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Do you go up and down stairs every day or do you try to avoid them?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you go up and down stairs on a daily basis, or do you try to avoid them by using a lift or escalator?

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Top Answers
I avoid them due to a back injury, and probably due to not being fit as far as stairs go.

I have stairs at work and most of the staff will go up and down for me as many do not have a problem.

I no longer go up stairs often at a railways station etc when there is a choice of escalators, though if my back is good on the day, I will still go up several flights of stairs as I feel it is good for me.
by Finy
I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I used to always choose stairs where possible,and I also used to think nothing of going up and down the very steep stairs in my parents lovely two storey house in Victoria!! Now I have to literally hang on to the wall as well as the banister to make this journey. Yet my darling dad who is 85 seems to manage them very well indeed!! Arthritis is a real nuisance,(I was going to say it's a real pain!!!)but I am so much luckier than many who suffer worse ailments. The travelator at the shopping centre was out of order for two weeks and it completely exhausted me as I slowly made my way from the car park up to the shopping level!!! But at least I did manage to get to the top, I was so relieved that the DOWN one was still working so getting the groceries back to my neighbour's car was no issue! I ,at least,do have a legitimate health issue which made the broken travelator a problem. I was horrified to witness the struggle which was undergone by the many obese folk who huffed and puffed their way to the top and then went and bought themselves a huge coke to guzzle down as soon as they got there!!
by Jules
The response immediately prior to this is very offensive. What makes your health problem any more legitimate than someone with obesity. And who are you to judge people like you have. Very arrogant and ignorant.
by patri
How on earth can making comment about DRINKING A COKE be construed as ignorant or arrogant? You have totally mis-read my comment,or simply picked up on one single element of it.I was very adamant about saying I know how lucky I am compared to many others in worse conditions. Obesity,whether self-inflicted or genuinely a medical issue,is NOT what I was making comment on,but the choice of beverage to quench the thirst!!! Coke is such a dreadful substance at the best of times! When unwell,we should do all we can to not make things worse.
by Jules
I don't avoid them
I don't try and avoid them but I do take the lift in work for convenience.
by AJ
I'm claustrophobic and will avoid lifts at all costs. Where possible you'll find me taking the stairs without missing a beat. Given the choice of an escalator or stairs, I would still take the stairs.
I also enjoy the cardio workout of taking stairs.
Just a further note on taking the stairs opposed to a lift (which I'm sure you'll get a giggle out of) ... A few years ago I was working with a Spanish film crew who were filming an episode of The Mole for Spanish TV and the episode involved contestants racing up the stairs of the Sky Tower to reach the observation deck to receive their next lot of instructions. As a crew member I had the choice of taking the stairs with the contestants and camera/sound crew or taking the lift.

I took the 1500 odd steps !!!!
Well done You!!!! Oh ! How I wish I was able to still manage steps instead of lifts!! It has been a long time though since this was possible for me.
by Jules
I avoid them now as despite being able to touch my toes, dance, go to exercise class and line dancing....I cannot weight bear on my knees going up stairs...I find this stange...
by Fran
I go up and down stairs every day because it's unavoidable! We have them at home and my son's room at nursery is upstairs. Some days it is fine and I don't mind but there are days when i try to combine as many things as possible at once so i only have to go up or down once! It's a recipe for disaster though, as I usually forget the most important task and just have to do the stairs again anyway.
LOL! I seek them out at the train station. I've got to exercise these legs somehow!
by Vee
My house is a Low set Queenslander which means there are 5 steps from the ground to the front door on the veranda.This is to allow fort flooding during the Wet Seasons.This is as many steps as I am able to handle now with my severe arthritis.There used to only be 3 steps on a much steeper gradient,but I have had them replaced with 5 far shallower and easy to manage steps.
It depends who is answering this question really.
And: the level of fitness, age and how many stairs.
I have a torn cartilage so I have been told leave well alone.

When younger I would take them, they are a wonderful way to exercise that's for sure.

We need now more Lift's around places, as Australians are getting older, and esp for those poor Mum's with strollers!
Lifts are so important with people in wheelchairs too.

I have stairs at home so can't avoid them, as for others, I often don't use them though I could, due to 9 times out of 10, having my shopping jeep full of either leaflets for junk mail round or shopping, so lifts/escalators are easier.

Though if the escalator's not working at Flinders st station the lift is rather slow and by the time I get to the platform, I could miss the train.
For a long while I could not tackle stairs. After having a loose bone removed from my knee, i take stairs unless i have too much to carry.
I go up and down stairs everyday as I have them in my unit 2 flights and I'm glad to do it as I'm 76yrs and think it helps me do my Zumba twice a week I'm so lucky with my health and don't take it for granted FAZEE
There's an elevator around the corner from the stairs at work and I never take it. The stairs equal exercise!
As the saying goes....."if you don't use it, you lose it"
I always avoid stairs if at all possible,
I have a set of stairs in my house, so I can't avoid doing stairs at all, but I don't mind doing them.
Yes I do. We have 13 uneven stone steps before our front door, so I have to use those most days, when I’m going out. And also the steps at railway stations. I some times use the lift though, as my knees make a slight cracking sound when I walk up the stairs, & ache very slightly.
Avoid the stairs as much as possible due to knee issues
We have to use our steps at home, if we leave the house. WE have 13 uneven stone steps! Luckily there is a tree branch, over the middle corner step, so I hang onto that, as I go down. I'm always afraid I'll trip, as there's no handrail. so i have to walk down them carefully!

by Miro
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