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Do you get flustered when cooking for visitors?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get flustered when cooking for visitors and the time when they are almost expected?

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Top Answers
I think I do - not sure flustered is the right word - but whatever the word, the other day I had just one visitor and forgot half the ingredients as we were talking, so it is more of a distraction than a fluster!

I do however feel flustered when I have a lot of people and I am trying to get the meal ready and there is noise or everyone is talking to me.

I find it now a bit too much to have more than a few visitors and last weekend when my family of 3 came, we got the most delicious pizzas which I would normally make myself from a shop round the corner - an Italian man who has been there for 20 odd years! Dont think I will bother making my own, but I digress!

Yes, I get flustered when I have visitors as I want to make sure all the food is good and done right!
by Finy
Y E S !! I have suffered from this my whole life. Honestly, I would sooner take people out for a meal, it's less stressful.
by Rice
I'm totally hearing you...lol
by jonaja
We never have to do either, Rice, thank heavens!!
by Miro
Yes, you've hit the nail on the head there, Rice. You must have guessed I'd be about your age! But I have 2 friends & 2 sisters, who still do dinner/birthday parties. 1 of their husbands even asked my friend, why don't they get invited to our place for dinner?!
by Miro
Thanks Rice. I'm glad some else is on the same wave length as me! We're off on a 2 week trip to Bali on Monday, so I won't be able to do anymore of these AA's until our return.

by Miro
We leave on our Europe trip in three weeks, Miro. We have free internet on the boat so can catch up with AA then, but will be without it too for a while.
by Lluxi
Thank you. The last of my nephews is getting married on the 5th & 6th in Bali.
They've been living over there for a couple of years now, designing expensive (for me) leather handbags. 1 of them even turned up on a red carpet...somewhere last year!
by Miro
Oh man, I was hoping I would become less stressed and more collected as I got older...LOL!
by Vee
Not Italian, but close enough. Haha, thanks for the vote of confidence. :-D
by Vee
No, not really. I guess I am used to it by now. We entertain a lot. My husband helps out which is a great help. I tend to focus my mind on what I am doing, so I don't panic if I do this. We also try to cook meals that can be made as much as possible in advance. All the vegetables are cut up ready to be switched on. The desserts are usually made, and salads are made. If we have soup, that is made before they arrive. With a bit of organization, there shouldn't be any need to get flustered.
"shouldnt" be a need! that is such an individual thing....
by Finy
LOL Finy
by Lluxi
The only time I get flustered is when I have too many things going at once and I am unable to collect my thoughts.
I'm fine, it's when they come to say ''can I help you''.......or want to talk, and I'm flat out.

Rice said it correctly..take em out....less stress.
Oh, for a kitchen where you could lock the b^ggers out!!
by Rice
by jonaja
Many years ago, we did have a 'party', sort of, for about 10 friends, & after that I've just had the in-laws for dinner, but they moved away about 20 years ago, & we haven't had anyone since then! I'm just far to nervous at the thought of having anyone in for a meal!
by Miro
You know, miro_, I bet restaurants came about because of people like us. Heehee. I bet it's an age old phobia.
by Rice
Isn't that the worst part . . ? "Why don't we get invited to their place for dinner?" . . . If only they could understand that it's not personal . . . it's US not them. Oh dear. Anxiety comes in many forms.
by Rice
Ooh. I hope you have a great time!! :-))
by Rice
I think that I only ever feel uncomfortable when guests want to 'help' me I like to work in my kitchen alone! I also am not one for small talk if I am preparing food for guests.They can chat among themselves and kindly leave me to do my magic,be it good or bad!! Yes! I am also with Rice on this one!!! Take the guests out for a meal where everything is done for us all!!
I don't get flustered as I too prepare as much as I can beforehand. I do get annoyed though if I give a time that we will be eating and nobody has arrived prior to that time. It's so darned rude, and even though I make allowances in case of lateness, it's bad etiquette to be so late.
Many years ago, when I was young, I would happily cook a three course meal for visitors, nothing flash or fussy but quite nice. I could throw together a meal for company on the spur of the moment (thank goodness for canned tuna). These days I do get flustered. If I do cook for visitors I prepare in advance and to be honest I rarely entertain these days.
I only get flustered if they come into the kitchen and ask if they can help. I always decline their offer but they often don't take the hint. I have one friend whom waits til I am "dishing up" and then selects what she considers her plate and takes off food items and adds some items. I drives me crazy and I think it is very rude and I wouldn't dream of doing that to someone that invited me to dinner.
I would ask her to sit down as you are getting ready to serve. Don't serve up until she is at the table. She sounds very rude but probably doesn't realise she is upsetting you
by Lluxi
I get a bit nervous when cooking for visitors more so than flustered. I'm just worried they won't like the food
by AJ
Yes, I used to, I allways wanted it to be perfectly cooked, and the vegies not over cooked.
Yes! I don't like the idea of cooking for lots of people. I freak there won't be enough food, or that something will go wrong and food will turn out awful...
by Vee
Darling Vee, you will be just fine . . . . you have Italian genes! I bet everybody wants you to cook for them because you are so good at it. When you are old and grey you will be like the little dancing lady in the new Leggo's ad . . . "I make-a dah LAAAAHVE". She's wonderful . . !
by Rice
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