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Do you give any regular donations?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you give any REGULAR donations to a charity or group?

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Top Answers
I generally give to the Heart Foundation every year once or twice, and I donate 3 days of my week to Save the Children, so although I do not give a cash donation, I help them get thousands of dollars!
by Finy
Yes, every pay I have money taken out automatically (before tax) for the World Animal Protection Group. I also give to local animal rescue groups when I can. Too much is done for humans, not enough for animals.
Bless you, Poppy. I have two rescues and I always take food and blankets to the shelters. x x
by Rice
My primary giving I'd to my church. There are different collections from time to time such as a benevolent fund for the needy. I would like to give more and i will as my income increases.
Red Cross.
by Rice
I also do little bits here and there, as others have said . . Anzac Day pins, Daffodil day, etc. etc.
by Rice
Nothing regularly. I give to Red Cross and the Salvos, but that's only once a year when the Appeals are on. Through the local Lions Club, we raise thousands and thousands of dollars which goes to help those in need for various reasons.
I do to my Church as a Tithe.
I donate to the guide dogs, I buy a bandanna on this day, daffodil day, multiple sclerosis,and people with charity tins.
I used to donate to 4/5 organise charities, but then we were informed we were unable to claim the money back on our tax anymore, so that was the end of that. But I still donate to Vinnies', Salvo's & (my blood) to the Red Cross, & the tin shakers, if I can find my purse in my handbag in time, as we're walking past. We used to donate to Greenpeace, until we were told they already have millions & millions of $'s. I also used to buy a bunch or 2 of daffodils on Daffodil Day, when I volunteered, near a Coles store, but I'n not around a Coles store anymore at that time. I used to buy the little bears in March, from some Charity, from 1 of the banks, but I don't see those anymore either. I do buy ribbons & pins, when I see people selling them, & I'll buy a pin from Legacy, if I'm out on that day, so I guess I still do, in a VERY small way.
by Miro
. . ."unable to claim the money back on our tax anymore" . . . great incentive. Not. Strike me pink, I thought charitable donations were tax free, end of. Is this the government's new way of preventing people being able to afford to help others . . . . ? Humbug.
by Rice
I do give what I am able to afford to various major charities when they do their annual drives, but apart from these, I donate each month to Bush Heritage which is very close to my heart, and also toThe Wilderness Society. I am very aware of the plight of our rare flora and fauna which so easily can be wiped out forever; and thus are facing extinction. I was ever so thrilled and excited when the Night Parrot, thought to be extinct for a hundred years, was discovered in extremely small numbers to still be on a very remote patch of land in Qld.This land has been acquired through Bush Heritage with the help of generous donations,after they educated the public about the almost unbelievable discovery, and is now fully protected in its secret location. Already these rare parrots are being found to be breeding without fear of predators! To come so close to never being found alive again, is akin to a miracle to me, and I am very happy to be able to donate even a small amount to this organisation each month! I am always more than pleased to share whatever I am able to afford with all manner of organisations, whether for research, or to directly help others who need our help so much! Another area which I always make a supreme effort is after natural disasters such as the flooding and bushfires which this huge country gets such a massive share of. I always like to donate food for all the pets and wildlife who have been displaced and frightened so badly during such events. Animals do not have a voice as we humans do, but they still have all the same needs.
Great causes Jules.
by annfi
I used to give to mainly animal shelters but NOW that the federal government has cut back on pensions I will have to cut back on spending!
Beside my weekly church contribution. I give regular donations to whom ever crosses my path. Whether it is a homeless person who asks or official collectors who knock on my door. I never spend $1 coins. which are saved up during a year and are donated to cancer research. It usually adds up between $200 and $300 and yet it does not cause a strain on the budget. I consider myself very blessed with all my needs and wants that it is a joy to be able to give to less fortunate people. I rather be in the position of giver than receiver.
No - we are a one wage family so are not able to give money. My husband is an RFS volunteer (29 years) and we were both regular blood & plasma donors too (I am not allowed to give now due to weight loss surgery and low iron issues).
I donate annually to the leukaemia foundation, cancer council and cans of food to the food bank. I also buy poppies, pins and wrist bands for ANZAC day and Rememerance Day. That said, I do not donate to a charity fortnightly or monthly.

I do volunteer work with a non profit organisation regularly. I donate my time and experience and help in this way.
I have an automatic monthly withdrawal taken for the RSPCA. I am a regular blood donor . I donate items that I could probably sell to my favourite charities. Otherwise I donate money when I can afford to.
You seem to have many of my own personality traits, and it is a joy to know that there are several others who donate to animal welfare and similar causes, along with the more well-known charities. 2 of my dogs are rescued ones, bless their gorgeous hearts, and the other is a darling who was born deaf! I think of myself as being a voice for the animals which cannot speak out for themselves!! The Bush Heritage Foundation has become even closer to my heart as the years have passed and I see what our donations can actually achieve for both fauna and flora!!! Oh! I could go on and on about my love for our wonderful critters ......
by Jules
Yes. God's blessed me so I pass it on.
I don't donate to any particular charity regularly. But I do regularly donate to charities. I tend to donate when friends and family are doing fun runs and cycles for charities that are near and dear to their hearts. I also always buy charity Christmas cards.
by AJ
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