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Do you get the same amount of sleep each night, or does it vary?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get the same amount of sleep each night or does it vary depending on certain events?

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Top Answers
I often get 8 hours however currently I am transferring to a new Op Shop about to open in Perth and am waking in the night at all hours, thinking of things I have to do and get and ask about.

So, NO I do not get the same amount each night as sometimes now I am awake for an hour or two at a time!

Also at other times in my life, I have woken and not got back to sleep for an hour or so.

I do generally however, have a total of 7 to 8 hours and seem to wake at the same time every morning.
by Finy
I get 5-6 hrs per night.

I never get over that amount.
I have no idea why?

They say as you get older one needs less?
I wonder why.....well off to Google that :)
and? I disagree with needing more as you get older -I had always heard that also, but I need just as much now as I used ot many years ago. Rather I GET just as much possibly even more than when I was going out at night partying etc.
by Finy
Gorgeous pic, jonaj.
by Rice

by jonaja
It comes down to the individual even though age is also a variable.
by Jawnin
My body is totally barmy. Some nights I don't want to sleep at all, some night it's four to six hours and occasionally I sleep for a whole day! I have given up fighting with it and just go with the flow - it seems to suit me better. When we travel I seem to sleep less, probably due to excitement, strange beds and pillows etc.
by Rice
how strange Rice! that is unusual?
by Finy
Ah yes, Finy, I'm a strange one ;-)
by Rice
I actually think it might be to do with the diabetes and/or the medication. It used to really annoy me but now I just sleep or don't as I feel like it. It's much cooler ironing in the middle of the night. ;-)))
by Rice
At the moment being 33 weeks pregnant my sleep is all over the place. My sleep changes every night. I wake regularly throughout the night. I guess it's nature's way of preparing you for the sleepless nights to come.
by AJ
How wonderful your having a baby! good on ya.You must let us know when the time comes what you had :)
by jonaja
Yes, congrats AJ. We wish you all the very best! :-D
by Vee
It varies. Speaking of which, I should log off and get some zzzz...
by Vee
I get between 6 and 7 hours with breaks in between decent sleep!! My dogs do much better and often look as content asd the darling Fur Baby in your picture!!
My amount of sleep does vary depending on whether I can sleep or not !! Some nights I am a very light sleeper and wake up every couple of hours. Also, if I have to get up in the night to go to the toilet, sometimes it can take a while to get back to sleep. Then, if I have to get up early for an appointment, I don't have a chance to get more sleep. I get between 6 and 8 hours sleep. I seem to need at least 7.5 hours sleep to function well.
It varies. Sometimes the kids wake me really early or I can't sleep for other reasons.
It varies. My toddler wakes for breastfeeds overnight so it depends on how often he wakes and how quickly he goes back to sleep. Also depends on whether I'm out, have client meetings, have drinks etc.
It varies. Sometimes I wake up and decide to watch something or I just sleep for the entire night. I do find that I get tired around the same time every night though.
Having a regular sleep routine is an important part of healthy sleep hygiene. I sleep 8.5 hours almost every night with fail, and that seems to be the ideal amount for me. Everyone is different so it helps to tune in to your individual circadian rhythm for optimal sleep patterns.
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