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Do you have a dressing gown, and do you regularly wear it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a dressing gown, and do you regularly wear it?

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Top Answers
I asked this question because this year, for the first time ever, I am not using a winter dressing gown.

Previously I used to put on pj or nightie with a warm dressing gown, at night and to watch tv. This year I am too cold to get undressed and even with a dressing gown, my legs would be too cold, so I have not used any of my winter dressing gowns at all. I am so cold this year that I have turned up my air conditioner to 29°, and am still cold!! Although the dressing gown looks attractive, to get out of my warm clothes before I jump into a heated bed, is not on for me this winter.
by Finy
Have you got enough iron in your blood. I can't help feeling for you as I was once like that
by nat_c
I have one winter dressing gown and it is THE most hideous thing ever. It is sky blue and covered in huge garish flowers. I have had it for many, many years and it always gets comments if I have it on when anybody comes over. It is so toasty warm and cost me eight or ten dollars at an op shop. The best thing is that it comes exactly to my ankles and I am only 5'2" so it wouldn't be much good for a taller person. I think the darling thing was meant for me. Stray animals and reject dressing gowns, that's me! Haha.
by Rice
we're the same height Rice though I lost 2 inches after an accident. My dressing gown also comes to my ankles and yet my legs are cold!
by Finy
I find the same Finy, even though it is toasty, my legs will get cold so I still need trackies or pyjama bottoms if I am wandering about the house or watching television :(
by Rice
No nude is the go
No I stopped wearing one years ago.

I have two very soft velvet cardigans I wear that are 20 years old! One in deep purple, and one in royal blue....they make me feel amazing when in my P.J's...
I got a dressing gown for mothers day a couple of years ago. I only use it if strangers are in the house, or to answer the door. I don't need one inside our home as it is always beautifully warm. When we travel, dressing gowns are sometimes provided at some hotels, and always on a cruise. I don't really need one but it is there if I have to. It is a beautiful shade of blue.
No, I don't have a dressing gown.
I remember having a red Chenille one as a teenager, which eventually faded to a weird sort of pink, as it aged!

I'd a lovely blue & white Flannelette one after that, but it's packed away.

In Winter, I wear trackie-dacks, ugg boots, Damart long sleeveless vest, thick cotton t-shirt, & sloppy-Joe.
If it's REALLY cold, I add a beanie, scarf, & Damart sleeveless lambs wool vest.

I'd scare off anybody who came to my front door, I reckon, in all that clobber!
But at least I'm warm!

If it's even colder, the aircon heat is put onto 30 degrees, but that only heats up two rooms anyway, but still is warmer than having a cold, wooden, low-set home. Just hate it!
one??? I have four. so I can wash them regularly and not go without. I would be lost without them. 2 for summer, 2 for winter. they call me Hef.
Never had one and some people think I'm strange, but then I prefer to get dressed properly, even when I am just going to be at home all day, and I'm warmer in regular clothes than PJ's and dressing gown.

