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Do you get a lot of phone calls asking you to do surveys?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get a lot of phone calls asking you to do surveys?

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Top Answers
I seem to be getting several every few weeks suddenly.

I did not use to get any for surveys.
I am registered with DO NOT CALL or whoever it is where I should not be getting random Australian calls -apart from charities I believe.

I sometimes wonder where they get our names and numbers from -surely not a phone book -perhaps sites we visit on the internet sell them on?

Who knows....but they are a nuisance. I have caller ID display and I rarely give if the number is blocked unless I know the charity.

The survey ones are generally not blocked and show the phone numbers so are probably genuine ones.
by Finy
If it's a survey they probably don't have your name, just your number (the place I worked just had numbers to call, no information about who lived there, so I think they may have been randomly generated) unless you have signed up to do surveys (people do since sometimes they pay in money or products).
I got one last week for the first time in ages.

It was a place I have bought little summer tops.
I was happy to give my input, and other than those people with Indian accents, asking if I have had a car accident...and we just keep them talking.

Hope they go broke, trying to con people.
You keep talking to them? I have to suppress the urge to "tell them off". Truly I do. I think of the people they scam, and it makes my blood boil.
by Vee
Thats why we talk to them....it costs them money to call from overseas, and makes them mad!....LOL
by jonaja
My neighbour asked me this same question not long ago,as HE gets unwanted calls ALL the time!
I do not get calls from people I have not specifically given my number to,and I think it is mainly due to having a Silent number! I really hate these 'cold callers', as I refer to them, especially if they are rude enough to call people on the weekend during what I consider to be 'private' time.
I feel rather special,to NOT get all these calls which haunt the lives of so many other people!!
Oh! jules, agree! The cost of a Silent Number is worth every cent! I've had one for 30 years'. Am also on DNC register. It works, too! Cheers!
by donjo
I find that there is usually a way around most problems,and with my silent number the extra charge of $2.97 is Worth each and every last cent!!! It would actually be just barely the cost of a very average coffee if I wanted one in a cafe!!!!
I relish my private time at home immensely;and do not want or need people I do not know phoning to ask me questions about things I am not interested in, or things I do not want or need!!!!
No wonder I can usually manage to smile!!
by Jules
I never do.
by Gia
No I never get these kinds of phone calls
by AJ
Not many. When I get them I do the survey unless I'm very busy. I used to do phone surveys for a living so I know what it's like. If you don't want to do them you can just say "no" and hang up, but the way some people get abusive is really over the top.

Sales calls are a different thing. Those I always say "no" to. If I want something I will go out and buy it or buy it online but I don't buy things I hadn't planned on over the phone.
No. And I will NOT give any information over a phone like this. You've NO idea who's actually calling.

Had an Indian voiced woman calling just last Sat arvo, purporting to be from my bank. There was absolutely no reason for my bank to have to be phoning me at that time. I just said 'no' to her first question, & hung up. She didn't phone back. Very sus!

Am quite happy to do them face-to-face, which I've done in the past, several times.
I don't get a lot for completing surveys. I get more trying to sell me solar panels ( I already have them ). I try to be friendly, but if I don't know anything about the topic, I won't do it. I got one a few months ago about public transport. We might take a train a couple of times a year. She was asking if my experience was better or worse than 6 months prior. I said I really don't know because I rarely use it. She was getting angry with me because I didn't know what to say. The survey took about 15 minutes and my dinner was getting cold, so I wasn't happy either. I don't like surveys that ask really personal questions like how much we earn. I just tell them I don't know. It really isn't their business. Then there are those surveys that ask if there are people over a certain age. A lot don't apply to us, which is good. Companies buy our names and phone numbers and that is how they are able to call us. The Ombudsman told me that when I called to complain. There is nothing they can do about it. If you have caller ID and you don't recognise the phone number, don't answer the phone. That is what my husband says.
As I have a silent number I rarely get a call. I believe the odd ones I have had are probably random call numer listings.
I absolutely do on my home phone. It is a nuisance specially for someone like me who works from home - All creative thoughts are on hold while I try and explain to the man or woman on the other side that I don't need to buy something or the other! I do understand they are doing their job so I am never rude to them most of the time I dont answer the phone and it automatically gets connected to the fax machine!
No, I have a Silent Number.
NO not to do surveys, but private and personal questions to do with my job, the cost of living and my mortgage? I listen to see what they want, and then i hang up on them.
my number is on the do not call register and for some time no calls , now every day the phone rings with these types of calls I wonder if we have to update our details with the do not call register,
I now simply do not answer the phone and listen for a message , if for me they will say who they are and I will then pick up the phone to speak them. .

Oh! flaga, yes, you do need to update the DNC register. Google it to check the time interval. I think(?) it's every two years, could be wrong! Cheers!
by donjo
No. I only get asked to do a survey if I have called a service myself, like the National Home Doctor Service.
by Vee
No, not anymore. We had our land-line No changed by the firm who set up our network system, (if that's what it's called.) We tried to keep our old No we'd since June '79 but they wouldn't let us keep it. Now someone else has our old No, so I'm guessing their getting all of our nuisance/survey calls now. I still don't remember our new No, even after 2 years, but I do still remember the old No! (That had nothing to do with the question though!)
by Miro
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