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Do you go out of your way to watch fireworks live?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you go out of your way to watch live fireworks, or are you happy to watch them on television?

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Top Answers
I used to when I was younger and we lived near the Swan River and could see them clearly from down the road.

Also when I lived on a hill near the city and could also see them from very close.

However, having gone by car once into the middle of a throng of so many people, and waiting hours to get home, I would not do this again.

Also I find they are now all the same and I do not even watch them on TV any more unless there is nothing else on.

They WERE stunning and still are but I have seen them so often, that I no longer need to see them!

Does this mean I am getting old and grumpy??
by Finy
No. Just sensible and cautious. :-))
by Rice
Haha! No, Finy, it does not. I have stopped watching them too!
by Vee
NO! I'm 'over' crackers and ticked off that our taxpayer money is wasted so frivilously to further pollute our air and TERRIFY ANIMALS!
Time to knock it off and use the vast amount of money elsewhere. Why not musical Light Shows? They are so much more civilised and beautiful, and last much longer, too.
We could have boats on the bay spraying sea-water to choreographed movements with magnificent music to uplift the spirit of everyone. Instead of scaring, scarring, burning and promoting idiots to illegally buy & set off their own - with zero penalties from authorities who usually do not attend when complaints are lodged.
We go to watch fireworks. Last year we were able to see them from our balcony but not this year
by AJ
I used to but not any more. I always felt I was catching up on all my missed Guy Fawke's nights since moving to Oz. Now I am like you Finy and I just can't be bothered to be in the throngs of people. Last time I went into the city for NYE fireworks there was a brawl and I was quite scared. Luckily, himself is 6'2" and solid, so he got in front of me and took me away from it.
by Rice
we sure change as we age, Rice!
"himself" -you must be from UK??
by Finy
Yes, I sure am :-))
by Rice
I wish just once I could....having said that I can't go and wait for a whole day so at home will do.
Also this year I didn't stay up, just went to bed.

Maybe if I plan it well, I could next time with my son?
I know it is amazing, so maybe I should.
I have never been either, jonaj. Honestly, I couldn't be bothered trekking into the city and being surrounded by so many people. And I imagine the aftermath wouldn't be good for my husband's asthma. Maybe I am too lazy.
by Vee
No your not lazy :)
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, & Vee............many years' ago, when children were about 10, husband took them to see large display. But once it finished, people just stampeded to train station. They were caught up in it, to the point of nearly being trampled on going across a pedestrian bridge! NEVER went again! Way too scary!
by donjo
Yep that can happen, so lot to think about.
by jonaja
For New Year's Eve, I truly cannot be bothered. I went to sleep without even having watched the fire works on TV. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the show. But the idea of waiting for hours on end and being surrounded by so many people does not appeal to me at all.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, the photo of Kym Karath in 'SoM' is for...........
Trivia: she nearly drowned, as she couldn't swim, in the scene where they all fall from canoe, into Lake. Julie Andrews dove underwater & grabbed her!
by donjo
Interesting piece of information. Gee, you'd think they would clear that with the cast before they toppled them over. :|
by Vee
They weren't meant to fall out of canoe, according to the script!
by donjo
There you go!
by Vee
We can see them from home so we just stay home.
I've never seen them and don't intend to. When the girls were younger we used to watch them in the distance standing up on the footpath, or drove to a couple of streets away to see them from the overhead bridge. However my daughter and son-in-law took the children into Parramatta to watch the early display at the river. When they returned to their car they found it covered in ash and litter, took photos of the state of it and worried that it would be expensive to bring it back to show room look. But the good news is that they were able to restore the finish apart from a dent on top of the car. A complaint has been made to the local council. You would think that the parking area would have been roped off to prevent this happening. Obviously little thought given to this aspect.
I cannot be bothered with all the hassle of so many people!! If I DO ever feel like watching fireworks,I can get a far better view from the TV broadcasts.But I have to turn the sound off and play my favourite music on my stereo,as I cannot abide the garbage which the commentators come out with,over and over, and OVER again!!!!!
My REAL reason though for not enjoying fireworks is the utter distress it caused to all the animals,whether domestic or native! The noise is so much louder for them,and they do not have any idea why these mass explosions are disturbing the night sky!! I am fortunate that I can lock my fur babies in the house with me when they are creating their noisy if beautiful displays. The sound of so many distraught animals has often made me feel that humans are truly NOT Humane at all!!
Oh! Jules......if wind's blowing right direction only, can hear the fireworks, but only just!
In 1970, as a Pony Clubber, we gave a display for HM the Queen, in Showgrounds.
When we'd finished, as last item, we had to canter quickly to cattle yards, dismount, replace bridles' with head stalls, & put hessian bags over horses' heads, so they wouldn't be frightened by the fireworks, which were being lit about 100m away! And the noise at that close proximity was deafening! Whoompa! Then explosion, as colourful patterns filled the sky!
When all had finished, the horses' were ok, & we just loaded them for trip home!
by donjo
We watch the Australia day fireworks from the beach which is close to where they are set off from the pier. I wouldn't want to be any closer. Where we sit on the beach we can usually see about three other ' live' fireworks displays, so it's a good spot to be. On New years eve, we never go into the City to see the fireworks, as there are just too many people. If my husband is not working, we go out somewhere. If he is working, then we either stay home and watch it on the TV, or have friends over. He would have to leave way before midnight so wouldn't get to see the fireworks.
For many years', I've attended a Concert at 6pm, which finishes in enough time to see early fireworks in adjacent area, lasting 15 minutes'.
I stand at back of a concourse, & obtain many photo's on this here ITablet!
I walk back to Foyer, buy a cup of hot chocolate, sit down, & enjoy.
At about 9pm, walk to car, & drive home, with little traffic to worry me!

Have VCR set to VHS tape mid-night session. That way I don't have to put up with commentators' inanities, or stupid music, as mute the volume, & can fast forward the adverts!
I watch tape NY's Day.

Best way to do it, IMO!
would never go into city to watch far to many people ,
remember the Bon fire's we had and the crackers we let off ourselves Tom Thumbs, etc and of course the sky rockets all great fun, of course not allowed anymore,
I just think of the cost of the new year celebrations and do think the money could be better spent elsewhere instead of trying to outdo other countries.
Not really. I watch New Years Eve on TV. Love the Sydney fireworks - best in the World. Have never seen anything that has rivalled them
No, I do not go out of my way to watch fireworks, live or on TV. They are a complete waste of money in my opinion. Keeping our farmers on their land is way more important than a few minutes of glittering lights in the sky and they desperately need our help.

You signed the petition, didn't you? ;-) So did I.
by Vee
We went to the Sydney, (NSW) fireworks with 4 friends once. Missed the last train home, so had to hand around in the city, for the 1st train on New years Day, at about 5am!! The 2nd time we saw them live was from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, NY’sE 1999. We had to have our spot about 12 hours before they started ! So boring1 Afterwards, we waited until the crowds had gone home, picking up peoples items that had been left behind. That part was fun! (Nothing valuable) We caught a train at about 2am. Ever since then we’ve just watched them on the TV. at home, on our own, with nibbles, hime made dips & sparkling wine. The 2015 midnight fireworks, on the ABC, were just wonderful. No theme this year, silly nonsense talk or adds. Hooray for the ABC! We always stay up that late anyway, so it didn’t worry us.
No, not anymore, we used to go to the hills to watch skyshow! that isn't on anymore!
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