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Do you have a cup of tea or coffee whenever you feel like it, or limit yourself?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a cup of tea or coffee whenever you feel like it, or do you limit yourself?

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Top Answers
I actually limit myself. I asked the question as had a friend stay over, and she just went on and on having cups of tea whenever she felt like it. I limit my coffee drinking to two a day - NO IDEA where this rule came from!

by Finy
I'm an odd one, for sure. LOL
by Rice
I am a dedicated tea drinker and I don't limit myself. I don't drink coffee every day and usually have one when out . . . I love the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop by myself, having a latte and watching the world go by. I limit my coffee simply because I have given up sugar and have to have my coffee sweet . . . but I don't like the taste of any of the sugar substitutes. I have discovered if I have soy latte I can drink it without sugar but then I have to think of the extra calories. Hahahahahahaha. (and it's hard to find unsweetened soy all the time)
by Rice
how very unususal to enjoy sitting alone - I very rarely would go alone - must start to do it!
by Finy
I also love to sit alone to have a coffee. I like trying out new cafes and being able to really take in the atmosphere of the place or read a glossy magazine I wouldn't buy. Sometimes I write notes from the magazine or get inspired by my surroundings and write notes on memo on my phone for use at a later time.But I'm not anti-social, sometimes I enjoy meeting a friend for coffee at a nice cafe.
Yay! *high five* :-))
by Rice
Rice, you need to try Organic Stevia. The container is a green tin. I have never liked artificial sweeteners, but I went on the Paleo diet, so had to learn to like one. Opportunely I just picked up this product, and have used it ever since. I buy it in Coles or Woollies, in the sugar aisle
by mwrag
I don 't like tea, but I have coffee whenever I feel like. The most I've ever felt like having in the day is four cups, so its regulated to a sensible about just by how much I want anyway.
I don't drink Tea or Coffee ever, so saying the one I do drink (Hot Chocolate)...when ever.
I may once a day, or if very cold day twice.
That would be me :)
You go, you healthy girl . .. !! x x x x x
by Rice
LOL...you know it girl :) xxxxx

by jonaja
I don't like coffee and I don't drink tea that often. I prefer hot chocolate if I'm out with friends. I drink a lot of water, and that is what I mainly drink. If I did drink a lot of tea or coffee, I wouldn't limit myself. I would just have it whenever I please.
I don't really limit myself. I won't have a cup before a long journey in a car though.
by AJ
by Finy
I am a tea drinker and I drink it unlimited quantities unless I am travelling.
I drink when I feel like it and usually go through Maccas drive-through for a coffee on the way home from shopping. I'm also not opposed to sitting on my own enjoying a meal or a coffee.
i used to have a cuppa (tea or coffee) whenever i felt like it but developed high blood pressure and an irritable bladder which meant very disturbed sleep waking e every 2 hours to pee. now i am restricted to one or two daily with a hot chocolate inbetween so i don't feel too much like i am missing out.
If I'm staying home, I'll always have a coffee after my breakfast, & a cup of calamine tea at 5 pm, before I start with the dinner preparations. When I go out, & usually have a latte, but cafe staff who haven't bothered doing a barista course, just don't seem to know how to make a good coffee!!! (Sorry, that really wasn't anything to do with the question!)
by Miro
So right. I want a big fat older Greek or Italian man to make me a nice thick cappuccino, unfortunately Asians are not coffee drinkers so do not know how to whip the milk thick and frothy, I so lament the days when no matter where I was , Icould get a decent cappuccino
by mwrag
If I drank it black without sugar, I would probably have a cup more often, but, asI am on a permanent diet, and have milk and sugar (and calories) in my drink, I ration myself to 3 or 4 a day only
Thank you, Mwrag. You understand where I'm coming from!!! Our youngest daughter was a chef/cook for many years in various Sydney & Melbourne (Au) restaurants & cafes, & she also told me that Asians just don't know how to make a decent coffee. HELP! Please don't get us wrong, we have nothing against Asians.(Except for their awful coffee making!)
by Miro
I love real tea and make two pots in the morning with leaves, My stomach limits me and I don't feel like more tea for the rest of the day. I like weak latte on rare occasions and the best one for my taste is from Laurent in their bowl, european style. Most place only serve tea bags and don't compare to my brews so usually have a juice when out...
When I was much younger I had a day with a girl friend where we were solving the problems of the world and I was "unconsciously" coffee drinking.
It made me so ill that it put me off of over doing it ever again. So I am strictly a one or two cup a day kind of girl.

Coffee first up in the morning. Sometimes a coffee shot during the day. I don’t limit tea. But sometimes have decaf coffee or herbal tea later in the day ☕️ Linda
I try to limit the amount of coffee I have as I am breastfeeding and too much means the baby will be awake all night. But I can have 3 cups (up until about 3pm) and it doesn't affect her.
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