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Do you give to homeless people begging on the streets?

by Finy (follow)
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There are sometimes homeless/jobless/poor people sitting on the pavement begging for money.

Do you ever give to these people?

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Top Answers
I don't often give in the city in Perth.

For some reason I do give when overseas.

Very strange that -Somehow here I feel that everyone gets welfare and for someone to have absolutely nothing, are they drinking too much or on drugs?

Now that I write this down, I think I will give in future -it is not about the money!
I don't even know where I got that question from -rather how it popped into my head, or why!
by Finy
I'm just the opposite Finy. Ill give here but won't give to anything overseas. I also don't give money to charities because I don't trust administration people to do with those charities - any administrators. When I do give money to people begging on the street it is only coins in my purse - on a good day it might be worthwhile on a bad day it is probably useless to the person requiring it.
I am a Roman Catholic and of late, I have seen 2 movies and read multiple books about Institutions such as convents and nuns that ran the laundries for girls who had "fallen by the wayside". Those people made enormous amounts of money out of someone else's misfortune, they put in NO effort themselves to make money which they would have made in bucket loads.
So, rather than give money myself to charities, I would much rather spend my time trying to embarrass those Institutions into giving large amounts of money to the poor.
by fran.
by jonaja
We are supposed to be the lucky country but for so many in this country that is not the reality. We do have a welfare system but so many do not or can not access it for a myriad of reasons. I do give money to those on the streets, I carry the change in my pocket for such occasions. I do this for security reasons that way I am not opening up my purse and searching for the right amount in the streets. I am not suggesting that homeless people will rob you but I am suggesting that there are people on the street who will take advantage of you being distracted. The other reason I do that is because then I will give only what I can afford and not make an emotional decision. I make it a rule not to interrogate the reasons they need the money or to tell them I will take them to buy a sandwich or something. I believe just because you are homeless or have fallen on hard times doesn't mean that you surrender your right to self determination. Spend the money how you see fit. When I am stopped and I have taken the time to look them in the eyes, acknowledge their humanity, I take a breath and am filled with gratitude that it is not I walking that tough path.
you have a good heart bless you :)
by jonaja
I have been homeless twice in my life, on the street no
where to live or sleep.
So I know too well, what it is like...and it's hell.
Sometimes - usually not if they are just sitting there with a sign, but if they come up and have some big story, then yes. I do like to buy the Big Issue tho.
I far prefer to give a meal,or groceries, than money;then I know it is not going towards cigarettes or similar!! Not that homeless people can afford to smoke anyway!But it is just something I would hate to see my money be spent on. I also donate to the charities which are doing specific things to help the homeless. I have such a big heart that I have to be careful not to believe every sad story which gets told!!! Otherwise I would have nothing left for myself! I guess this is why I give cash to the actual charities instead of individuals!
by jonaja
Not often, sometimes feel I should but have an 'ambivalent' attitude towards them really....
by Fran
I rarely give money, but I have been known to go buy a meal or some food and give that.
:) that's nice
by jonaja
No. I do not give money to people begging on the street. I do, however, give money to charities that they can access which do have programs to help them to be clothed, fed and get back into a life off the streets. It's a very personal choice, I think.
Yes I often do!
good on ya :)
by jonaja
I don't give money to people on the street but I did give clothes to charity and money to local charities
by AJ
That's a difficult one to answer. I always feel a bit shady about why people are on the street when there is government help around. I do give to charities, but pan-handling is not something I would encourage, but I can see how someone in a very difficult situation can end up on the street.
I can't think of the last time I saw a homeless person, but I do give to Homeless Connect especially when they are collecting goods through the library.
I give often to those who not only are requesting some money's and who are able to look you in the eyes as you approach them. Esp also, if they are singing or entertaining the public as well. It's rewarding when some say thank you.

I don't have the money to spare, really, to give much right now and see beggars every time I'm in Melb. city. Hard to know who's real and who's just doing it for extra cash. Charities here try to help but some people don't want a roof over their heads, despite the horrors that we may think of that, due to bad experiences, or undiagnosed/untreated issues/phobias.
I have just returned from 9 weeks in Southern Africa, The poverty there is overwhelming, and so is the violence. One would hope that Australia can continue to offer a social security system that keeps the need to beg relatively low, but no government can legislate the state of an individual's mind which puts them in a begging situation. I prefer to support charities which in turn support street people, such as Red Cross.
I have donated to the Red Cross also. 106 or 109 pints of blood. Each of those pints has saved 3 lives.
by Miro
No, because I suspect that a lot of the money would be spent on cigs. grog or drugs, & I wouldn't like that. ACA did a story, & found those people were getting more money than someone on a low income! Sometimes I suggest to them to got to Centrelink.
by Miro
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