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Do you get seasick or airsick?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get seasick on any type of boat, or airsick on a plane?

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Top Answers
I certainly don't get seasick on a cruise even when all my friends round me were!

I am also OK on boats between Rottnest Island and Perth but don't know about other small boats in the open sea.

I think I would be OK, but have seen some people so sick on boats -it must be awful!
by Finy
No. Was on the water last week in a speedboat.
by Gia
I am very lucky :) been on both for long periods of time, and was totally fine.
I do feel for those on the high seas who suffer, must be really bad.
I have never been air sick,and only once,a very long time ago,suffered with sea sickness during a ferry crossing from Mission Beach to Dunk Island,in a major storm!!!
Seasick! Went on a whale watching cruise several years ago and all I saw was the inside of a paper bag!
Sandy -it sounds funny the way you tell it but Im sure it was not at the time!
by Finy
It wasn't funny at the time but I can laugh now! My husband kept saying, "look there's one!" And I couldn't have cared if a whale sat down next to me for lunch! Never known four hours to go so slowly! Am happy to watch Free Willy if I feel the need to see a whale! Having said that, it was exciting seeing them in the ocean - until my paper bag addiction took hold!
That's so funny with the 'whale having lunch beside you'! I was ROFL, the 'mental picture' was SO strong! Cheers!
by donjo
That must have been 1 expensive whale watching cruise for you, Sandy! Perhaps you could catch up by watching someone else's whale watching experiences on YouTube!
by Miro
Luckily not.
I don't experience any motion sickness, thank goodness. However, this past summer, we were driving on the Great Ocean Road, and due to the road being super winding, I did feel a bit dizzy. It's the first time I have experienced that. Both my kids do get motion sickness though.
On windy roads look up at the sky or up at trees, if they there. Those tips given to me by a long-distance Bus Driver, when we we're driving down to the Jenolan Caves!
by donjo
I was seasick coming to Aust from Africa years ago...but it was a relatively small ship and been on a cruise since then and been okay..never been airsick luckily (was a flight attendant)
by Fran
No - thank goodness!
I don't get air sick per se, but my stomach has always flipped out as soon as my ears pop. Whenever I fly, I now take an antihistamine an hour before I fly and that seems to help immensely.
I do get sea sick - it's an awful feeling
by AJ
yes, boat , small airplane, never travel on a bus trip of 1 hour or more. ok in a car no problem
Would be if on choppy seas on a boat.

On 'plane, as long as air-vent directed on my face, I'm ok, as cabin-heat gets to me after awhile. Turbulence never has worried me, though.
I get sever motion sickness; it doesn't take much to make me nauseous.
Have never been 'to sea' so don't know!

I've flown all my career of 45 years, & NEVER have been air sick.

BUT, I've seen, heard & smelt as people have been, & it must be an awful experience for them, 'cos it was for me as an 'outsider'!
yes, to all, if I drive a car I am fine no problems.

I got air sick when I saw that the pilot was as old as my son and that scared me . Now I dont look at the pilot and try not to be so controlling. Everyone is getting younger in their careers except for me. Booo Hoo
I'm fine on a river, but put me in anything on the sea and I am majorly seasick. I only have to LOOK at a boat moving up & down and my stomach lets me know it's not happy! I'm usually ok on a plane - only been sick a few times on a particularly bumpy ride.
Unfortunately I do get motion sickness. Standing on the pontoon at Circular Quay is enough to make me squeemish but I'm okay with flying as long as I close my eyes as we take off, then I'm fine for the duration of the flight. I'd never be able to do an ocean cruise but was fine on my recent river cruise.
I've only been airsick, flying from Jo's-berg to Sydney, but that was from the food, & another time when I'd drunk 3 different drinks, which I have never done since!! The only time I was sea-sick was on a ferry that was bringing us back from an island to Brampton Island, on our honeymoon. Very sick indeed, over the edge! And a lot of other people were also! I've never been sick on any of our cruises though.
by Miro
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