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Do you get sick of hearing bad news on news programmes?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get sick of watching or reading the news and seeing mostly BAD news?

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Top Answers
I get really upset about all the people dying in the world, and all the hard luck stories, so I sometimes do not watch the news as I am sick of all the gloom and doom.

I know this probably "sells" and that is why it is done, however it would be nice if we could have one nice, good luck story in about 3 awful ones!
by Finy
The am with you Finy.
by annfi
Sorry for typo- I am with you Finy.
by annfi
I don't get sick of it, as I think how lucky I am to be watching the news and not living it. I think it's important to be informed about what is going on in the world, even if that makes me depressed or uncomfortable or angry.
It would be nice to have some good news reported as well though!
No, I actively seek out news from around the world because I think if other people can live - and die - like that, the least I can do is be aware of their plight. I think it's a very privileged life indeed, when we can decide whose stories we'd like to hear based on our own comfort.
Yes I do get sick of it, however...I get upset by it so am empathic towards all the poor people who are hurt or have bad luck...like Finy, sometimes I choose not to watch the news.
by fran
I absolutely get sick of hearing all the bad news.

Instead of it being called the 'News'.....how about the 'Gloom and Doom Report'.

Since I feel 911 the world has become a very unhappy place.
It's no wonder man wants to now go to Mars!!!
If you turn on the News, you will be greeted by a 'negative' story, before a nice one.Negative sells....Humans are so weird, you would think that (someone) would say it's bad for your health.Listening ......
We now live in a disproportional world....Being horrified is now part of life.
There is more happening with humans,and a lot of anger, wars, tensions,so
where will it all end?
It won't.
I don't get sick of it, but it makes me sad.
by BK
Yes!!! And I turn it off!!! It is that simple for me to do these days.I know these occurrences are happening,but I do not need them continually thrust down my throat.
Yes - that is why I have stopped watching the evening news. I find it way too negative. There must be plenty of positive newsworthy stories that never seem to make the news
by AJ
Yes. But if there was no bad news, the news bulletin would consist of 27 minutes of sport and 3 minutes of the weather. I don't think TV stations actively pursue good news stories.
O yes I do. For that reason there are some newspapers from particular media houses that I no longer purchase. They only display murder stories on the front page. Additionally, they will display pictures of the body of the victim. In addition to this I sometimes don't make an effort to catch the prime time news. Too much bad news.
I am angry that when we hear about the issues the community just complains but does nothing.
Entire villages of Christians and other minority groups are being rounded up and murdered almost every day in countries dominated by Muslims. we sit here in the comfort of our homes being politically correct and tolerant. What is with that.??
Yes, I get heartily sick of all the news being doom and gloom. There MUST be something happy and cheerful going on somewhere in the world. I vote we have a good news day every so often, it would at least break the monotony of death and despair.
It is depressing to hear bad news every day. Sometimes i dont watch..
It's still going to happen, even if I don't watch it or read it in the papers, unfortunately.
by Miro
I have bouts of depression and have learnt that sometimes I must avoid listening to the news. It makes me feel so sad and useless that I can't help.
A friend criticised me for my choice and said I have my head in the sand. I asked if my depression or possible suicide is going to help anyone. I think in order to be effective I help myself first and then do as much as possible for others.
Another friend's husband said something that makes me feel a little better
He said- these things have always been happening in the world. It is just that now that we have the technology to spread the news quickly.
I stopped watching the news years ago, as it's just too depressing. And now with the bulletin being a hour long, they just rehash the same thing over and over - repeating and showing the same footage just to fill in the time. If one of the stations went back to 30mins I MIGHT return to watching it (but then again, maybe not!).
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