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Do you go through orange traffic lights?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you go through orange traffic lights, or do you stop?

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Top Answers
I probably go through them 7 times out of 10 and this depends on how long they have been orange.
If they just turn orange when I get there I go through however if I have time to brake easily, and am not in a tearing hurry, I will stop.
by Finy
I try to stop of course......... more of late after...learning from experience-the only way we ever learn! Had enough tickets over my lifetime and now am a much better driver it seems
by Fran
I got through them most of the time - it depends on how long they have been amber
by AJ
I go through them eight times out of ten.
by Vee
I try not to cuzz we had a bad accident once.
Strange as this might sound, I haven't even had one in a long time... one of the nice things about living so rurally I guess. But yeah, if it was safe and no one was coming and I didn't have time to stop.. sure.
No!!! But then,I do not drive!! Hee Hee!!! Seriously though..... I do believe that the orange light is a warning that the Red one is almost about to be in place, and if there is no chance of stopping safely,then it is okay to go through.But ONLY if you cannot stop safely! The idea,as I understand the rules to mean, is that you should be slowing down to a stop when you approach the orange.I see the total opposite to this behaviour so often when I am a passenger watching other cars on the road.Too many drivers seem to feel that the orange light is a signal to them to SPEED UP and get through the intersection before the light turns red! No wonder there are such pointless accidents at so many intersections!
Maybe 20% of the time I do, go through.

It really depends on the flow of the traffic, if it is raining, how fast I am going.
I can stop quickly, and with no damage to people's hearts...lol...when they travel with me.
Only if they change when I'm almost through and there isn't enough time to stop.

Only if they change when I'm almost through and there isn't enough time to stop.

Only if they change when I'm almost through and there isn't enough time to stop.

Yes, if there is the risk of someone running into the back of me. One has to be alert at all sets of lights for a variety of reasons.
Yes, if they have just turned or turning right on a no green arrow, but nothing stupid.
Unless it's a wet day and I know I'm not going to stop in time I usually stop at orange lights. A couple of months ago I got rewarded with a rear ender. Luckily no damage to my sturdy vehicle.
I try not to drive thru the oranges lights, and mostly I succeed. It is much safer to stop if I safely can. I always glance to see what is behind me. However, at the rare occasions I have decided that it is too hard to stop, I have been amazed at how many more cars drive thru after me! Bad bad careless drivers...
I always stop if I can do so safely. I see too many drivers who go through not only yellow, but red lights. If people followed the rules, we would never have accidents at traffic lights.
Depends where I'm at in intersection.
Didn't one-time as car right up my boot, with his high beam on!

Turned out to be Q-car, pulled me over. Told him exactly what I thought of him, in a nice way, being SO close to me, & that I continued, to save his smashing into me. I, of course, wasn't aware at that moment, that HE was driving a car that could stop on sixpence!

I was within MY rights, & he just told me the fine for going through a Yellow light is the SAME as going through a RED light, 3 points & &340!

He didn't book me, BUT it's sure made me more aware to stop on 'yellow' if situation still safe enough to do so! Lesson learnt!
Sometimes when they suddenly change, but always make sure I am not stuck in no-mans land when they are Orange.
Yes and no, pretty much the same for every driver.
If I am paying attention to the job of driving, then 99% of the time there is no need to give an orange light a chance. I am driving at a speed and with preparation to be able to stop as required by law, and physics.

Simple really, follow what the rules state, drive correctly with 100% attention on the act of driving, and 99% of the time you will be able to stop.
There are very very few times I ever see the light turn orange after I pass the white intersection line, and that is the 1%.

Many many road users simply do not understand that concept, and if in doubt refer to rule NO1. They are the people that use cars to get around, as opposed to people that drive, really understand the concept and enjoy the drive.

Do everything in your power to avoid and accident or situation etc etc.
Traffic lights are no exception, but then again, some road users are just ignorant of the rules, of other road users and other drivers.

Or they are above the law, knowing the rules and being stupid.
Only when they may have changed as I approach the actual stop line.
I will not rush through the traffic lights to beat the lights changing.
It is too risky.
I don't drive, but my husband has, if he can't stop in time. No near misses though, & he hasn't had any speeding tickets because of it.
by Miro
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