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Do you get headaches?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get headaches?

Are these regular, and/or do you get migraines?

Do these headaches affect your everyday life?

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Top Answers
Fortunately, this is one thing I don't often get.

Have had friends who get terrible migraines, and it must be awful to have to lie down for days in a dark, quiet room in pain.

I think now though, that the medication for migraines is getting better, or so I read anyway.

So, NO, luckily I do not get many headaches.
by Finy
I get headaches when I'm tired or rundown.
by Vee
OMG!! Do't even start me. I had suffered with debilitating migraines for over 35 years with no explanation as to why. It had such a devastating impact on my life and the life of my children growing up, who only saw mummy as someone who was always sick.

2 years ago I was diagnosed with Coeliac and now the only time I get a headache is when I have accidentally had gluten (which unfortunately happened this past weekend). I had gone 10 months without a migraine before a lady in cafe gave me the wrong pie... despite me explaining my Coeliac disease and being assured that they were very careful.
Headaches, yes, if I go out in too much sun, if I have acidity and if I have a cold. This time, during summer, I had headache almost everyday, and had to draw the blinds and sleep. It was a bad time
No I am very lucky in this regard.....never...or very very rarely get headaches....however have other health issues I deal with, bad back being main one..'soldier on' is my motto!
by Fran
I get really bad headaches that, if left long enough, develop into horrible migraines. Have recently discovered that a double shot coffee sends most of these packing in a very short space of time. Apparently the caffeine does the trick! My doctor says you used to be able to get tablets for this very purpose but they were taken off the market here in Australia. I know you can still get them in some European countries.
Isn't that interesting! Who would have thought caffeine!
by Finy
I know, who'd have thought! I wonder why they stopped selling the tablets here? Oh well, no hardship to have a coffee so long as the headache hasn't reached the stage where you feel really nauseous!
I know, who'd have thought! I wonder why they stopped selling the tablets here? Oh well, no hardship to have a coffee so long as the headache hasn't reached the stage where you feel really nauseous!
No!!! Lucky me!! But then I have suffered all my life with so manyother very serious things that I think I am entitled to be spared this disabling complaint!!
Unfortunately yes, one thing about living in the mountains is that there is a constant change in air pressure. This change tends to give me headaches, so I suffer from them rather frequently.
I do get headaches quite often.
I only ever once had a migraine though - it was horrific
by AJ
No - never. Very thankful!
I do get headaches, when it is severe cold.
Only when I can't get my own way!
Very few, but then I have very few hormones jumping around.
I suffered migraine headache from the age of 11 until I went through menopause. Headaches absolutely ruled my life all those years. Tried many drugs some very strong with awful side effects and, they didn't take the headache away anyhow. My headaches were definitely hormone related, keeping a simple chart of when they occurred showed that to be the case. I think an AWFUL LOT of migraine in girls/women are related to a drop in hormone levels every month. Seems so backward that in 2014 migraine can still rule the lives of so many people. I also think that a lot of people don't really believe the severity of a migrainous headache.....I can remember in my early 30s during a migraine attack, thinking that death might be a form of relief. Back in 70s I did get relief from a doctor that I called to my home and that was with Pethidine injection and the headache went in about 5 minutes (literally). He told me I would be drowsy for the rest of the night and following day - well I wasn't. I was so glad to be alive and pain free - I flew around the house doing housework, loads of washing - you name it.
by fran.
Hi yes, just got over a Migraine which developed at work a few days ago. Luckily for me, my acupuncturist said to come straight over (6.15pm on Sunday afternoon) where he treated me then it was followed up the next day with another treatment. He checked my card and mentioned it was the same cause as the three prior - one of the ladies I care for that has Dementia kept following me asking the same questions and every so often, a Migraine emerges.
yes , suffer too many headaches and migraines but i've been told by a doctor that i'm one of those unlucky people that will suffer them. I wake up with them. I know if i wait too long to eat i get one but other times it just hits me. I also get very sharp pains which feel like i just bashed my head. Trying magnesium at the moment which seems to be cutting them down. plus a nurse told me coffee will help
Yes, I get headaches. Fortunately they are not migraines. When I was younger I used to get worse headaches.
I get headaches that turn into migraines, the last turn I had was last week & a half ago for over 3 days. Headache never work,so my partner brought home some berocca vits which have magnesium and it became a lot better.Now I don,t drink alcohol,take medication,stopped sugars,processed foods,fats,dairy products and take out meals,I make my own,with a little bit of exercise and have improved by %85 in this short amount of time. This is a bit extreme but I do have to have good naturals foods,vitamin supplements and powders as well which can be costly,but magnesium powder is worth a go cause it works.Chemist Wharehouse is the best affordable place to purchase these and they have great staff to help assist in any advice or product availability.
I am wiling to bet that most ingrain headache is females is due to hormone levels. I cannot believe that in 2015, there is not some better form of control of pain associated with migraine. Women need to be a little more forceful in this area…with their GP or specialist.
It is an absolutely debilitating problem and I believe that it should be absolutely easy for doctors to fix.
by fran.
IF I got a headache, it was a tension one. Usually went with normal pain relief, except once, actually went to Dr as pain unbearable. Got Panadeine Forte & it subsided, thank goodness!

Have only twice experienced Migraine. Both times commonality of situation caused them ie was out in very cold weather, so was 'rugged up', got very hot & had eaten fried take-away food! Bingo!
Wouldn't wish one of those on my worst enemy. Feel so sorry for those folk who suffer them constantly.
You'd think that nowadays, better medication/medical practices would alleviate them.
No, never.
by Miro
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