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Do you go out regardless of extreme temperatures, or do you let temperatures rule your life to a degree?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you go out despite extreme temperatures, or do you tend to stay at home when the weather is extreme?

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Top Answers
I hate it when people cancel an arrangement or do not want to make one because it is too hot, too cold, or raining!

We seem to have such extremes of temperature with Perth having almost 45°C yesterday, and if I was to take notice of things like this, I would be home a lot.

However, I would not, for example do any gardening when it is this hot and would avoid going in the sun if I did not have to, but it would not stop me making an arrangement with a friend, even though if it was shopping or some such, I occasionally put it off till the next day.
by Finy
Well you wouldn't like me...lol.I have had to cancel meeting up with friends, because the day just got too hot...I can't risk it....I have also had to cancel when the weather has been very bad, for risk of (maybe) having an accident...we just make another time, and all is well.
by jonaja
Yes, Finy 45 degrees is hot, but it doesn't come with 90% Humidity!
It's a dry heat.
by donjo
Well you wouldn't like me Finy…..over 35 degrees and I not only don't want to meet up with you, I don't even want to talk to you.
by fran.
Mostly I only go out when I absolutely have to, for appointments or to drop off/ collect my son..... so not something I could cancel even if I wanted to!
I'm also trying to bring up my son to know that "there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing".... so we still walk to nursery when it's raining but with waterproofs on. If it's hot, then adjust your clothing and make sure you drink enough - that's all you need to avoid heat stroke :)
Jolly good :-)
by Rice
I wouldn't say temperatures rule my life, but not going out during the hottest part of the day if you don't have to is just common sense. If I'm going out somewhere I try to head out in the morning before it gets hot and come home in the late afternoon.
Having read Finy's answer, there are times when I might cancel going to something because of the weather. Pregnant women, sick people, the elderly and menstruating women sometimes don't cope so well with extreme heat. There are times when I've been to a picnic or outdoor party with no shade whatsoever in the middle of the day, which didn't seem to bother anyone else but had me almost passing out. It doesn't affect everyone the same so some people don't think of it.
I totally agree word for word with Jennifer, there are times I have had to cancel. If my friends do not understand, then are they really being kind? I have had to even cancel 20 mins, because it was just way too hot, and I knew at my age I would not be able to cope..I am always very careful 'how' I say it, and they just say that's fine... :)
by jonaja
The weather doesn't really stop me from getting out and about.
by AJ
One of the symptoms of my illness is my body's inability to properly regulate its temperature,so I do tend not to go out when it is hot,as I OVER heat which is ghastly! I always take a small hand towel in my bag when ever and where ever I go,as I get so hot and uncomfortable when I do even the most basic things.I admit that I do prefer to go out when it id cold,but then I am in awful pain,so I am not really able to win!! So I keep my home comfortably stable and invite my friends to visit me here!!! Yes!! There is always an answer to any dilemma, if we want to find one!!!
If it is Extreme I will avoid at all costs going out.

Heat Stroke can affect anyone, any time.
It is a condition not to be messed with!

I cringe when I see men working on 'site' in the bad heat....with no real way to down-tools, I just become upset, they have to endure as they do.
I thought that when it gets to a certain temp, they had to down the tools?
If not, then there should be.

My son is a horticulturalist and works in the sun all day and he came to pick up his kids after work and he said the 45° did not worry him -he wears long sleeves. I always feel sorry for these people but I think they become used to it and I have not heard of getting sun stroke by meeting someone and doing things that are not in the sun which we probably dont do at our age anyway!
by Finy
Finy, it is leaving the home with air con one day to drop something off at The Salvation army store.I had air con in the car, I got out the day about 39 deg's.
I took in the goods, walked back into the car...and drove home.
I then asked my neighbour when they put up some special feature on their home?...(they said it had been there for years)!!...I had full blown heat stroke.
I was dizzy, and confused.Not everyone is the same.
by jonaja
The temperature has never played a factor in my decision to leave out.
Agree with Finy and her answer...mine totally the same.
by fran
Well, it depends. If I have to take public transport and it involves lot of walking in heat or chilly wind to get to the station or the tram/train stops, I might not do it. But I do not usually cancel anything if it was pre planned. I might not make new plans in those weather conditions.
It is a whole different story if I am using my own transport.

by BK
Life is too short to stay inside just because of weather
But there is no point in going outside into extreme weathers if it is harmful? Wait until you are older and or unwell...
by brigi
I like to be comfortable so I would prefer to stay inside with the air conditioner on an extremely hot day but I would not cancel something if I had made a commitment. It also depends where I am. If we were travelling in extreme heat (and we have done this) we would not let the heat stop us form sightseeing.
I go out only if I have to. prefer to be at home, extreme heat can cause a house fire, everyones nightmare

Mad dogs and Englishmen.
I don't go out in the hot weather unless I really have to and even then, I only go out for necessities. I am a slave to my air conditioner. I think it is the best thing since sliced bread.
Winter I go anywhere during any weather - wet, windy, freezing, snowing because I have all sorts of cold weather gear to slip into and umbrellas and waterproof hats and coats etc.
But......when it is say 40 degrees in summer, well there is nothing I can do as no amount of sunscreen, umbrellas, hats etc. are going to help me. I am with the other writers here too that say they can't stand seeing people like labourers working in the heat. There is a "knock off time" I believe, or rather maybe that is "was". Even if there was such a thing, this Government has probably taken that "right" away from workers. After all the age of entitlement is over for some people.
My husband has health problems which make him very affected by the heat. Also, I have very pales skin and even when wearing sunscreen will get burnt. Because of these reasons, we stay home a lot during summer.
Good pun there in the question!

Hate going out in the rain, day or night now. With extra clothes' needed, I sweat profusely, then stink! Yuck.....
I check my 'Galileo' glass bauble gauge each morning. Helps determine my day & what I'll do!
Only influences me from point of view what outfit to wear out!
I just 'live, & let live' in regards to the Temperature.
Oh . . . . my answer has gone missing . . . . it started with "mad dogs and Englishmen" but was nothing like fran's answer . . . how very odd . . . .
by Rice
Sorry your answer didn't turn up Rice, after all that thinking about what to write. (Does that makes sense? Probably not.)
by Miro
And Happy Christmas to you as well. Hope you have a wonderful family time. We'll be spending it in Melbourne with our youngest daughter & her lovely partner. We'll be staying for 10 days to also have our granddaughters for a weekend.
by Miro
If its essential that I go out, then I go out
I don't think I've ever used the ''weather'' to avoid going out.
I have however used other excuses to stay home
If its essential that I go out, then I go out
I don't think I've ever used the ''weather'' to avoid going out.
I have however used other excuses to stay home
We try & stay home on really hot days. We don't have air con in the house but it's still cool enough. It's a good time to sort out the junk in our house, & or for me to watch some more iview episodes! We've been between cars for the last 5 & 1/2 months, but even when we used the car, the air-con didn't work anyway!
by Miro
It made perfect sense, Miro. These things are sent to try us, as my mother always said. Haha. Merry Christmas to you. x x x
by Rice
Lovely! Enjoy that wonderful time. I am having Christmas with my daughter for the second time in a row . . .now that I live four minutes away from her. Yay!
by Rice
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