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Do you go through items people leave on the verge for collection?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever go through stuff people have put out on the verge for the Council to pick up?

#Rubbish collection
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Top Answers
Not bags of rubbish like that, but I've picked up a few things, like a seesaw for the kids (all one piece, perfectly safe, just needed a clean). I was very pleased when I found that almost everything I put out was taken before the council came to get it. I didn't want it and it's nice that someone found a use for it. Jules makes a good point though, since I have heard stories of people mistakenly taking things that weren't intended to be thrown out, like garden furniture.
I am generally too embarrassed to do this even though I would like to.
I don't really understand why I am embarrassed and last year I really wanted some fencing, so I phoned my daughter in law who came and collected it for me!!

There are sometimes things I would like including antique furniture that needs restoring, that I would love to have and work on however I cannot carry things like that even if I could transport them.

So, no, i do not go through people's belongings on the verge for collection, even though I would sometimes like to. I know people who have found real treasures in the past this way.
by Finy
If I see something which I know I could use,I will knock on the door if someone is home and ASK if I may buy or have it please....I always have been told to just help myself!! I cannot take anything if I have NOT asked first though.It just is not my nature,as that to me feels like stealing!!!
I have done it and will continue.
When you have people throwing out a money tin, with silver coins to the amount of $30 something dollars, brand new toys in boxes, dinner sets, brand new carpets, garden furniture that has not even been used much...Furniture that can be sold, and not landfill......Of course it is embarrassing, but landfill is far more a problem. I even have found nearly new furniture nothing wrong with it.
You have to choose the right areas.There is a difference.Buy putting it on ebay, it can make some money too! I have done that many times.
I haven't, but my son at 14 came home with all these 'dead' computers! He pulled one apart, & put it back together again, just to see if he could! Good lad!

At least he was using HIS time wisely, & not like these droogs of kids now, high on whatever drug-du jour.......

Like the 17 year old who just invented an algae based serum that permanently seals an arterial bleed within minutes? Or the 15 year old who invented a torch that runs on body heat? The teens giving TedX talks, the two 8 year old girls raising money to help kids in Haiti? And those are just some of the famous ones. I look around at the young people I have met creating amazing art, starting their own businesses, demonstrating their incredible imaginations and showing compassion for their fellow creatures and it fills me with hope.



Thank you, Jennifer for those references. Will check them out, as they sound very interesting!
BTW, my boy is now a man, & a Head Chef! So he's still 'assembling' things, but now their plates of food!
by donjo
Oops! Should read 'they're' not 'their'! Yank auto-correct strikes again! Lol!
by donjo
All the time! I'd come across 'surprise' piles that I didn't know were there, on my junk mail rounds, and have found some real treasures. I'm limited without a car and just a shopping jeep, but even so, I can take things like books, baskets, folders, soaps, etc.
I wish o could but I just have not the courage to do so.
by Gia
Absolutely. I 've had some amazing finds. My neighbour was thrilled that I wanted her Grandmas old wooden lounge suite. I have a meat safe that a friend did up for me - new screens and new paint. It was on it's second round of kerb collection that I know of. Lots of bookcases for under house storage. Pot plants. I often leave stuff by my back gate and 9 times out of 10 someone will take it. I hate waste.
Love it! :)
by jonaja
Once I left a handbag on the footpath next to my car to take to the Op Shop. inside were a few kitchen odds and ends. I happened to look out the window to see a teen boy stop, look around furtively, then grab the bag and take off. I shot out and watched him. When he got 2 blocks away, he stopped and looked inside and then threw the bag into the gutter in disgust. I was a bit disappointed he didn't look back and see me laughing. Karma in action.
I don't go through the rubbish left on the nature strip but I can't resist having a glance as I go by to see what's there. I heard it was illegal once it was out as it then belonged to the council bit I'm not sure about that. I know some young people who practically furnished their first home from these "rubbus" piles and good luck to them.
Dirty sods who do?
No, I've never even thought of doing that, but if I saw something move in the bag then I would be curious!
No and definitely wouldn't !
I haven't…so far. But the temptation is enormous and both my husband and daughter are very anti gutter crawling. And, my husband and I have had some monumental (absolutely) arguments about this subject. I have seen some great things on nature strips and can sulk many weeks after missing out on some of those finds. And like Finy, I have seen things that I would have liked to "play" with…. like refurbishing after sanding etc.
I look as I'm on my morning walks,just as I'm walking past & I have to admit to picking up a few things. It's really fun!
by Miro
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