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Do you have a favourite cooked vegetable?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a favourite cooked vegetable?

#Cooked vegetables
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Top Answers
I think my favourite would have to be the humble potato.

It is so versatile and goes so well with so many other things, and it is the vegetable I use the most.

Although on it's own, it possibly needs something else, it is still nice with just a dob of butter, and makes, of course, THE CHIP!
by Finy
There is just something about chips, isn't there? They are such a comfort food. I don't think I know a single person who doesn't love chips.
by Rice
Chips and a good gravy with lots of salt and you're set. I feel a craving coming on.
by Vee
ooh gravy on chips??? would make them soggy.....
Rice, someone or more than one, said they didnt like chips!!
by Finy
Oh, Finy, how could a dear little potato chip be disliked? *sob* how sad. ^_^
Yes, Vee, over the years I, too, have grown to like a bit of gravy on my chips!
by Rice
Well, Ladies', occasionally, I do like a 'Chip Sandwich', with fresh, fresh bread (white!), with butter, chips, & gravy! Yummo!
by donjo
by fran.
In this house we like chicken salt on our chips. Chips are simple but fresh chips cooked to perfection are amazing. I don't like gravy on my chips but I know many people do.
You don't have to pour the gravy over the chips, Finy. You can dip them in it. ;-)
by Vee
Roasted Pumpkin I love, esp if it has some parts a little burnt, same with roasted potatoes.
Major YUM.
by Rice
Gotta have slightly 'burned' roasted Pumpkin, & Carrot!
Then lashings of pepper, & gravy atop. Yay!
by donjo
by fran.
I love so many veges but I think the one that sends me into paroxysms of delight would have to be a batch of freshly picked and shelled peas, lightly steamed with a little dab of butter.

by Rice
I had them raw last night -but it is hard to find plump ones!
by Finy
Aren't they just divine?! It is just SO hard to get them all into the pot for cooking . . . . sometimes I have no idea why I bother. LOL
by Rice
I like them raw anyway
by Finy
Oh! yessss :)
by jonaja
Oh! Ladies', I do love Snow Peas, but not normal ones.
As child, my Mother would juice peas, & apples togethe, in the 'Vitamizer'. That was at least, drinkable.
I just couldn't hack Beetroot juiced. But nearly all the others' were fine.
Celery & Apple. Beans. Apples & Beans.
by donjo
Oops! Forgot carrots!
Carrots juiced went with (separately!): Beans, Celery, & Apples! Icey cold! Yummy!
by donjo
Carrot juice . . .yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
by Rice
I don't think I can pick just one. I really enjoy most veg.
by Vee
Is there anything better than a big plate of roasted veges?? YUM!
by Rice
Hhhhmm! Food for thought there, Rice!
by donjo
My favourite veggie changes regularly. I love lots of veggies but at the moment my favourite is corn on the cob.
by AJ
My favourite would have to be the potato. Not only is it yummy but you can cook it in so many different ways. Very versatile. I eat it the moat out of all vegetables.
Good ole' sweet corn. Just plain boiled in salted water with a little sugar.
by Gia
Oh! Gia.....I loves steamed corn cobs. But just curious, why sugar in the water?
I'd only salted it when I did boil them in days gone by.
by donjo
Potato. Food of the Gods!
Potato! Potato! Potato!
Did I say 'spud'?

Love it every which-way!

Baked, Fried, Boiled, Steamed, Mashed.

Then, of course, Chips, freshly cooked hot, with heaps of normal salt!
On a cold, rainy day, there's nothing better than freshly hot, salted chips straight out of the 'wrapping paper'.......oooooh, YUM!

Yep, absolutely have to be eaten straight out of the paper. Put them on a plate if you want to, but it's going to alter the taste, that's for sure !
by fran.
Yeah, fran, & they even tasted 'different' between newspaper sheets, & now, butcher's paper!
Wonder how much print-ink I ingested as a kid? Lol!
by donjo
Donjo I remember coming home from a netball match, mid winter walking along Parramatta Road near Glebe in Sydney eating chips out of newspaper (6 pennies worth). Just heavenly. Warming and comforting. Think the print ink was a much better flavour than vinegar ! Funny how some things you just have to eat as they come. I can't eat a meat pie off a plate.
by fran.
Oh! fran, those were the days' of idyllic childhood! Cheers!
by donjo
I adore Roasted potato to the point that I need have nothing with them!@! But I also adore Cauliflower Gratin!! The cauliflower combined with the rich cheesy sauce and baked till golden brown is simply heaven!! But then,I love just about every vegetable and often do not bother with meat,fish or poultry to go with them!!
My favourite would have to be carrots, raw or steamed in microwave and either honey or butter on them.
I love all vegetables. I mean I am not exactly mad about okra, but if you put it in front of me, I'll eat it.
I think all vegetables require a big dob of butter or at a pinch, cream or maybe a parsley sauce.
This is a hard choice but I am going to say zucchini, perhaps because no one else has yet. I love the delicate taste of zucchini and it can be prepared in so many ways. It makes a nice soup, is delicious lightly fried or else steamed with a squeeze of lemon juice. It is brilliant in a slice as a savoury dish or in muffins or a cake for something sweet. I grate it and sneak it into mince dishes to increase the vegetable intake of the unwary, shhhh please don't tell them.
It would be easier to tell you which cooked vegetables is my least favourite.....asparagus!
I have a few. Love roasted pumpkin well done. Stir fried leeks are a delight - a little olive oil and seasoning of your choice (I prefer lashings of black pepper) - they taste gorgeous. I also like plantains - there are a variety of ways to cook them but I like them sliced diagonally quite thickly, I then dip them in a little bowl of olive oil and seasoning of choice, drain them and bake them on a baking sheet in the oven for approximately 30 minutes. The advice is cook them for 15 minutes but they are not cooked to my taste in that time. It's a trial and error thing really.
Sweet potato all the way! Especially when drizzled with a little oil and becomes all caramelised! Absolutely divine! That said, I will happily tuck in to almost any roast veg!
I think mine would be cabbage or potato. Although if i happen to be in the kitchen when dinner is being made I sometimes eat some of what is being made before it is cooked.Now that I think about it I should probably stop (probably).
My favourite cooked vegetable is asparagus or sweet potato then sweetcorn. I saw a man on the tv about 2 weeks ago, & he ate NOTHING but potatoes for 12 months & lost 50k's!!!
by Miro
Broccoli is the vegetable I like best.
I have quite a few favourite cooked vegies and one would be broccoli.
Mine is potatoes. I usually do not eat vegetables but I love anything with potatoes in it. Yummy
by sns
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