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Do you get a lot of scam/nuisance phone calls?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get a lot of scam/nuisance phone calls?

Do you get them on your land line or mobile?

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Top Answers
I am starting to get more even though I have put my name down on the register Do NOT CALL
Apparently charities are still allowed to call even if your name is on that
Also overseas people or businesses that use offshore services, can still phone.

I had one the other day who just kept phoning back and eventually my children answered (it was Microsoft) and we were all laughing at the run around my daughter in law gave the person! They called I think, 6 times.

Then I had one the other day saying there was unusual activity on my Visa card - he said $1000 and $200 and I said, what is unusual about that, and he hung up!

I also had the Autistic Association and having an autistic grandchild, I actually gave money to them, but they didnt ask for credit card on the phone, but posted out the information.
by Finy
Parlez-vous fran├žais? Nein Danke ich habe keine interesse im Italienisch. Domo arigato. . . . The minute they hear something odd they hang up. It's hysterical.
by Rice
Ooooh, that dirty dog . . . trying to make you give him your credit card details.
by Rice
That's a great idea. I'll do that next time.
by Vee
Not many. And if I do I jus politely/not politely.... (depends on the attitude of the caller) - ask them to take me off their list lol
No, not really.
by sns
Very few these days. I simply refuse to engage and now answer the phone in strange and different ways each time. The people who know me know exactly what I am up to . . .the scammers act flummoxed and give themselves away which makes it easy to identify them and hang up.
by Rice
this last one was from a legitimate number - normally they are no number and that gives it away. However I called back the number and the guy said the phone is ringing non stop with these callers and he didnt know how they could use his number, rather how his number would show up on caller ID!
by Finy
Wow. They are really getting sneakier and more vile.
by Rice
Someone I knew signed up for an alumni scam. It looked legit. What saved her was because she did not have her credit card on her person when they called. These thieves are good. They prey on older persons especially. Some just want you to say the word! yes so they can charge for whatever then say you consented.
It is because of the publicity regarding this scam that I now say anything but yes on the phone. I also love to pretend that the phone is not working . . . they hang up pretty quick. LOL.
by Rice
I do that one also Rice, or just say nothing......
by Finy
We don't get as many as we used to. Maybe one every few days. They ring on the landline, never the mobile. I refuse to sign up to anything over the phone, and I feel sorry for anyone who is gullible enough to do so.
I find the calls came in waves. Sometimes nothing for months and then up 3-6 calls per day for a few weeks. Email scam is a constant however. With both, I just block the numbers or addresses.

With calls during the day, I ask whether it's a work related call (that startles them a little) some will say no and hang up immediately while others will say - yes sort of - to which I ask - are you sure it's a work call? Then proceed so you want to talk about filming - how can I help. They promptly hang up.
I have had a lot lately. One number rings a couple of times a day. I finally answered it and complained to the caller at the frequency of calls without leaving a message and she hung up. I still get calls from them although not as frequently. I will complain to Telstra if it persists. Yesterday I renewed my number on the Do Not Call register.
My phone message says -If I don't recognise your number I will not answer the phone. If you want to talk to me please leave a message and I will call you back.
My Son does!

So he made a recording of one the other day for You Tube.

It is funny, as I he put with it some funny pictures, and it made me laugh.

I get upset with the ones from India, they want to try and get into peoples computers, and rip them off!!
It just is very sad they seem to not have any conscience what-so-ever!
So my son wastes their time, and makes me laugh at the same time, and anyone else who wants to have a laugh.

sorry a small spelling mistake :( Oops.
by jonaja
Not really, I only ever give out my mobile number so that's the only place I'd receive calls. If its a number I don't know I let it go to message bank. If its a friend or something important they'll leave a message.
If they don't leave a message I may or may not call them back. If it's dodgy I tell my phone to reject all calls from that number in the future.
I don't get any. Maybe because I only use a mobile phone and I don't have a landline
by AJ
We definately get nuisance phone calls, the last time someone told us that they would put us on the register so we don't get any more nuisance calls, then they wanted our bank account details, my husband started to shout at them, requesting who they were, then they hung up,
All the time, both on my landline and my mobile. I'm sick of them. I have to wonder, though, do the scammers know they're scamming or are they being scammed into scamming and think it is legitimate business. Hmmm. I have asked them how they got their hands on my number, and they always reply, "I dialled it randomly". Sure you did.
by Vee
Yes and i am so damn tired of them, they just won't stop!!!

Yes, I do get nuisance phone calls, and I'm sick of them, even when there are the elections we get recordings I usually hang up on most of them.
None since we had to have our landline No changed, 2/3 years ago. We did ask to keep the No we'd had since 1979, but was told that wasn't possible. Now someone else has our landline No, but at least we haven't received those nuisance phone calls since then. But even after all this time, I still can't remember the 'new' landline phone No, when I'm asked for it! As for my mobile, I never hear it ring, when it rings, even if it's in my handbag, so no I don't think I get those nuisance calls on my mobile.
by Miro
depends sometimes I answer sometimes not, I may lead them on or sometimes say this is not a business phone I am on the do not call register but still get these calls,
Yes they come in waves, and I tend to have a bit of fun with them and blimey, they hang up on me!
I say I have been waiting for their call to come and fix my dead computer or ask them hows the weather in Mumbai! LOL
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