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Do you hate it when people smoke around you?

by annep (follow)
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Last time I was at my friend's party, she warned me that there would be some heavy smoking, and I could stay in her room for a while if that disturbed me.

Have you ever been in such an situation? What do you think when people smoke around you?

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Top Answers
Oh yes, I sure have been in a situation like that.

I went to visit a relative,who had a house mate.He drove up the driveway, house looked great, and clean...Very nice indeed.

I got inside, and BAM! it hit me.

The other person who was sharing was a chain smoker, and the whole house was thick with the smell of smoke.I had to stay there 2 night's, and it was
a very hot time of the year.

In the end, I was in my room...where the smell had also gone, and was in tears.There was no solution, as my relative is very close to me,I had not seen him in a long time.
How I got through it, was to ask could we go out and do things.If I had to do it again, I just could not.
I think if we Are able to leave, and have a car(which I didn't at the time)...just leave!
I absolutely hate smoking, and I just wish it could be done away with totally.
It ruins peoples health, and socially it is a very nasty habit, lets be honest.
It used to bother me a lot when people would smoke next to me without asking (ie. if there were other places they could go but they came and sat right next to me and lit up) but I kind of got used to it. I am really glad they changed the laws about smoking in pubs and clubs. I used to do bar work and the pub was so smoky all the time that working there you almost might as well take up smoking when you were inhaling the stuff constantly anyway. It's annoying for the smokers to have to go outside but I think staff health has to take priority.

Smoking indoors is gross (it stains the ceiling and the smell builds up in the curtains, fittings, people's clothes etc.) It's also a SIDS risk if you have a baby, even if you don't smoke while the baby is actually in the room your clothes, hair etc. will still contain toxins that are dangerous to a baby afterwards. It's why cosleeping isn't recommended for smokers.
Yeah, I really hate it when people smoke around me - it makes me cough and get a headache so really ruins a good time. I'm glad that there are so many non-smoking areas now so people can go out and enjoy themselves without getting a lungful of crap.
I cant stand the smell or the look actually. The smell is so gross. I have a friend who bought a brand new car, hot off the press, and I thought uh oh she is going to smoke in it b/c she doesnt care. I was scared she was going to ask me to come with her for a drive b/c she had opened the door and I nearly fell over from the stench. She is a chain smoker or so. Anyway a year down the track and she decided to pick me up as we were going out somewhere and I was so reluctant. Seriously. I got into the car and if these little card board pine trees were alive Id swear it was Christmas! However these little cardboard trees were in fact car deodorants and when I jumped in I nearly died from the pine smell! :) I guess she was trying on my behalf.
Problem is that when driving and smoking the interior fabrics aka car seats, floor carpet and ceilings are chocka block full of the smell of cigarettes.
It really is gross.
I can't stand it, even if it's outdoors. However, if someone smokes in his or her own house... what to do? As it's their home, they're entitled to do what they want. If I was in a similar situation to the one you've described above (warned that there'd be some heavy smoking at a party), however, I probably wouldn't go. It's nice that your friend warned you, so therefore it's up to you if you go or not. At least you know what to expect.
Smoking is NOT illegal. Scientific Proof is now available that 'Passive' Smoking does NOT cause cancer at all. We are a Democracy. You may choose to chew your finger nails, fart in public, eat with your mouth open, have rank BO, eat raw Onions in the morning, eat loads of Garlic, and play horrible 'music' via headsets/earplugs at a volume which drives entire carriages of passengers absolutely crazy with anger, or drink alcohol in public. Some choose to smoke. It is not illegal. It is freedom of choice!
I appreciate the "free country" debate but smokers have to recognise that smoking is not a "right". If it is a public area, II would move away. However they should also appreciate that their choice should not overrule the comfort of those around them- they same way you wouldn't play loud music all night. I doubt we are very far away from tabacco being illegal...
It is annoying, as the cigarette smell is so strong and overpowering.
I get a headache instantaneously if I inhale cigarette smoke, so yes, I am very annoyed, but I move away if there are smokers around me.
I think that's really rude. If you are inviting someone to your house, then you should be making them feel comfortable. If she knew smoking makes you uncomfortable, she should have arranged a smoking area for smokers, rather than locking the non-smokers away.

