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Do you get snails eating your mail in the letterbox?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever get snails eating your mail in your letterbox?

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Top Answers
Last year I had quarter of a letter chewed by several snails in my letter box.

Had to really look for them and bend over double to see they were at the top of the letterbox.

I now regularly check the letterbox, particularly after it has been raining, to make sure they are not eating my mail!

Odd with all the plants about that they still like paper, but my worms in my worm farm also love newspaper!
by Finy
I did have two important letters chewed up.

I fixed it by putting in this very good tip as I don't like killing anything. They are all here for a purpose ...even snails! 😊

*Just toss ONE thick rubber band in your letter box and you won't get another creature eating your mail ever again! You could also use thin bands but toss in 3 or 4. That should do the trick.

My mail, now even in the wettest weather, is pristine. Try it. It's eco-friendly too. ☺
Hi, summe! Fascinating! I wonder what component of rubber bands they don't like?
The simplicity is awesome!
by donjo
I think that rubber emits a certain odour. I'm sure you've smell mew rubber, as it does have a certain smell to it. When my "postie" delivers mail to my house from time to time he will drop the wide rubber bands in the ground. Rather than tossing them out or bringing them indoors to use against I toss it into my letterbox instead. I said to use one but honestly it depends on the size of your letterbox. I have just one thick band in mine but you could toss in more if you like. *WARNING... Rubber bands need to be contained and away from kids and animals as there could be a serious tragedy in the making.

The other tip is you can use coffee grounds if you do that there could be a possible mess but I'd actually put the coffee grounds around the base of new seedlings including veggie seedlings to prevent them eating the new shoots. It repels slugs of course too.

Another for gardens is to get a plastic lid and put beer in it and slightly submerge the lid into the soil near the plants/seedlings you're protecting. I've done this method too with good results too.

I'm not into killing anything but the rubber bands do a actually work. Snail pellets and the like can kill or seriously put kids and animals into a serious situation. It's a poison after all.

have a try. They do work and easy to get too. Look about when walking down the street... then they're then cheap as...

yup snail mail has certainly got a certain ring to it and our "posties" are getting less work aren't they now 😕

by summer
No, I've never had that happen, touching wood.
It use to happen many years ago.

Just put a tad of snail bait in the mail box, and it should fix the prob :)
Well, you're going to laugh at me then . . . . I leave one piece of junk mail in there for them.
by Rice
awwww that's really nice :)
by jonaja
It's quite tragic really, but I just couldn't squish a snail. The only things I can send to heaven are cane toads. I have a mean #3 iron :((
by Rice
I fully understand
by jonaja
No this has never happened to me
by AJ
I have never had this happen ,even when I lived in Victoria where we had heaps of the little critters! Up here in Nth QLDI have never had a single snail in the 35 years I've been here! I have though,had tiny slugs which travelled up in a punnet of seedlings to the nursery here from NSW. I kept them totally separated from my other other plants for the couple of days till Rubbish collection and then threw them away,rather than risk an infestation
and I also put a few slug-and-snail pellets in the punnet for good measure. We simply do not want these hungry little fellows up here at all. I have never had the issue again!
Yes sometimes I do, slippery little suckers!
(hope you saw the movie..)
by Fran
Wow, I had no idea this was actually a thing! Snail mail to me is simply a term used to describe regular mail instead of email. I had no idea the term could have come from anything other then the speed at which mail arrives.
Obvious you don't live in Oz, or you'd know all about it!
Besides snow, there'd be many other differences, between here & Canada! Cheers!
by donjo
Used to with brick letterbox. But now have metal pole attached metal letterbox, & no more snails!
Yes, when I find my mail has been nibbled I look right inside the box to remove the snails.
Once I find the snail/snails I remove them and throw them onto the road so the birds can have a meal, thereby ending my mail being nibbled and the birds get a meal they wouldn't have done had I not removed the snails.
A much better way of dealing with the problems than laying snailbait to kill them off.

Snails gotta eat too! I don't like killing them (or anything else) but do like the rubber band trick... simple solution... did you also know that snails hibernate...http://www.snail-world.com/snail-facts/
I have never had a snail nibble my mail. I have learnt lots from reading the responses to this question.
LOL! No.
by Vee
Yes....I have a pair of trained snails, Max and Min who eat all of my bills and accounts. Saves money you know......
Good one, wotsy!
by donjo
yes all the time, apparently it is the cellulose they are after, they only eat the paper not the plastic
No. Don't have any problems with snails eating my mail. The postman puts rubber bands around each pile of letters so I suppose that is why.
Occasionally, I pick them out and throw them into the gutter smashing them into pieces.
That way the birds get a free meal.
I don't but my daughter does. They have a large hedge around their letterbox so when I mind the boys each week I make sure I retrieve the mail as soon as I see the postman put it in the box.
YES - moved into this new house a couple of months ago and wondered what the heck was happening to my mail. It was completely ruined with jagged holes - looked like it had been sprayed with acid. Thanks for the tip about the rubber band will try that immediately!

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