, they are often too cold for me in winter, and I wear track suit pants at home all the time.
I DID buy another pair of Jag jeans just a few months ago when I was still working in an op shop, but I have so many that I forgot about them and only just found them!
by Finy
Oh, Finy!!! You do make me smile!!! I love your replies about how many of all sorts of items you have, yet never seem to use!!! Why have 6 pairs of jeans if you do not need them?!!!! This is just about one pair for every day of the week! Do you give them a break on your 'Day of Rest'?!!!!!! You are very fortunate though, in that you are so tiny, and thus Jeans will look great on you.I think, being very honest, that they do not look so great on many people who wear them! Even when I was in my teens, I didn't particularly like jeans, but of course, they were the fashion for youngsters in such a huge way, (and still seem to be for ALL ages so many years later!!!) so I went with them in winter.I did NOT buy denim ones though; but instead, lovely taupe coloured Corduroy ones! I remember the brand was LEE. I guess my dad's comments about Denim(see my reply!!) had an effect on me even then!!
by Jules
I volunteered in an op shop and just could not help myself and already had a lot of clothes, so now i have more! cannot resist when they are so cheap and money goes to a good cause, and mostly almost new!
by Finy
I know exactly what you mean!!! I used to work next door to the Endeavour Foundation's shop which is always full of incredible things, so I'd go home each day with something after visiting at lunchtime!!! And as you say, the money was all going to a very good cause! I have some stunning blouses from that store which I still enjoy wearing often, as well as lots of wonderful books and other useful items too!!
by Jules
They are soooo uncomfortable, do not breath in summer...and cold to wear in winter.

They have no movement to speak of.

Plus the whole world wears them? That alone scares me.
Couldn’t agree with you more.
Seems that we either HATE or utterly LOVE the garment known as Jeans!!! And with a real passion too!!! I always think..... Good On The Ones who do like them, and Good On The Ones who cannot stand them, because it would be a boring old world if we all felt, and looked the same way!! I shall happily continue to abstain from wearing jeans, while admiring those who do wear them and enjoy doing so!!
by Jules
Right on Jules :)
by jonaja
I agree with this scenario too, not warm in winter and too hot in summer
by brigi
indeed brigi :)
by jonaja
I love your answer. Love my jeans, but love your answer, jonaj. Haha.
by Vee
Miss Vee!!! where have you been....missed you lovely :)
by jonaja
Thanks Joanna. Yes your sooo right there. I'm typing this on 13/4/19, so I haven't worn jeans since 2011!!! I believe they have a bit of stretch in them now! I now have 32 colourful floral cotton dresses, & 2 patterned ones. When I 'popup' shop opened in our local Westfields, I'd choose 2 at a time, (IF I really liked the pattern) & my husband would give them to me as my next Birthday or Christmas presents!
by Miro
Absolutely I have a favourite pair. Esprit jeans just fit so much better.

If you don't have a good pair that fits well than Jeans can be super uncomfortable.
I don’t wear jeans; I find thwm uncomfortable.
exactly :)
by jonaja
"Oh No, Not JEANS again. Now boring" I haven't worm jeans for about 5 years! I only wear my summer cotton floral dresses, 24/7, when I leave the house, with 1/4 an armful of matching bracelets.
by Miro
Sounds great to me!!!! I hate wearing the same as the rest of the crowd!!! But for me, the comfort issue is the most important, and I simply do NOT find jeans to be comfy at all, ever, ever, ever!!!
by Jules
Loving your answer toooooo :)
by jonaja
I have a couple of pairs of jeans which are stretchy, so feel very nice and comfortable. They move with your body like a pair of underpants . They are certainly not my favorites though, and I wouldn't she'd a tear if I lost them for some reason. Jeans are comfortable and a great all rounder as they go with everything. No fashion trends or faux pas to worry about. Just put them on and you fit in with everyone else. You can just throw them in the wash. Easy to clean and come out looking great.
by Finy
I think that the last time I wore jeans would have been 30 years ago!! I HATE the darned things!!! If I need extra warmth on my legs I just throw on a nice soft pair of Track pants, but this happens extremely rarely. Living in the tropics I wear very light cool clothes.Around the house, usually just an oversized t-shirt,(with clean undies, of course!!!!), and when I go out, a pair of nice shorts with a bright, often flowery, blouse! I adore bright colours so I do tend to wear them a great deal.Cotton or silk are my favourite fabrics as they are natural and do not adversely affect my skin at all. In winter, if we ever get a winter, I wear crop pants instead of shorts when I have to go out.When I was still able to work, I would wear gorgeous skirts with stunning blouses, but I gave up on dresses when I found zips and back closures too difficult to handle without help! I find most of my favourite items in Op shops here, and they are new with tags on most of the time, but at bargain prices! I love having things which other people don't seem to be wearing so maybe, apart from not feeling comfortable in Jeans, seeing them on so much of the population may be why I dislike them so much! My Dad used to say that Denim jeans were the worker's uniform from the Depression Days, and I have NEVER seen him wear jeans in my life!!! Oh! The things which stay in our minds!!!!
i cannot relate to that as jeans seem so comfortable to me -Jag is made out of lovely soft material, often stretch and I cannot see how they could be uncomfortable!
by Finy
Isn't it great how things have changed so much since the Depression?
by Lluxi
I can relate to both of your comments!! Definitely, a great deal has improved since the days of the Depression!!!! Bless my dad's heart!!! Denim has improved out of sight!!!! I have a lovely light denim shirt which I love to bits!
I just have personally never found jeans comfy, for some reason.
by Jules
Someone else after my own heart! :)
by jonaja
I have a few pairs of jeans. I don't really have a favourite pair
by AJ
Blue denim jeans are not for me! I don't wear blue and now don't like them if they have no stretch them either. I do have a few pars of stretch coloured jeans, black, brown tan and greyish but seeing comfort is now crucial, have to buy them several sizes larger! And I am only a slim sized 12 normally but the legs are way too tight!
I have several pairs that I wear regularly, so much so that I have torn a giant hole in one of the knees...oops.
by Vee
yes, i have the pair of jeans I'll always choose first instead of any of the others that will only get worn if pair #1 is in the wash
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