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Do you have a favourite lipstick colour?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Do you have a favourite lipstick colour, or do you match the colour to your clothes each time you wear lipstick?

I have numbered the colours so you can choose!

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Top Answers
I actually do not as I wear all colours. The latest I bought was just to match my red glasses but I have now changed them to blue -ooh good idea, a blue lipstick! I have worn all different colours and often match what I am wearing if I do not match the glasses I am wearing.
I do not wear bright reds and that is about the only colour that I would not wear, but then again.......might just try that also
by Finy
Finy, I have blue nail polish. The thought of a blue lipstick sounds intriguing.
by janet
I used to wear blue lipstick in my youth. I even sometimes went all out with blue nails, dress, shoes and hair. Can't be bothered now.
I have a favourite colour lipstick. -1. I have a few tubes of that colour, and a tube that is slightly pinker and another that is darker. Recently I found 3 tubes of my favourite in my handbag. I must have put one in each time I used it. I occassionally wear red.6.
1,2 or 5 mainly.
Orange colours don't suit me.
Never use the stuff. It would be red, red or red if I did.
by Rice
I'll have door number three please Finy :-))
by Rice
ah, but now that the picture is bigger Rice, I see I have missed numbering 2!!!
by Finy
Oh . .. I see all 6 numbers . .
by Rice
but there are 8 lipsticks!
by Finy
Oh!! I see 6 and also six numbers.
by Rice
I don't wear lipstick that often. When I do, it is a red colour but not a bright red as shown in your picture. It is more darker ted, which is more natural, and is closer to the shade of ones lips.
Yes, I usually wear a beige or pink shade.
A red doesn't suit me. I tried red one time, oh my,
not good.
I'm a dude so it goes without saying that I don't wear lipstick. My wife doesn't wear it and there isn't any color that I particularly like to see.
I always wear lippy when away from home.
Have many favourite colours', & yes, I match with my clothes. Can't abide un-co!

I do wear red, when I wear any black & red outfit to various Spanish-themed recitals', or concerts'.

I just HATE not having lipstick on, & the odd occasion I've forgotten to put one in purse, or have the wrong colour as have changed handbag & its' contents, I'll go & buy one of the most used matching colour!
I rarely wear lipstick any more...usually just a lip balm which has no colour. But when I did wear it to work,I would choose a fairly neutral tone which matched my olive skin.Not Red ,as it just made me look ill!!!
I tend to go for the number 5.
It matches what I wear, and skin colour.

1 and 2 and 4 I would not wear, 3 maybe in summer.
6 I feel I would not wear at my age.

I only wear lipstick when I leave the house. I wear whatever colour goes best with the dress I'm wearing.
by Miro
I have a favourite colour lipstick. -1. I have a few tubes of that colour, and a tube that is slightly pinker and another that is darker. Recently I found 3 tubes of my favourite in my handbag. I must have put one in each time I used it. I might occasionally wear red.6.
1,2 or 5 mainly.
Orange colours don't suit me.
Yes try to match what I am wearing or at least compliment my outfit. Am allergic to many heavy scented formulas and try to stick to ones that don't cause a reaction, Lo and behold it then gets discontinued or changes ingrediants! Generally like the browny colours better. Wish I could find one that stays on the lips better rather than ending up on drinks or food or is kissproof LOL!
Don't have a favourite but do tend to go for pearlised pale colours (throwback to my teens). My favourite colour was "Cornsilk" by Yardley. I wore this colour on my wedding day, and I always loved the colour, but it was discontinued years ago.
Sorry didn't really answer the question. I only see 6 colours too Finy and, of them, I would probably go for No. 2, but none of the colours really appeal to me.
by norma
Oh, norma, you have taken me back to those glory days of Yardley's Pot o' Gloss. *bliss* . . . I can almost smell it now. Thanks for a great memory :-)
by Rice
Yes Rice. As Mary Hopkins sang "Those were the days"!
by norma
You don't have my favourite colour there Finy. I wear lots of purples and mauves because those colours suit me best and go with the majority of my clothes. When I'm wearing anything with orange or red in it, I match those clothes with the respective colours. I've so many tubes of lipstick I really need to go through them and throw out the ones I rarely use.
Yes Helga, they do go off.
by Lluxi
dislike red only wear lipstick when going out

I started wearing lipstick in my teens. It helped keep them moisturized as I use to get cracked lips. The color them was a russet brown. It was in vogue then. I wear pink or nude colours today depending on how I feel. I still believe that lipstick prevented sun burn and cold sores on my lips and was a great invention
6. Red is always my favourite!
I like the pretty colours (of the ones above 4 is probably more me), but I only want to buy from companies that are cruelty free and they are hard to find now with some of the big brands (including Mary Kay, Avon and Estee Lauder) resuming animal testing recently. It makes me sad that people torture animals for something as frivilous as makeup.

Mostly I just use a cruelty free tinted lip gloss if I want a bit of colour. I like browns, subtle peachy colours or light purple.
Yes,my favorite lipstick color is brown.
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