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Do you get anxious easily?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get anxious/stressed easily?

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Top Answers
Yes, I do by stupid things.
I get anxious if I am running a minute late to meet someone or for an appointment even though often, with Dr appointments, THEY are always running late.
I get anxious if I am held up in traffic, and I get anxious by too many things to list.
One important thing is I get anxious about my dogs at the slightest thing!
by Finy
Finy, now you and jonaj are both stealing my answers! LOL. We can all jump out of our skins and chew our fingernails off over every little thing together. Oh dear ◉_◉
by Rice
It's not something you get a choice in. If you have anxiety, like an actual anxiety disorder, that's not some sort of weakness or failure to properly "organise" your life. It can happen for any number of reasons which can be out of your control (hormones, PTSD...) It's not realistic to expect someone who is really anxious to just calm down any more than it is to shout at someone with a broken leg to get up and run.

There are things you can do to try and calm down when anxious (like being aware of your surroundings, taking note of something you can see, something you an hear, something you can smell, to ground yourself in the present moment, as well as things like meditation, breathing techniques, regular exercise). If that's not helping you can see a doctor for advice and maybe look into therapy or medication.
As I have got older, I have to say yes.

My 'fearless nature' has left me now.
That was part of my 20's 30's .
I try to handle it with positive thinking, and well it is just how life works for some.

No. Being anxious seems to make things a lot worse than they actually need to be.
I am such a worrier. I get anxious over way too many things.
by AJ
me too AJ - so many that I cant think of them!! It is an awful way to be but ingrain somehow.
by Finy
I used to, but have learnt techniques such as relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation, which have helped me to ' not sweat the small stuff '. Lifes just too short, and it isn't worth worrying about every little thing.
Some things do, very easily.
by Vee
In some situations I do. I have been told to have positive thoughts and I really try to do just that.

Like Finy and jonaj, I have found myself getting more and more anxious as I get older and I also worry about my dogs too . . . .but I have always worried about all of my animals over the years. I realise now that my mother was a ball of anxiety and so I guess I had no hope of avoiding it. Plus she was very angry and I was the easy target.
by Rice
My mother was the same - my Dad used to say "she is not happy unless she is worrying"!!
by Finy
I really do feel the war had a lot to do with it. Dad was in it and mum was a nurse through it. We now know that things have long reaching effects, sadly too late for a lot of those who carried the burden :(
by Rice
No, I don't!

I'm able to handle stressful situations as they arise, & take a 'cool, calm, & collected' approach to them.

To the best of my ability, I try to 'organise' my life so there's nothing to get stressful about!
I am calm in a crisis but get anxious over things that I shouldn't. I get anxious if I have visitors coming and sometimes when I have to go out. I am anxious anticipating social events although I can usually manage for a while face to face before I feel exhausted and wait for a polite time to leave.
Okay,I shall try again........When it is to do with myself and what I am going through,I NEVER seem to get anxious. I believe that this is due to having been ill of of my life and having wonderfully grounded parents who taught me that this behaviour is a waste of time and energy,and usually just makes any situation worse!!! When the subject is myself,I never panic or get anxious,as I have taught myself some very good relaxation techniques which I learned from a brilliant book called 'Living The Full Catastrophe'.I still keep this book by my bed ,19 years after I bought it! I am not a worrier by nature or one to become anxious over anything unless it is major... My family members who all live a long way from me, My beloved dogs who are my best companions and friends, My closest human friends who live far away from me when I am aware they are going through tough times. I am usually able to show support towards these very special people than one to show my own worry for their situations. I can keep my negative thoughts to myself and just send my love and positivity to them instead.I will always be there for them,and discuss their concerns if they want to do this,but I prefer to let them bring these issues to light themselves than be anxious and raise the subject myself. As for my dogs, I am always aware of any little thing which may be untoward with these wonderful best friends of mine!!I am concerned for THEM before thinking of my own needs!
I am quite sure that those people know they are thought of and cared about, even so far away, Jules :-)
by Rice
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