I have a couple of friends who love to 'have a lazy day at home in their dressing gown' because it means they don't have to go anywhere.
I do own a couple of soft and cosy-warm dressing gowns,but I never seem to wear them.Living up in the tropics,where it rarely drops below 11 late at night(and I do mean rarely!!),and this when I am already in my bed and fast asleep,I find it far easier to wear warm trackie pants and snuggly layers on top when heeded! Last night I do admit that at about 4a.m., I reached out to my bedside table where my bed socks were conveniently waiting, and put them on for the coldest two hours of sleeping time. It had already climbed a degree or 2 when I got up at my regular time of 6,but I did go back to snuggle with a book after feeding the dogs!!By 7.30 it had already climbed to about 14 and this was more than warm enough when I took my hot chocolate out onto my veranda to enjoy in the sun as I listened to all the gorgeous lorikeets squabbling in the huge red flowering gum tree!!! I have not even needed to wear my ugg boots for over a year or more up here,as we have experienced the hottest period on record with barely any cold nights at all!! Even the mango tree next door is confused and has ripe fruit on it!! This is 5 MONTHS earlier than ever before!!!
When I lived in Melbourne I would wear a fleecy dressing gown AS WELL AS lots of warm layers ,especially covering my legs and feet,and I lived in my Ugg boots daily in winter!!! I came all the way up here to escape that bone biting cold for my health 35 years ago,and have never looked back at all!!!! I find wearing so many clothes feels terribly heavy for me and so I would never live in a cold climate again!!!
We should snitch all Finy's alpaca wool and knit light weight toasty warm clothes for ourselves. Heehee . . visions of Weird Al's Amish Paradise! (Heck, Now I am going to have to listen to it.)
by Rice
Oh What a gorgeous idea!!! I used to spin my own fleece when I was in Melbourne.It is such a relaxing thing to do,and then I would knit all sorts of cuddly warm things as gifts for my special people!! I did make a scarf for myself as well,of course!!! Finy had Llamas, which are even softer than alpacas!!! They are such adorable animals.
by Jules
No idea why I said alpaca . . . must have been the doonas Finy and I were talking about when she offered to send llama wool. I can knit lots of lovely stitches that my mother, the mad knitter, taught me . . . . however, I cannot read a pattern so scarves and lots of square thing it is!! LOL.
by Rice
Oh Wow!!!! I used to only knit fairly basic stuff until I spent most of my pregnancy in hospital.I thought I would teach myself to knit properly,so I did a lace shawl for the new baby.I cannot believe how simple it was once I got the hang of it all!!! Still have it,as well!! From there it was a short step to knitting fancier cardigans for myself and my step mum!! It is simply too warm here to really need any of these items though,which is sad!!!
by Jules
I'm wearing it right now. I use it on winter mornings,
yes would not be without a dressing gown.
No...I'm sure they're cosy but I've never worn one.
No I don't. Can't be bothered with them. Howevr, this year it has been particularly cold in Brisbane in the evenings so I pop one of my late husband's hoodies over what I'm wearing. It comes down to my knees as I'm only 5'2" and keeps me lovely and warm.
(pssst . . I think we must all be 5'2" on here . . heeheehee . . maybe just the scots and brits and finy)
by Rice
Yep looks like a lot of us are Munchkins!
by norma
Oh dear!
At 5'8" I'm a tad taller!
Add my beautiful comfy R.M. Williams' Santa Fe' boots hikes me to 5'10".......
by donjo
I think I have 3 but they haven't seen the light of day for years. I recall wearing one of them when in hospital many years ago. I don't even know where I've stashed them.
As I only really like wearing 'natural fibres', I wear a long dark pink cotton 1, &i when that 1 needs washing, I have an older pale pink cotton 1.
Both are ribbed cotton, In summer, if I need 1, I have a lovely white 1 silk 1, I bought in Bangkok, & a lovely black & pink reversible Chinese patterned 1, my husband bought me back from Bangkok as well, when he'd gone over on a solo trip, in Sept '73. My youngest daughter, (way back) had a woollen 1, which was dark green. Last Mother's Day, we gave my 92 year old mother-in-law a beautiful long pink fleecy (non cotton) dressing gown. I couldn't ever remember her having 1! (I bought it from Millers!) It's very cold where they live, & her husband doesn't like have the heaters on! I recently bought a white 1 & pale pink cotton 1 from Aldi. i didn't need them, but I saw them there!
by Miro
I live in my dressing gown. It's nice and soft and warm. Ideal to wear around the house. I have three of them to change when dirty.
I have a summer dressing gown and a cosy winter one. I don't wear them very often but still like to have a dressing gown.
Yes and yes.
by Vee
Oh yes. Will still have trackies & a thermal on underneath, but gotta have the dressing gown on - especially with the weather we're having at the moment! (it's 5 degrees as I type this!!)
Will also have my thermal fingerless gloves (Thinsulate - highly recommended) on all day too. Bring on Summer!
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