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Do you go to church over Easter?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever go to church over Easter?

Did you go this Easter?

Which day/days did you go?

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Top Answers
Yes - we went on Easter Sunday!
by jonaja
I'm an atheist, so I don't go to church.
Nope - as a kid we used to - only ever xmas and easter.
No, but I do try and explain to my children the historical relevance of Easter and what all the symbolism and ritual mean and why it is important to the christian community. just like explaining why different parts of the buddhist, hindu, muslim, jewish etc calendar are important to the relevant community. My children went to an International School so it all was just part of the everyday level of understanding and awareness.
I go every Sunday morning and evening.
Easter is no different....Love Church :)

No, I don't.
I guess I kind of observed the pagan fertility festival though, in that we ate eggs and planted a herb garden.
Yes, I went on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The church close to my parents' house does a moving enactment of our Lord's passion and death every year. Can't miss it.
by Vee
wow...that is very special :)
by jonaja
Very. :)
by Vee
Absolutely - Friday and Sunday both.
by jonaja
I am not Christian so I don't go to Church.
by Finy
I am not Christian so I don't go to Church.
by Finy
Yes I ded because I am a beliver
by jonaja
Yes I ded because I am a beliver
Yes I ded because I am a beliver
I love my faith and bibel because I Can finde love ,finde words COVERING ,explaining differcult situation in life.
by jonaja
I Pray that the subject religion is comming back to school as its teaching moral code and rigth and wrong so important for a good life for peace.My ? Is if you dont no what is rigth - wrong how Can you dream peace
I have recently come back to Church..I converted to Catholicism about 20 years ago but did not attend in recent years. I went to just about all the services over the Easter period and the services touched me deeply especially "The Stations of the Cross" which really drained me emotionally and I could hardly stop crying. All the services meant a lot to me because it is only now that I feel I have a true understanding of what it is all about and it is a blessing to me.
by jonaja
I celebrate Easter every day, because that is the very foundation of the Christian faith - that people can choose eternal life through belief that Jesus was crucified as atonement for not following the God's commands for us in this life (See John 3:16 in the New Testament). Through Jesus (if we choose to believe) we are forgiven for not living according to God's rules (the original error/sin of which was committed by Eve & Adam).

God knows we can never fully meet His perfect expectations, so all He asks is that we believe He loves us enough to forgive us (like any loving parent would - we were made in His image) - all we have to do is accept that this is why He sent Jesus (i.e. to serve the sentence on our behalf for disobeying Him), do our best to repent and follow His rules, and He will allow us to live beyond this life, despite the fact that we haven't "earned it" (John 14:6; Acts 2:38).

The Bible tells us "not to give up meeting as some are in the habit of doing" (Hebrews 10:25) so where physically possible I attend Church every week, plus those days in the Christian Calendar set aside specifically to celebrate particular anniversaries (i.e. Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday). I also attend other Christian fellowship activities for the same reason, despite being an extreme introvert. It is a real bonus that the Australian Government still allows us time off work (public holidays) to celebrate these Christian events, despite the constitutional amendment declaring religious freedom (i.e. Australia as a Nation no longer declares itself to be a Christian nation, but instead allows all faiths and religions to be practised freely and without persecution), but the reality now is that the vast majority of Australians don't actually care about the "reason for the season" and are just happy to take the days off for personal pleasure and pursuits. Using what I have said above to point this out to such people is probably a waste of both believers' and unbelievers' time because it means nothing to those who don't believe anyway (1 Corinthians 1:18).

So why do I make these points in the first place then? Mark 16:15. Hopefully some might actually stop for a moment and think about it this Easter...

by kimp
:) amen
by jonaja
Amen :)
by jonaja
Yes, every day of Holy Week from Palm Sunday thru to Easter Day. Easter is the Queen of Festivals in the Christian calendar.
by jonaja
Yes our whole family met up and went together. Beautiful services throughout.

by jonaja
No. I live in a country where the dominant religion is not Christianity and there are no churches in my town. Plus, religion has never been a big thing for me.
I was invited to attend a Good Friday service by my niece while visiting her city. Her husband played a huge part musically and I really enjoyed that. What I didn't enjoy was a very violent video of the crucifixion. I felt that parents who didn't put their children in the creche for this service did them a huge disservice. I think it must have been extracts from Mel Gibson's film which I have never seen, but have heard of quite negatively.

I totally agree with you that it is too much for children to view...
by jonaja
I am spiritual but I do not go to church unless it is for an event like a wedding or a funeral or a friend of mine has decided to transition into a particular faith.
I respect personal belief systems and feel that there is truth in many structures, however, I do not need to attend church to connect with the Divine.
Great question!
I go to church over Easter because it's very important to my partner's family. It's always an evening mass on Saturday night and afterwards we sit out near a bonfire and have a talk about deep stuff!
Yes. I go every Sunday.
Yes. I also go every Sunday.
No, just for the odd wedding, if it happens to be in a church! I’m a atheist! I did have to go to church every 2nd Sunday, while I was at boarding school though. (I went to a Church of England school) but it beat sitting on the floor of the school hall, every other Sunday of the school service!
No. I cry & shake if I go into church. So I don't go anymore
:) there is a reason for that crying and shaking....I would say to go back, and ask for help...You can do it. The reason I can't say on here, but be brave...They will help you :) xx
by jonaja
I have never been to church for Easter or Christmas, only for the occasional wedding.
by Rice
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