I hate it when people smoke around me; I have to put my hand over my mouth. What I really hate is when they smoke at tram stops, where you are not allowed. The thing is, no one stops them or implements the fine, so there is no reason for them to stop.
It's exactly the same in Australia, Briony! I can't stand it either...
being a reformed smoker I now detest smoke and feel sorry for all those smokers out there puffing outside during a break because they don't realise how free you feel not having to light up. I hate the smell and thank goodness everyone I know doesn't smoke. Why some kids want to make themselves addicted I have no idea, when they are assaulted by those graphic pics on the cigarette packets and know how bad it is for them.

When People smoke around me, I find it offensive and feel sick. I look for fresh air to breathe immediately and leave the smoking surroundings. The smell of cigarette smoke is repulsive and sound messages to my brain instantaneously to remove from such environment. I rather be far away from people that smoke than be in the same vicinity.
I can't stand people smoking around me!! It may be their choice to pollute their lungs, but not mine when I walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke when they pass by. I've also been burnt a few times by careless smokers holding their cancer sticks by their sides while they're moving through a crowd. My biggest peeve of smokers is when I see them smoking with kids in the car!!! To me, that's child abuse. When my family and I went to England a few years ago, we visited a relative who was a heavy smoker. We had to hold our breath for as long as we could while we were inside and really struggled to hide our disgust at the nicotine that stained everything in his flat. When we went outside and my youngest daughter asked why his curtains were brown compared to other flats in the block which were white. We told her it was from the smoking/nicotine. She went white! Thankfully nobody smokes in our family on both sides. Mandy E.
None of my friends smokes any more. I told my husband-to-be I would not marry him unless he gave it up. Fortunately he chose me and still does after 41 years.
My Dad was a heavy smoker and I was raised in a smoke filled environment until my teens when he gave it up after literally 45 years of smoking. An older sister of mine did not smoke but died from a form of lung cancer. One can only wonder.
I'm amazed at the number of young women from all walks of life who smoke. I'm sorely tempted to play the cranky old woman and give them an earful, particularly if they are wheeling a child in a stroller.
If they are smoking in an area where smoking is allowed, there's nothing that should stop them from doing so. I normally move away if that's the case and the smell of smoking makes me sick.

However, if they are not entitled to smoke, I just ask them to leave/go outside instead.

Brutal, but practical. That's the way to go :)
We don't have many friends that smoke so I really notice it when people do. In KL, you can smoke indoors and it's a real culture shock. We went to a bar that was so bad we had one drink and left!
Yes definitely. I don't like the smell of smoke and would leave a room if someone was smoking.
I hate it when people are so discourteous as to smoke around other people. side smoke is more dangerous than smoking and I choose not to smoke so I sure don't want worse. Besides that it also makes me physically ill just like overpowering perfumes do.
Yes I am allergic to smoke. Hence I hate when people around me smoke.
I absolutely hate being around people who smoke. the awful smell sticks to my hair clothes and everything. My asthma plays up..so I try avoiding such places at any cost.
YES! As a previous smoker it is horrible since at certain times it temps me to give it a go again. Generally it is just disgusting, smelly and disrespectful to the health of those around you.
Absolutely hate it. I think it's disgusting. And hate it more when smokers talk about their rights to smoke.. well I have the right to clean air.
I really don't like it because they are making a choice about your health for your.
Smoking may be legal but it is a proven killer, and when someone is smoking they are smoking through a filter. When you are breathing you are not only breathing it unfiltered but it is second hand. There are many people out there with respiratory conditions which smoking effects really badly, and they have no way of protecting themselves when they walk around a street corner into a group of smokers. Like it or not the smoke travels and it does have an impact, and just because it is legal it doesn't mean that you don't have a responsibility for your actions.
Yes it does bother me , ruins a good social time.
The smell of the smoke makes me nauseous and gives me a headache.

by Zen
I hate it when people smoke around me. It makes me physically sick!
by Vee
Yes, my father used to smoke and now my partners father smokes - its horrid, filthy and makes my lungs burn.
These days, no, thank goodness!
My son's a chain smoker, but he lives in his own house, which stinks!

None of my friends' smoke, neither do I.

If, upon walking to work, from train station, i came across a smoker, I'd hold my breath for a considerable time, until passed by, or if opportune, move to other side of street. Such is my hate of passive smoking.

The stricter our anti-smoking laws get, the harder I find to deal with encountering cigarette smoke in public places. It's awful. I'm grateful none of my friends or family smoke (at least not anyone else).
I don't go to places where people are allowed to smoke.
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