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Do you go to protest marches?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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protest rally
Rally against state-owned enterprise privatization, held in Palmerston North, New Zealand on 14 July 2012. Photo by William Stadtwald Demchick.

Have you ever participated in a protest march? If so, what was the cause? Is it something you would do again?

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Top Answers
Yes, if I feel strongly enough about something, I go. I've only ever been to legal, peaceful protests.
Yes, absolutely.
There are so many things wrong with the world and there is no point sitting on our couch complaining, we have to get out there and express our views and make a difference.
The internet is great for that too, the facebook page 'Save Zeus' just saved the life of a dog that a council wanted to kill based on his looks.
I am attending the Brisbane rally for End BSL - Breed Specific Legislation that allows councils to kill dogs based on the dog's looks and not on the dog's behaviour.
There are many flaws in the BSL, as it allows individuals to determine a dog's breed and those individuals work for councils and have no qualification to make the determination.
Additionally, the very idea of killing something based on appearance is inhumane.
No, I don't asd I don't usually agree with what people are protesting about.
by Finy
Then you could set up your own rally about something you care about?
I'm not outgoing or outspoken enough to do anything like that. Id also be too scared of something going wrong, like it getting violent, or the police start arresting people.
I have never done it, I grew up when it was happening all around me, in Sydney over the Vietnam war.
There were always protest marching, and they came in their hundreds.
It scared me so much, so I would shake.
Not very good around hundreds of yelling people.I respect them, but have not done it.
Normally I choose not to go because most of them are linked to a political cause and not about expressing the need for social change.
The latest protest in Australia was a gathering of people wanting to push political causes from save this to give me that none of which I believe matter a dam.
Pensioners are still dying in South Australia from hypothermia at the highest rate in the world because they cannot afford the power bills generated by the carbon tax and other inflationary causes.
It seems that frozen granny does not rate a mention at these protests.

I can't remember marching, but I have rallied.
I have participated in near silent and peaceful protests. And rendered my support to causes on Online forums and signature chains e.g. Motion against building of the East West link over Royal Park, Parkville areas. This one was something very conflicting because first hand I experience the difficulty of the traffic jams and I'm also concerned that the Govt is ploughing right through some of the best flora in Melbourne, right next to the CBD.
I refrain from participating in forums where the cause is one but supporters wear different perceptions of it. Also in riotous public marches like occupying busy main streets in peak hours, just to gather attention. Sometimes I feel the participants are pawns in something bigger than what they are aware of.
Definitely not! Do associate with the 'rent-a-crowd' type at these protests.

Also concerned about my personal safety. From being jostled to being filmed, don't care for that at all.
'Don't associate.......
by donjo
Whiket I know tgere are genuinevprotesters attending these rallies, I dont agree with who I refer to as "professional demonstrators" turning up at rallies time and time again, so no thanks. It wouldn't matter how much I wanted to support a cause, they are sometimes other methods of showing support.
A, long time ago I went to rallies, but i don't know which ones they were now. Now i don't like being with so many people.
by Miro
never, something I would never do
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